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How to Dress Like a French Girl? Things You Wanted to Know

How to Dress Like a French Girl? Things You Wanted to Know

Have you ever wondered how to deconstruct the allure of French women’s fashion? You’re not alone, to be sure. Attempts have been made in the shape of articles and books to unveil the secrets that make French style so easy-going and stylish. French fashion has an air of mystery about it. The inability to determine the specific explanation for the allure of French style is a paradox in and of itself.

Dress Like a French Girl

It isn’t gaudy or showy in any way. It is not calculated in any way. It isn’t overdone in the least. In fact, French style is so simple and straightforward that it begs the question of how it manages to look so seductively gorgeous.

So, what distinguishes the French style from the rest of the world? Since fashion prioritizes attitude above clothing and integrates minimalism for an effortless grandeur, renowned photographer Garance Dore summarised the exquisite fashion in three words: “elegance is rejection.”

What Is The Best Way To Dress In French Style?

In order to look effortless in French fashion, you must stick to a simple color palette and designs. A typical French woman’s wardrobe consists of a selection of simple, classic clothing with attractive cuts.

For most French ladies, modern shapes, basic colors, and neutral tones are the way to go. It’s also worth noting that the majority of the products can be mixed and matched.

What Should You Wear to Look Like a French Girl?

Another seductive French woman’s secret is that she always prefers comfort and confidence to the latest trends. They place a high value on purchasing vital products that are flattering to their body type.

When you take a look inside the closets of prominent French ladies, you’ll notice that the style principles they follow are rather straightforward: Invest in a few classic luxury products, understanding that they will appreciate in value over time.

Above all, work on developing your own personal style, because feeling good in your clothes is half the battle when it comes to dressing effectively.

Create a Unique Look for Yourself

The mindset of the French style is more important than the clothing. It’s crucial to convey a message through your appearance. To project poise and elegance, the essence of your aesthetic must remain consistent.

When you are honest with yourself, you appear carefree, as if you haven’t given it much thought. It gives you a real look, similar to the undone style that French women are known for.

Women’s Fashion Trends in France

It’s crucial to get it right. French ladies prefer to dress in a way that flatters their figure and emphasizes their curves. French ladies choose clothes that flatter their physique, regardless of trends.

Your closest friend is a neutral palette. Beiges, camels, greys, blues, blacks, and whites are the most popular neutral hues among French women. They frequently use classic accessories like a bright-colored handbag or a scarf to lend a splash of color to their outfit. Furthermore, there isn’t much that can go wrong with these hues. They are simple to combine and give an effortless look!

Shop for Investments

The fact that the French do not always follow trends is one of the reasons why their style is so appealing and timeless. They get it right because they shop and save for something that will last them a lifetime. A Chanel boucle jacket or a Hermes scarf, like the one Lou Dillon received the day she signed her record deal, may appear to be a large investment at first, but it is preferable to a series of disposable items.

Don’t go overboard with the accessories

In this case, less is more. Accessories are very significant in French fashion, but a French woman will never wear more than three pieces of jewellery. They prefer gold and silver jewellery that compliments their clothes and skin hues. A stylish pair of sunglasses or a handbag can complete your ensemble. A statement piece should always be worn on its own.

Choose something that is both comfy and elegant

Ballet flats and flat pumps are renowned to be worn with classy clothes by French women with the same grace as heels. The goal is to always appear relaxed. Nothing is less appealing than a woman stumbling around in high heels.

As a result, most French women opt for classics that give them a more poised appearance. Karl Lagerfeld, for example, never designed high-heeled stilettos for Chanel, instead opting for ingenious designs like the toe-cap mules, which are easy to slip on and off and can be worn all day.

Opt for a makeup-free look

Women in Paris are frequently seen with a very natural makeup look. They usually go for a natural colour to their lips and cheeks, as well as a little definition to their brows, rather than putting on a lot of foundation and glitter.

How to Dress Like a French Woman and Why You Should?

The French woman’s style of dress is the first thing you’ll notice about her. The blend of traditional designs with laid-back, casual vibes is unmistakable.

It’s all about taking some lovely fabrics and lovely pieces, putting them together in different ways, putting their own unique spin on current trends, and wearing it in a way that makes them look like they didn’t try too hard – yet couldn’t look better.

It’s not about following in the footsteps of others when it comes to French girl style! It’s all about developing your own personal style, something that works for you, satisfies your tastes, and helps you feel at ease in your own skin.

To put it another way, it’s all about being yourself! And you won’t feel compelled to overdo your hair, cosmetics, or overall appearance. Allow your inherent beauty to come through!

The French girl’s personal style is all about layering high-quality, classic pieces that go with everything and look beautiful together. It’s not a difficult style to master, and it’s not completely out of reach for everyone.

Plain, simple t-shirt

For French female style, a basic t-shirt is a must-have. This layering piece is a French classic, whether worn with a simple slip skirt or your favourite straight-leg jeans. This sweater can be worn alone or layered beneath a blazer or cardigan. While this isn’t revolutionary advice, it serves as a reminder to keep things simple.

Stripe sweater 

A classic striped sweater is ideal for the changing seasons. Although it may sound cliche, a simple striped sweater may be worn in a variety of cool-girl ways.

It’s also a classic piece that you’ll reach for again and again. (Perfect for those days when you don’t feel like putting up any effort but still want to look good).

Casual dress

Another classic piece is a simple casual dress. Simplicity is the key to this item. I’d be cautious about the overall fit of this garment; it shouldn’t be either tight or too loose. To keep things sophisticated but laid-back, we’re looking for a basic wrap or fit-and-flare style dress.

For this item, I’d go with a muted hue or a neutral print. Muted blues, greens, dusty navy, and creams are all good choices. Alternatively, a neutral or vintage-style print such as polka dots, little florals, or basic abstract could be used.

Avoid prints that are overly bright or have too much contrast. If you choose an animal print, proceed with caution. Animal prints, in general, should be reserved for items such as a throwback coat or a little accessory.

White button-down shirt

Another must-have for a French girl is a white button-down. A basic, crisp French girl button-down shirt’s beauty lies in its adaptability; you can wear it with anything from pencil skirts to boyfriend jeans!

It’s perfect for layering under blazers or as a shirt dress (if you get one long enough). This is without a doubt one of my favourite wardrobe basics.

Structured blazer 

A blazer is a must-have, it’s polished, flexible, and easy to throw on. You can wear it to work or with your casual weekend clothes – it’s a great way to add some sophistication and structure to any outfit. 


High-rise straight leg jean

French women never skimp on their go-to denim; they prefer a pair of high-quality, multifunctional jeans. A high-rise straight leg jean is well worth the investment because it complements your wardrobe staples, produces a long vertical line, and easily transitions from business casual to date night.

Choose jeans that are free of distress marks and holes, and stick to a limited colour palette. Black, medium blue, or light blue jeans are my favourites. You may add a white pair of jeans once you’ve found your perfect fit, but they require a little more upkeep to look clean and crisp.

Also, instead of skinny jeans, opt for a slim or straight fit.

Trench coat

A superb trench coat is a must-have for every wardrobe. No matter where you go, a practical and adaptable trench may be paired with your style staples for a chic look. It’s the ideal layering piece for the changing seasons, and it gives some loose structure to your ensemble. We don’t want harsh edges, but we do want well-thought-out ensembles and a polished look.

Simple flat

Simple ballet flats are prefered by French women over flashy heels or elegant pumps. These sneakers are simple, adaptable, and incredibly comfy. These shoes are a wardrobe must-have since they work with everything and always make an outfit look polished.

Fashion in France isn’t finicky, and it’s actually extremely “practical.” I put it in quotations because we have a tendency to believe that utilitarian items can’t be fashionable. French girls, on the other hand, dress for the day, which means polished shoes that allow them to stroll the uneven, hilly streets of Paris.

Classic white sneaker

A classic white shoe is a must-have that will last a lifetime. It’s comfortable to walk in, adaptable, and gives your outfit a laid-back, laid-back vibe.

A classic sneaker with no bright logos, distinctive lines, or anything too fashionable would be my choice. Choose a sneaker with a more classic appearance.

Neutral crossbody bag 

What French women prefer is a simple bag with enough pockets for their phone, keys, and other essentials, but that is also streamlined. The bag you choose should be made of a neutral leather or cloth with a single “focal point.” So don’t be too descriptive or too loud. Avoid highly embellished bags by using a basic buckle or hardware piece.

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