Convertible Dress Styles

6 Elegant Convertible Dress Styles You Need to Know

6 Elegant Convertible Dress Styles You Need to Know

There are so many distinct dress styles to choose from that counting them all is nearly impossible. Designers and creatives are always designing fresh looks and styles and coming up with new concepts. Convertible dress styles are made to help you organize your closet so you don’t have hundreds of different dresses hanging up… However, owing to only one garment, you may wear a variety of various dress styles.

Convertible Infinity Dress

We have over 60 distinct designs of dresses in our dress collection. However, according to fashion experts, a single convertible dress can be fashioned in up to 100 different ways. That’s a lot for a single gown to accomplish! Learn more about the various convertible dress designs you can construct with a little twisting, tugging, and pulling, as well as a dash of creativity….or perhaps a few in-depth instructions that make experimenting with different looks a breeze!

A convertible dress is a perfect alternative for whichever appearance you want to wear, whether you need a bride dress, a cocktail dress, a magnificent formal look, or something casual and enjoyable.

What is a Convertible Dress?

Convertible dresses, often known as infinity dresses or multiway dresses, have exploded in popularity as bridal gowns. Because these dresses are so basic, they can be constructed out of almost any sort of fabric and in any color shade. The convertible dress can be transformed into dozens of different designs thanks to its creative design, all of which are attractive, pretty, and stylish.

Although its popularity as wedding apparel is why so many people have learned about this garment, a convertible dress does not have to be a bridesmaid dress only because it can do so much. You may buy a convertible dress in any length or style you like, allowing you to create a variety of looks with just one piece of clothing. When it comes time to choose something to wear, that will save you a lot of closet space and a lot of stress.

Because of the numerous alternatives, it’s an excellent choice for convertible bridesmaid dresses, but it’s also suitable for any other occasion. The whole point of a convertible dress is that it may be worn for any occasion in any fashion. Wear it to work in a convertible style throughout the day, then twist and pull to create a more skin-baring, sensual look for after work as a cocktail dress. An infinity gown can be worn by the bridesmaids or as the bride’s bridal gown. The entire bridal party will look stunning in this ensemble.

A convertible dress will flatter any body type because you can do so much with it. It’s the ideal dress for any occasion, event, or style experimentation. When it comes to your own personal style, you have complete freedom. It’s a dress that flatters all figures.

Parts of a Convertible Dress

A convertible dress has a skirt and a bodice, just like many other dresses. Convertible dresses, on the other hand, are constructed in such a way that they may be turned into a variety of looks. Break the infinity dress style down into its components to gain a better understanding of how it works.


The convertible dress’s skirt is adjustable in length. Short and long hairstyles are both fashionable. These dresses are also available in a midi length (about calf-length), as well as mini lengths (a few inches above the knee). These dresses often have a voluminous skirt that flares out around the waist. This dress is really flattering on all body types since it fits snugly around the waist and then widens out and becomes voluminous around the lower half. The pattern slims down the waist and conceals any bulges in the thighs, back, or hips.


The two wide straps are what really set a convertible dress apart. They’re several inches broad and are immediately fastened to the skirt. The straps can be twisted or folded to provide less coverage and allow you to show some skin. Alternatively, they can be left wide to provide greater coverage and a more conservative appearance. Even with just these two straps, you can achieve cap sleeve and short sleeve appearances. The convertible dress is a basic but effective design.

How to Wear a Convertible Dress

Every woman fantasizes of having a closet full of outfits. It would be much better if it could be the size of Narnia! However, we all know that limited room and minimal finances prevent us from going crazy with clothing buying. It’s also not realistic, to be honest. Having so many pieces of clothing is quite wasteful.

Having versatile, functional clothing is the one perfect solution to all of the above. Convertible apparel and double-sided garments are two of my favorite concepts. I enjoy variety and novelty, so I need to switch things up every now and then to keep my spirits up.

Convertible dresses are a clever and ingenious innovation since they can be transformed into a variety of styles with little effort. The majority of them feature straps, belts, and wrapped fabric that may be twisted and tied to form a specific structure.

Following two video tutorials will teach you 10 different ways to wear a convertible dress.

Types of Infinity Convertible Dress Styles

You can probably make it happen with a convertible dress if you can picture it. Despite the fact that one of these dresses is actually simply a skirt with two straps, the number of various dress styles you can make with one of these dresses is quite astounding. Create a Grecian halter, an open back look, a one-shoulder design, a sleeved design, a strapless appearance, a wrap dress style, cutout looks, deep V looks, and even midriff-baring looks by twisting, turning, and folding the fabric. You might not be able to stop yourself from experimenting with a convertible dress once you start.

Short Sleeve Convertible Dress

Wrap the straps over each shoulder to create a basic short-sleeved look. Spread the straps as wide as possible to thoroughly cover each shoulder. Bring the straps over the shoulders and crisscross them in the back before wrapping them around your waist and tying them together. Convertible dresses can also be worn in a number of conservative ways. When you want to appear sexy, you want to reveal a little skin. You may want to appear sophisticated, refined, and covered up at other times. A convertible dress’s appeal is that it may be worn in a variety of ways.

One Shoulder Convertible Dress

A convertible dress can be worn in a variety of ways to get a one-shoulder effect. Bring both straps up over one shoulder and down the other. Twist the straps together at the top of the shoulder to form a braid, then bring it down your back and over to the front of your waist. Make a knot or a bow using the leftover fabric. Use a twisted strap design and experiment with other ways to change up the look. There are a variety of additional techniques to make a strapless or off-the-shoulder dress.

Off the Shoulder Convertible Dress

Bring both straps up and across your chest, then down over your shoulders for a traditional strapless style. Crisscross the two straps across your back, loop them around your front, and tie them back here. Gently pull the cloth away from your shoulders to expose both of them and create a stunning low-cut effect. This is only one method to use a convertible dress to achieve a strapless effect. With a convertible dress, you may experiment with a variety of various ways to show off your shoulders. There are literally dozens of various techniques to build looks.

Backless Convertible Dress

Pull the two straps up and crisscross them across your chest to create an attractive backless wrap dress. Bring them around behind your neck and crisscross them again before bringing them back down over your chest. Tie the straps together at the small of your back after wrapping them around your waist.

This will result in a stunning back-baring look with a high neckline that exposes your shoulders and arms. The wrap pattern on the chest will draw attention to your bustline, while the straps around your waist will define this area, making your waist appear smaller and your entire body appear curvier.

A convertible dress can be used to produce a variety of backless designs. There are numerous additional ways to bare your back in this gown and generate other styling alternatives. Start having fun and experimenting with different approaches to achieve a sensual back-baring look.

X-Back Twist Convertible Dress

Place one strap over each shoulder and twist the straps inward until they reach below the waist to achieve this effect. The straps should then be crisscrossed across the back, wrapped around the waist, and tied together.

Maxi Convertible Dress

A full-length dress with a long piece of cloth hanging from the waist is known as a convertible maxi. This design can be styled in a variety of ways.

Infinity Convertible Dress Accessosories

Five infinity dress attachments were utilized to create five different looks. We chose goods that most of us already have or can easily find in one form or another.

Belt with Infinity Convertible Dresses

One of the simplest accessories to pair with an infinity dress is a belt. It might be a glitzy one like the one shown or something more casual like a sash or satin ribbon. Belts are fantastic infinity dress accessories since they may completely transform the look of the dress for various situations.

Necklace Accessories with Infinity Convertible Dresses

This is a little more precise because the necklace will be worn as a collar on a halter-neck dress, so it must be robust. We used a double pearl necklace in the shoot, but a hard collar type metal necklace, for example, would be a terrific option. To avoid pulling too hard on your neck, you may need to knot the garment more carefully than usual.

Bangle Bracelet Accessories with Infinity Convertible Dresses

This is a lot of fun! You can turn and twist the straps without knots with any ring-like design, and the end result is more flush to your body than tying. A large ring or a bangle also serves as a focal point for the garment. Depending on the type of material used, you can add formality or casualness to the bracelet. These infinity dress embellishments can be found on the jewel stand of any clothing store.

Brooch Accessories with Infinity Convertible Dresses

My favorite infinity dress accessories are brooches. They can be utilized to ensure that everything stays in place or simply to spice up the dress. An infinity dress with a dazzling rhinestone brooch, such as the one shown, instantly adds a wow factor. I like to keep a set of tiny brooches on hand so that I may wear them symmetrically on each strap as if I were an Ancient Greek goddess!

Skirt Overlay Accessories with Infinity Convertible Dresses

Overlays are a terrific way to take an infinity dress from good to great. Patterned ones give interest and versatility, while lace, chiffon, and tulle are ideal for more formal occasions. If you’re thinking about wearing an infinity dress as a wedding gown, adding a white silky overlay elevates it to the next level. We utilized a gold lace overlay in the photo.

FAQs – Convertible Dresses

Convertible dresses have a lot to learn about them, as well as many different methods to wear and style them. So, if you’re still stumped, you’re not alone. We’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions concerning convertible dress styles. Once you’ve figured out the answers, you’ll know a lot more about how to wear convertible dresses and how to style them so they’re appropriate for every occasion.

Can you wear a bra under an Infinity Convertible Dress?

That’s one of the most often asked questions about it. This dilemma arises since many of the dress’s advertising photographs show skinny, youthful ladies who don’t require a bra when wearing an infinity dress. Anyway, the answer is ‘Yes,’ you can wear any sort of bra with an Infinity Dress and create a style that conceals your bra in the same way that any other evening gown would.

How many ways can you wear a convertible dress?

When it comes to convertible dress styles, there’s no limit to how many different ways you can wear them because your imagination is limitless. There are more than 100 ways to wear these outfits, according to fashion experts. How many are there, though? As many as you can think of!

Can these dresses come with pockets?

Pockets are integrated into several convertible dress types, and you can even buy add-on pockets online. You can make your own pockets for these dresses if you’re a little crafty.

Should you pick a long or short infinity dress?

Convertible dresses come in a variety of lengths, from micro-mini to lengthy maxi. You’ll never run out of things to wear if you invest in a few convertible dresses in various lengths.

Is makHow difficult is it to make your own convertible dress?

It’s not difficult to make your own convertible dress. Even if you only have basic sewing skills, you may construct your own garment in no time. A nice fabric, such as cotton or jersey knit, is all you need. All you’ll need are the two wide straps and a circle skirt at the desired length. You’re almost done once you’ve attached the straps to the waist. There are numerous in-depth lessons available online to help you through the procedure.

How can you find different ways to tie a convertible dress?

Do you want to know how to wear a convertible dress in different ways? There are numerous tutorials available on the internet. Written instructions, video tips, and photographs showing how to achieve various looks may be found all over the internet. When you first start exploring, you’ll be overwhelmed by the variety of styles available.

What kind of bra do you need to wear with a convertible dress?

Because an infinity dress, also known as a convertible dress, may be styled in a variety of ways, you can wear any sort of bra or lingerie underneath it. For many distinct styles you can make with this outfit, a normal bra will suffice. For a different style, try a bandeau, a fabric strip that acts as a supporting tube top to keep everything in place, or a strapless bra that exposes your shoulders.

An “invisible” bra may be your best bet if you want to wear a style that exposes a lot of skin. This consists of two sticky pads that you place directly on your skin to support and maintain your breasts in place. These bras are constructed of silicone and are flesh-colored, making them undetectable.

Are there maternity-friendly Infinity Convertible Dresses?

Most of the infinity dresses are suitable for expecting mothers. The skirt’s design and flexible sizing allow for your baby bump to develop, and the adjustable straps may be worn above the baby bump for an exquisite empire waist. Infinity dresses have been worn by our clients before, during, and after pregnancy.

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