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How to Apply Eyeliners Correctly

How to Apply Eyeliners Correctly

After all these years, you’ll still find eyeliner to be one of the most difficult makeup products to apply, even if it is probably one of the first you bought. I’m first in line to confirm that eyeliner can go wrong fast, unlike products like blush or foundation.

It’s true, there are some simple tricks you can use to apply eyeliner like a pro, and they’re not particularly difficult. My favourite eyeliner products for the job, along with tips and tricks for perfecting it every time, are after the break.

1. How to Apply Eyeliner With Precise Lines

The problem: You’re using a dull eyeliner instead of one with a sharp one.

The fix: Even if you apply your eyeliner carefully, it might be time for you to give your pencil a sharpening. Sharpen your cosmetics bag at all times so you’re always prepared to line your eyes with a flat-tip pencil.

2. How to Apply Eyeliner That Doesn’t Transfer

The problem: When you apply eyeliner to the eyelids, pigment is left behind.

The fix: Even though the transfer is annoying, it’s fairly common, especially if you have smaller, hooded eyelids or oily skin. When you open your eyes, your eyeliner should still be visible. This will ensure that your eyeliner stays on when you fold and open your eyelids.

3. How to Apply Colored Eyeliner

The problem: You are bored with black eyeliner, and you don’t completely understand how colored eyeliner works.

The fix: Instead of using a full-on, super-intense block of color, accentuate your upper or lower lash line with a thin line. 

4. How to Apply Winged Eyeliner That Matches

The problem: Your lines aren’t even.

The fix: Apply your eyeliner as thin as possible instead of starting with a thick line. It’s easier to build up one side to match if it’s thicker on one side. To shave down the thick lines, dip a cotton swab in an oil-based makeup remover (or dip yours in a similar product).

5. How to Apply Eyeliner That Doesn’t Smudge

The problem: You line your lower lid with liquid liner and find that it smudges easily.

The fix: You should switch to a waterproof eyeliner if your liquid liner smudges or transfers. Lastly, sweep translucent powder over your eyeliner to set it into place. Finally, top it off with a touch of black eyeshadow.

6. How to Apply Eyeliner With Curled Lashes

The problem: You smudge your eyeliner when you curl your lashes.

The fix: If you want to avoid smudging your eyeliner, curl your lashes before applying it. 

7. How to Apply Eyeliner Without Any Gaps

The problem: You’re lining your eyes at a bad angle, resulting in gaps.

The fix: It can sometimes be difficult to reach the lashes’ bases. When lining your lashes, lift up your lower lid slightly while pulling upward on the lower half. If there are any barren spots, you can apply some liner there.

8. How to Apply Winged Eyeliner

The problem: Your winged eyeliner is too thick on one side.

The fix: Utilize your lower lash line as a guide when doing your wing by following the angle of your lower lash liner. 

Before you use your liquid liner, place a dot on the outer corner of each eye to ensure the sides are aligned.

9. How to Apply Eyeliner That Looks Sharp

The problem: Choosing an eyeliner that is accurate and precise can be difficult when you release your eyelid.

The fix: You may find it easier to look to the side rather than pulling at your skin. In other words, keep your eyelids taut without tugging on them if you’re lining the inner corner of your eyes.

10. How to Remove Your Eyeliner Fully

The problem: Your lids are still covered in the eyeliner from last night.

The fix: The best way to get the best eyeliner results is to remove your makeup completely at night. Clear away any residue with a makeup remover before applying new eyeliner to make sure you are starting from scratch.

11. How to Apply Eyeliner on Small Eyes

The problem: Some people may not like the way eyeliner makes their small eyes look.

The fix: Those with smaller eyes should avoid lining their entire eyes since this can make them look smaller and closer together. Do not smudge your eyeliner on the inner corners of your eyes.

12. How to Apply Eyeliner Without Looking Smokey

The problem: The smoke-out eyeliner under your eyes gives you dark circles under the eyes.

The fix: Use a smudge brush to blend the product close to the lash line and tighten the brush so that it will not blend too far down.

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