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Are Jean Skirts Out Of Style? Things You Wanted to Know

Are Jean Skirts Out Of Style? Things You Wanted to Know

Fashion is a fluid and ever-changing thing, and fads come and go, but some items, such as jean skirts, are timeless with the perfect pairing, so see if jean skirts are now out of style with us.

I’m sure we’ve all owned a jean skirt (also known as a denim skirt) at some point in our lives! Some of us may still have some stashed away in the back of our closets. Whatever the case may be, I’m sure you’re wondering if it’s worth putting them out again this season, or if they’re merely a relic from the past.

Jean skirts are undeniably fashionable and a staple of popular culture. Since their invention in 1970, they have been popular every decade. Today, their legacy continues on in the form of diverse designs by famous designers; they can be found everywhere, from celebrities to fashion pieces.

We are currently undergoing a 1970s rebirth, as seen by social media and current runways. Designers have been encouraged to get in on the trend and give this 1970s creation a fresh new look by producing new modern-day styles. Prepare to be groovy, because this post is going to become groovy!

My fellow fashionistas will appreciate how flexible they are, as they are suitable for every season, occasion, or outfit. I recommend that you keep reading and scrolling because jean skirts are all the rage right now. You don’t want to miss out, so here’s what you should know.

History of Jean Skirts

1970 was a watershed moment in the evolution of fashion with the introduction of denim skirts; they took off and quickly spread throughout mainstream society; history was created, and new designs emerged left, right, and center. Getting rid of old denim jeans is a waste of time!

It’s wonderful to see how the 1980s took the 70s jean skirt style and made it their own, with big hair, acid wash jean mini-skirts, oversized denim jackets, and leg warmers. The hemline became shorter, and several versions made an impact in the fashion world. They were everywhere, from bubble jean skirts to high-waisted varieties.

The trend persisted into the 1990s, with jean skirts appearing on high fashion runways, red carpets, and even over pants; if you hadn’t heard of them by then, you must have been living under a rock! The jean skirt saw more varieties than ever before in the 2000s; maxi skirts, front slits, embellishments, paired UGGs, and overalls versions were just a few of the jean skirt styles that made a big splash in mainstream culture.

Since their inception, jean skirts have had a moment in every decade. You could wonder if this has continued. Yes, they are one of the few objects in the fashion world that achieve this feat. They’ve been a fixture in our closets since 2010, and we can’t imagine not having them. Beyonce, Kylie Jenner, and Kim Kardashian are among the celebrities that have adopted the trend.

At this point, I believe jean skirts have earned their place in history; long live the jean skirt!

What Are The Different Types Of Jean Skirts?

Short, long, and vibrant Oh, it may appear like the possibilities are boundless! You might be wondering, with each decade bringing a new variety of the jean skirt, which styles are still relevant now. From one jean skirt enthusiast to another, we have five styles that are quite trendy today.

A-line Jean Skirt

Button Front Jean Skirt

Midi Jean Skirts

Pencil Jean Skirt

How Can You Style A Jean Skirt?

Now that you know what kinds of denim skirts are fashionable right now, here’s how to dress them. The beauty of the jean skirt is its adaptability, so feel free to make it fit your personal style. Get creative with your styling because there are five different ways to wear your denim skirt.

Jean Skirt for Women

Your style is rock-chic classic thanks to the denim mini skirt, leather belt, and jacket. This outfit may be dressed up for fall or winter by adding leggings or tights, but it’s excellent for spring because the leather won’t make you too hot.

A decent pair of jeans, like plaid and bulky knitwear, is considered one of fall’s major wardrobe staples. But, if florals for spring aren’t innovative, denim for fall isn’t either – unless, of course, you want to branch out and do something different. Along with high-waisted mum cuts and carpenter-style dad pants, jean skirt outfits with a ’90s flair are also recommended for 2022.

However, while ’90s babies tend to claim the denim skirt as their own, these bottoms first gained popularity in the 1970s, thanks to the development of hippie fashion. Jean skirts had a rebirth in the 1990s and early 2000s, and are now having a second renaissance in 2022.

All Black with Jean Skirt

Sweater weather just so happens to coincide with Halloween season, and FYI, a denim skirt can really capture all the witchy sensations. Add over-the-knee or chunky combat boots to a distressed mini with a black turtleneck, chunky sweater, or even an oversized blazer. You can add a personal touch with accessories like a huge wide-brimmed hat or a quilted bag.

Denim Top with Denim Skirt

Denim on denim, like cuts and peek-a-boo socks, is an acquired taste. Break up the monochromatic look with eye-catching embellishments and different washes, or mix things up with a plain or graphic tee, statement boots, and colourful accessories to make it more wearable.

Statement Top with Jean Skirt

Depending on where you live, fall may not feel quite as inviting just yet (if ever). Pair your jean skirt with a statement top if the anticipated temperatures are still high. Ruffled-sleeved tanks, a crop top with fringe detailing, or even a shirt with a strong print or graphic are all good options. Denim functions as a neutral, allowing your top half to be the focal point of your outfit.

Leather Jacket with Jean Skirt

In the mid-’90s and early-’00s, denim skirts were considered ultra-feminine (cue Britney Spears’ “Baby One More Time” album cover). Pops of leather, on the other hand, should do the work if you want to add a bit of ruggedness. Emphasize the accessories, such as leather coats and boots, as well as headbands and belts. If you really want to up the ante, try a pleated version with a Bridgerton-style corset to make the little one seem more grown-up.

Puff Sleeves with Jean Skirt

Jean skirts are typically worn casually, but they can be dressed up as well. Choose a maxi or midi length over the traditional mini, and accessorise accordingly. Strappy heels or pumps, chandelier earrings, or layers of necklaces are all good options. To contrast the larger bottom, wear a smoothing bodysuit or something more form-fitting as a top. If it’s late autumn, go for longer puff sleeves or layer with a shrug or a micro cardigan for added warmth.

Jumper with Jean Skirt

It’s the season to be warm, so pair your jean skirt with a knit or perhaps a sweatshirt for a comforting contrast. Wear a cropped choice with a high-waisted bottom or tuck in your chunky favourite. Shearling flats (we’re presently enamoured with this pair from TKEES) or white sneakers can help to underline the laid-back vibe.

Fitted Top with Jean Skirt

Like oversized sweaters and skinny jeans, fitted shirts and denim skirts go together. Bodysuits and cotton turtlenecks, for example, strike the perfect blend of body sculpting and bulk. Plus, because these pieces are considered fundamentals, you can use your minimalistic ensemble as a canvas to try out some of the season’s other hot trends, such as utility coats in place of cardigans and cowboy boots in place of combat boots.

Are jeans skirts in Style 2022?

It is entirely up to the individual, as with all fashion choices. Jean skirts, on the other hand, are still popular in 2022, especially in the spring and summer.

But, as we previously stated, they are not suitable for everyone. It’s because when you think about denim skirts, you often conjure up images of those short ones that expose a little too much skin for comfort. To some, it makes a woman appear a little too out there, which is something that not everyone prefers.

Jean Skirts for Women

How to Prevent Jean Skirt from Fading?

We’ve got a little trick for you. Less washing is better! Yes, you read that correctly; not only will you have less laundry to deal with, but your clothes will also fade less. What is it about jean skirts that you don’t like? Wash them every four to five times you wear them, according to experts. Between washes, it’s a good idea to hang them up and let them air out. Skip the dryer and wash your jean skirt in cold water instead of hot; now go ahead and extend the life of your jean skirt.

Is it Difficult to Walk in Long Jean Skirts?

I’m sure we’ve all been in the situation where we buy the most gorgeous long skirt and then find ourselves unable to move in it; it’s almost as if our legs and bodies are yearning to be free. To avoid this, choose a fabric with some stretch and possibly a slit.

Many women claim to be the most affected by the mermaid fit, but their advice is to take little steps, even if it means dressing up as if you’re in a movie, wearing a book on your head, and walking about your room. It’s crucial to practise!

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