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How to Choose the Best Women’s Wallets

How to Choose the Best Women’s Wallets

Though handbags, clutches, totes, and backpacks receive a lot of attention, when it comes to an important item, the wallet is possibly the most useful. Not only are they useful in everyday life since they keep important items like credit cards, cash, change, IDs, and proof of immunization in one place, but they may also serve as the main event in a hurry.

Women's Wallets

A decent wallet is not only fashionable and well-organized, but it also allows you to grab and leave without worrying about forgetting something important in another bag.

What are the Best Wallets?

Whether you want to keep things simple with a card case, want a classic zip-around wallet, or want something small enough to stuff into even the tiniest of purses, here are some of the best wallets you can buy in terms of shape and function.

Berlingo Charm Wallet

This Saint Laurent pouch’s diamond quilting and shape make it an odd pick, but the velvety grain of the leather ensures it will last for years to come.

Cassette Leather Cardholder

Bottega Veneta’s ‘Cassette’ wallet is crafted from supple strips of leather that are woven using the brand’s signature intrecciaton weave. It opens to reveal several card slots and space for notes, receipts, and coins. Slip yours inside one of the brand’s coveted bags.

Goya Anagram Leather Cardholder

Just like the bag version in our edit, Loewe’s ‘Goya’ cardholder has a polished gold ‘Anagram’ plaque. It’s been made in Spain from smooth leather and has two internal compartments for organizing coins and bills. The tan shade means it’ll complement almost any tote.

Goya Anagram Leather Cardholder

Jackie 1961 Card Case Wallet

Grab the wallet from the line if you desire the style of the reissued Gucci Jackie 1961 bag without spending the money on the purse. Plus, the bright green is unexpected and easy to spot in any bag.

Jackie 1961 Card Case Wallet

Trifold Wallet

Looking for a traditional tri-fold with a coin purse? The Cartier pocketbook, with its gold garland theme, is a work of art in its own right. The new Cartier bag is more than just a bag, it’s the spirit of the Maison transformed into a powerful shape: eight facets cleanly cut into thick and supple calfskin featuring a golden frieze.

The Guirlande de Cartier collection is true to Maison’s great jewelry-making tradition and lavishes as much attention on the invisible aspects as it does on the visible. The collection is made up of three sizes and four colors of leather. A unique accessory to assert yourself with spirit.

How to Choose the Best Wallet?

  • Examine how many cards you have in your wallet—two to three in each slot keeps your wallet small and cards accessible.
  • Calculate how much money you usually carry and if you want to fold it in half or quarters.
  • Select the smallest wallet that will meet your requirements 95% of the time.

What Color Should a Woman’s Wallet Be?

Here is the Feng Shui Colours/Elements Representation Chart

Colour Of WalletWhat It Represents
BlackBecause black symbolizes prosperity, riches, and job changes, it is the greatest color for your wallet.
BlueThe color of rushing water is blue. If you want your money to stay yours, don’t get a blue wallet.
RedYour money is burned by the color red, which is the color of fire. Now is the time to get rid of your crimson wallet!
BrownA brown wallet will help you conserve more money in the same way that the Earth keeps the seeds warm throughout the winter and allows them to flourish.
PinkAnother color associated with fire is pink. It is a symbol of love and connections, not of wealth.
GreenThe color green represents growth and new vitality. Get a green wallet if you want extra financial opportunities, such as a new job or a new company concept.
YellowA yellow wallet may both bring and take away your fortune, as yellow is the color of transition between seasons.
If you want to save more money, you should acquire a mustard yellow wallet. Choose a pastel yellow purse if you wish to improve your financial luck.

How to Select a Wallet to Encourage Wealth and Good Luck? 

Your wallet should be maintained tidy and clean at all times in order to follow Feng Shui rules. The goal of this strategy is to make extra room in your wallet for more cash. You can improve your financial luck by removing any superfluous items from your wallet.


This tidying up method also applies to any areas where you work on your wealth, such as office spaces, home offices, and other places where you conduct business.

The entire premise of the clean and tidy slogan is that the more space you have, the more space you make for money to ‘fill’. As a result, it’s critical to keep a wallet clean of needless items like receipts, candy wrappers, old cards, and other clutter.

The easier it is to attract the money and prosperity you seek, the more organized you and your wallet are.

This Chinese philosophy also emphasizes the need to properly store your wallet. Your wallet should be kept in a position where it can be useful and where it feels valuable and valued.

If your wallet is ‘respected,’ you’ll have a better chance of acquiring more wealth and attracting possibilities that will improve your financial situation. Make sure your wallet isn’t strewn about, such as on a countertop, or kept in an unsuitable location.

Do I Need to Buy a New Wallet?

Avoid using or purchasing a wallet that has been previously used or obtained through any secondhand channel. The usage of a new wallet is recommended by Feng Shui to increase the flow of money into your wallet and life.

Women's Wallets

One of the main reasons is that the new owner of the wallet has no way of knowing if the prior owner had good or terrible luck when it came to accumulating wealth.

If your wallet is old, tattered, or has seen better days, Feng Shui suggests replacing it. This is because wallets should be appealing in order to maximize their ability to generate additional riches. The thought that your wallet is a status symbol is also significant, thus having an old, battered wallet doesn’t help your status.

How Can I Attract More Wealth to My Wallet?

Because your wallet is where you keep most of your money or representations of money (credit cards), seeking greater luck can help you attract more wealth to your wallet. This can be accomplished by putting three coins on a red ribbon and tying it to your wallet’s home.

Women's Wallets

People who are continuously broke or have bad luck with money are said to have chaotic or jumbled wallets, according to Feng Shui.

Just as it’s critical to de-clutter your wallet, a cluttered one is thought to actively contribute to the owner’s poverty. The notes in your wallet should always be kept nicely organized, and using one with well-organized compartments will help you attract riches.

Due to the fact that credit cards symbolize debt or borrowed funds, the more credit cards a person possesses, the more money they are likely to lose rather than gain. It’s more vital to carry more money notes in your wallet than it is to keep more credit cards in your wallet to assist you to attract more wealth.

What Should I Keep in my Wallet to Attract Money?

If you really want to go all out, carrying particular stones and crystals in your wallet is thought to bring luck and attract prosperity – albeit this isn’t the most practical way to increase your wealth. According to Feng Shui, any of the jewels listed below may help you attract the luck you need to boost your riches and prosperity:

  • Jade
  • Emerald
  • Green tourmaline
  • Peridot
  • Malachite
  • Calcite
  • Aventurine

Changing the crystals in your wallet on a regular basis from the above list can considerably boost your chances of gaining additional cash.

Why are Women’s Wallets are So Big?

Many ladies utilize their wallets as the type of multi-tools. Their wallets are used for more than simply cash and cards. Women’s wallets are typically longer and wider than men’s wallets. Naturally, their bigger size helps them to fit more into their wallets.

Women's Wallets

Wallets are a fantastic spot for most women to put cash, debit cards, credit cards, gift cards, picture IDs, family photos, bills, keys, and a variety of other items. This list may only scrape the surface of what some ladies keep in their wallets, but you get the picture. Wallets become a safe sanctuary for all the items that guys tend to store in their pockets.

The Bigger the Wallet, the Bigger the Fashion Statement

Women’s wallets have become yet another avenue for women to express themselves through design due to their big size and prominence. Stylish materials like top-grain leather, metallic colors, and colorful designs combine purpose and flair in wallets.

Smaller and Slimmer Wallets for Women

One of the most common complaints regarding women’s wallets is that they are overly large and cumbersome. Fortunately, women’s wallets are also available in smaller sizes. For example, the Taxicat is a perfect choice for a lady who wants a feminine wallet that is both useful and secure in a smaller size.

Another good option is the Slimvelope wallet, which has a compact appearance, plenty of space for plastic cards, and a place for cash. The MyPhone wallet is a good option for women who want a secure way to carry their phones and money together. This final option is ideal for storing multiple brands of smartphones in a secure pouch on the back of the wallet. In the front, there’s plenty of room for your cash and cards.

What a Women Should Know When Buying a Wallet?

Choosing a credit card wallet is a difficult task. There are hundreds of wallets to select from, ranging from cheap imitation leather to sophisticated titanium wallet money clips. With the advancement of technology, new wallets have appeared on the market, adding to the confusion you’ll encounter while selecting a wallet.

Many men and women are increasingly torn between the traditional wallet and the add-on money clip wallet. When it comes to wallets, however, there are a few things that ladies should take into account.

Add-On Money Clip

When it comes to lost cards and credit card fraud, an add-on Money clip adds an extra layer of security to the wallet. A growing number of people are switching from traditional wallets to add-on money clip wallets, which are designed to keep credit cards safer.

Credit card fraud accounted for 16.8% of all identity fraud instances in 2017. As a result, buying an add-on money clip wallet is critical for preventing identity theft linked to credit cards.


Color is equally as significant as the materials used when a wallet is used as a fashion accessory. The majority of stylish women are not drawn to drab and traditional items. They require appealing, fashionable things that provide them joy.

That is what they will look for when purchasing a new wallet. As a result, you’ll be looking for a wallet that complements the color scheme of your outfit. However, in the fashion world, color contrast is a big deal, so you can choose a wallet that’s a different color from the one you usually wear.

Custom Wallets

Custom wallets are usually difficult to come by in the wallet industry. What you’re likely to get is a wallet that meets 90% of your wallet requirements. That’s great since you’ll only have to deal with 10% of the time if they don’t satisfy your custom wallet’s criteria.

However, bespoke wallet manufacturing companies may now design your wallet to your exact requirements. That is the only way you will be able to receive a wallet that is tailored to your exact specifications.

Easy Access Wallet

Wallets with easy access are a popular new product. More buyers are looking for wallets that allow them to easily pull out their credit cards in our increasingly cashless society. Of course, the majority of women’s wallets are carried in their hands, making them vulnerable to theft.

While you want your wallet to be convenient for you, you don’t want it to be convenient for thieves. Outer add-on money clips can securely store your cash, cards, and IDs, increasing the protection of your belongings.

Material Used

When it comes to choosing fashion items for ladies, materials can be very important. A sleek, leather wallet is a must-have item for many shoppers. While many women spend more money and thought into their purse selection, a sleek, leather wallet is a must-have accessory for many shoppers. Wallets made of durable materials are preferred by most shoppers, regardless of their preferred style.

A good wallet, after all, should last five to ten years. No one wants to spend money on a fashionable wallet only to have it fall apart after a few months on the job. There are new alternatives on the market in addition to leather. Wallets and money clips made of metals such as titanium are becoming increasingly popular among men and women.

Size of the Wallet

When purchasing wallets, the size of the wallet is an important factor to consider. Many women prefer thinner wallets that can easily fit inside a variety of purses, from tiny designer clutches to bohemian bucket bags, whereas many males favor big, back-pain producing wallets. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, so think about what size wallet will best suit your needs.

Even if you do go with a larger wallet, having options is beneficial. You may require a smaller wallet on occasion, particularly when traveling. When you’re on the go, an ultra-slim wallet will save you time and allow you to grasp it firmly in your hands.

Choosing a wallet is a significant decision because it is a product that you will most likely use every day. Due to the security of credit cards, add-on money clips are becoming fashionable and appealing to many ladies. These considerations are vital when selecting a wallet, but personal likes and preferences must also be taken into account.

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