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What to Wear with Leopard Midi Skirt?

What to Wear with Leopard Midi Skirt?

The satin skirt with a 90s vibe is more than just a trend. Needless to say, among fashionistas, this gorgeous leopard print version has quickly become a wardrobe staple. Among the different fashion trends this season, leopard print midi skirts with shirts are one you should keep an eye on! There are so many fun tops to wear with leopard print skirts that you’ll never run out of ideas.

Are you stumped as to how to style the leopard skirt that every fashionista is talking about? With hundreds of styling options to select from, we’ve delved into our feeds and handpicked the best leopard skirt outfits you can wear right now.

Leopard Print Midi Skirts Outfit Ideas

Black Top with Leopard Print Midi Skirt

Leopard print midi skirt with a black top for women is another classic pairing. Wear your favorite black top with a leopard print midi skirt, large hoops, and your hair up — you’ll be the center of attention. Still undecided on what to wear with your leopard print midi skirt? Take a page from Kim’s book. Kim Kardashian’s wardrobe has one of the best skirt outfit ideas: she wears a tight-fitting leopard print midi skirt with even tighter-fitting black crop tops in the same color. It appears simple, but it is quite stylish.

Crop Tops with Leopard Print Midi Skirt

We’ll show you how to wear a leopard print midi skirt so you can rock it like a pro! When it comes to dressing casually when wearing a leopard print midi skirt, the golden rule is ‘less is more.’ To wear with long floral or patterned skirts, always choose a solid round neck or shirt. As a result, your leopard print midi skirt will stand out. Pair it with a striking necklace or a sling bag studded with rhinestones.

Long chiffon voluminous leopard print midi skirts are currently the most popular midi skirts. These look excellent with crop shirts or fitted plunging V necks. If you have a mid-rift and want to show it off without displaying too much skin, try crop tops with long skirts — a stylish and beautiful combo! If you’re going to wear a midi skirt in the winter, pair it with knits and ankle-high boots for a smart, stylish, and cozy look. Then there are the two traditional combinations: wearing long skirts with black or white crop tops.

White Tops with Leopard Print Midi Skirt

When going out throughout the day, white tops are the greatest option because they’re easygoing, summery, and constantly on-trend.

Pairing a plain white blouse with a fashionable leopard print midi skirt is one of the best day ensembles. So, how do you pick the best white tops for leopard print midi skirts out of all the white tops in your closet? It’s really easy—just let the skirt decide!

Pair a leopard print midi skirt with an off-shoulder white tee or a basic graphic tee if you’re wearing one.

Choose a white crop top or a boxy plain white tee if you’re wearing a leopard print midi skirt.

If you can’t decide what to wear with your leopard print midi skirt, stick to the classic pairing of a white blouse. Tops for skirts in classic colors are the best!

We have two designs that suit any shape, size, and color, and have been worn by celebrities and endorsed on many a runway. These outfits, we believe, will never go out of style! We also have the hotly debated blouse and leopard print midi skirt look, which has been rocked by some and wrecked by others — we’ve got some pointers to help you own those unusual long skirts with top looks.

Animal Print Is Poised To Blowup

Consider this scenario: it’s 2018, and you’re on the metro with someone wearing a Réalisation Par leopard midi skirt (ahh, good times). In fact, it was practically impossible to leave your apartment without seeing the skirt, or some other version of leopard print, just a few years ago. The animal print style continued to gain traction, with zebra and tiger motifs quickly gaining popularity. However, as with other trends, the craze seemed to fade away over time. That is, until the animal print trend made a comeback in 2022, as evidenced by both fashion month street style and Instagram.

Animal print has been championed by a number of fashion girl favorite companies in 2022. Take, for example, the Los Angeles-based concept boutique Lisa Says Gah, which recently produced a cow print line. (Note: Lisa Says Gah knows how to make a trend take off.) Stine Goya is another brand that is releasing interesting animal print ready-to-wear. Its preferred pattern is zebra. The Scandanavian cool-girl company focused emphasis on the aesthetic for its Spring/Summer 2022 collection, from trousers to dresses.

The beauty of animal print is the variety of possibilities available. With that in mind, take a look at how the fashion set has been rocking various looks so far this year.

The Unofficial Rule of Animal Print Fashion

A wide range of wildlife-inspired designs can be found in animal print fashion. Leopard, cheetah, snake, turtle, lizard, zebra, tiger, and cow are some of the most popular prints. While fashion laws are constantly changing, there are a few things to keep in mind before venturing into this primeval realm.

Know What Colors to Wear with Animal Print

The best colors to wear with animal print are determined by the animal’s species. Leopard print apparel, for example, is all about black, brown, and other earthy hues because leopards have black and golden-brown patches on their coats. Tortoise and cheetah prints, likewise, look best in brown, black, tan, and nude tones.

Complementing hues can change if you’re going to wear lizard-embossed leather or embrace the snakeskin trend. Since you still want to avoid clashing, neutral tones are always a safe bet. When it comes to adding additional colors, though, you may have more freedom.

Then there are animal prints like zebra, cow, and other black and white animals. Patterns in black and white will almost certainly never go out of style, and they may be combined with nearly any other color. Just make sure you don’t wear too many strong elements or colors in one outfit.

Know What Colors to Avoid

In general, there aren’t many colors that aren’t acceptable when it comes to animal print. However, neon colors, purple, and blue aren’t always the best options—though there are a few exceptions. Because blue denim is regarded as a neutral fabric, you may pair jeans and denim jackets with almost any animal design.

While it’s important to avoid clashes, don’t overthink things. After all, the fashion world’s “rules” are meant to be broken. When in doubt, choose black, white, or tan clothing. You can’t go wrong with these simple yet flattering colors, no matter what animal print you’re wearing.

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