Wear jacket with skater dress

What Jacket to Wear with a Skater Dress?

What Jacket to Wear with a Skater Dress?

After a brief moment of confusion, I learned that skater dresses are simply a modernized version of A-line dresses, and I adore them! The “A-line” dress or skirt silhouette, as we all know, is narrower at the top and gradually widens at the bottom, similar to the letter “A.” Skater dresses are named after the gowns used by figure skaters; they have the same “A” silhouette but are shorter.

Jacket to Wear with a Skater Dress

It can be difficult to wear a skater dress in the winter. To begin, choose a skater dress material that will keep you warm. Second, you begin to consider if you should wear tights (nude or black) or go bare-legged.

Skater Dresses and Jacket Styles for Women

Just as you’re about to walk out the door, you realize you haven’t chosen a coat or jacket to go with your skater dress. It’s always a challenge to figure out what style of coat to wear to be warm while still matching skater dress. To make things a little easier, here’s a list of tried-and-true skater dresses and jacket pairings.

Blazer with Skater Dress

Blazers should never be reserved for formal occasions. When worn with the proper clothing, blazers may be pretty trendy. It’s the secret to rapidly elevating your look to a more refined level.

You can absolutely have fun bringing in a fresh aspect to your look with all the varied cuts, lengths, and designs of blazers. A shorter jacket will draw attention to your waist, whereas a longer blazer will draw attention to the silhouette of your skater dress.

Faux Fur Coat with Skater Dress

Adding a faux fur coat to your dress is the most effective method to instantly elevate your look. A faux fur coat, regardless of color, texture, or length, adds a level of aggressiveness and confidence to your look that nothing else can.

Depending on the appearance you’re going for, choose an enormous coat for a more relaxed look or a tailored coat for a more glam look. You won’t believe how flexible a faux fur coat can be!

Leather Jacket with Skater Dress

A leather jacket is always a good choice, regardless of the attire or season. Adding a leather (or faux leather) jacket to your skater dress adds a casual, laid-back feel that can completely transform the look of your ensemble.

Make sure it fits properly around your body and flatters your waist. You want to wear a coat that emphasizes rather than hides the shape of your outfit.

Wool Coat with Skater Dress

The traditional wool coat is a must-have. Wearing one over your dress will never make you feel out of place. A wool coat may instantly bring your ensemble together and elevate it to something incredibly sophisticated and classy.

You can wear a maxi coat or a mid-length coat depending on the length of your skater dress. Whether your dress is fitted, flared, or boyfriend-style, experimenting with silhouettes can add intrigue to it.

How to Pair Jackets With Skater Dresses?

Dresses are, without a doubt, among the simplest and most convenient things in my collection, regardless of the season. In the summer, I throw one on and go out the door without giving it a second thought because they’re the most practical garment one can wear in the scorching heat.

In the winter, all you have to do is put on a pair of tights and maybe a turtleneck underneath. Dresses, regardless of the season, are always complicated by one thing: jackets. In the summer, temperatures can quickly change from 90 degrees in the middle of the day to 65 degrees at night, necessitating the use of a coat to offset the nighttime chill. A coat essentially becomes part of your look in the fall and winter because you need one to even leave the house.

The difficulty arises from the fact that a coat, as the most visible aspect of a costume, can easily make or break an ensemble. Coats with dresses are particularly difficult to style because the final layer can make the entire garment appear shapeless or even conceal it entirely.

Although a coat is a necessary evil, there are ways in which it can improve, even accent (!) the dress underneath. If you don’t believe me, keep reading to learn seven various ways to wear jackets with dresses.

Match the Jacket Length to Your Dress

I adore coordinating the lengths of both pieces, whether I’m wearing a minidress with a jean jacket or a midi dress with a trench coat. It gives off a polished, tailored aesthetic that is both put-together and timeless.

Your ensemble appears to be well-planned, and the jacket and dress will look great together regardless of material or color.

Or Wear It Much Shorter

If you’re not going to match the lengths perfectly, I recommend going to the other extreme and styling two lengths that are vastly different. Fashionistas prefer to wear short jackets (think cropped) with long midi or maxi dresses.

Because your eye is drawn from the hem of the jacket to the hem of the dress, the look is lengthening.

Draped Over Your Shoulders

Despite the dinosaur hands that unavoidably appear when wearing a jacket thrown over your shoulders, it is unquestionably one of the most stylish ways to wear the outfit. This design allows you to show off your whole dress while adorning the coat in an easy and seductive way by freeing your arms.

It will appear as if you tossed it on as an afterthought as you walked out the door—no one will know you prepared it meticulously.

Color Combos

Few things (IMO) are as enjoyable as wearing a chic, matching set, and this is especially true of jacket and dress sets. An ideal costume consists of a dress and a coat that has the same color or pattern as the dress.

Or Color Contrast

When it comes to styling a jacket-dress combo, there isn’t much room for compromise. If you don’t like the color scheme, go for a jacket that is a strong contrast to your outfit. The contrast will draw attention to each piece, resulting in a bold and avant-garde ensemble akin to what you’d see on the runway.

Belt It with Skater Dress

Try belting both your jacket and dress with a single belt for a more structured, tailored look (less free-flowing and informal). This simple accessory will not only give the two pieces more shape and an intriguing form for the eye to follow (even if they are contrasting like the above), but it will also give them more shape and a fascinating form for the eye to follow.

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