Cutoff Shorts for Women

12 Fashionable Cutoff Shorts for Women to Try

12 Fashionable Cutoff Shorts for Women to Try

Summer isn’t complete without a pair of cutoff shorts. On a sweltering summer day, it’s difficult to remember a period when cutoffs, or even shorts, were not worn. Throughout the 1950s, shorts were frowned upon, and some cities even penalized men and women who wore them. In recent years, different types of shorts have become highly trendy among both men and women.

Cutoff Shorts for Women

Denim shorts became popular in the 1960s and 1970s. Cutoffs were a fun way to make a statement, and even the most DIY-phobic could pull them off with an old pair of blue jeans and a pair of scissors.

Cutoff shorts have been a method to encourage reusing products, exhibit your distinctive personality, and, for decades, a way to send the establishment a one-finger salute throughout their history. One of the reasons they are still famous today may be due to the controversy surrounding their early success.

Types of Cutoff Shorts for Women

Cut-off shorts come in a variety of styles. Cutoffs are traditionally made of denim, but they can be made of any fabric that can be used to make long pants.

The following are examples of various styles:

  • Denim
  • Cargo
  • Fleece

The length of the cutoff can range from mid-thigh to below the knee, and even down to the calf. The most popular lengths are at or just above the knee.

The beauty of shorts is that you can dress them up or down to suit your unique style, personality, or event. Cutoffs also give you the freedom to be inventive. For a distinctive look, you can build your own or tweak an existing pair.

Distressed Cutoff Shorts

Distressed shorts are similar to ripped shorts discussed below but differ in a few ways. Aside from the rips and ragged ends, ripped shorts might look new or worn. Shorts made of distressed denim will appear worn. Worn regions or bleach stains are two examples. Distressed shorts will have frayed holes rather than tears. Ripped shorts, on the other hand, appear to be constructed with purpose.

Frayed Cutoff Shorts

The classic cutoffs style is frayed shorts. On the bottom of each leg is a tattered hem. Depending on your desire, the fray can appear consistent or ragged. This timeless look may be worn with almost any fabric.

Ripped Cutoff Shorts

This pair of shorts is precisely what it says they are. They have rips in the torso of the shorts, and the legs are frayed. For an edgy look, they frequently leave strings in the holes that have been ripped.

Shredded Cutoff Shorts

Cutoff shorts in this style are the most severe. A huge rip on each leg of shredded shorts often works as a slit in a skirt, displaying more of the thigh. Shredded shorts are those that have the entire front of each leg pulled off. Finally, ripped ragged shorts with long strings are an option. Consider them shredded shorts if they seem like they’ve been in a fight with a lawnmower.

Cutoff Shorts in Variety of Lengths

The inseam determines the length of the shorts. There are three different types of short lengths:

Short (3 1/2 – 4 inches)
Mid (5-7 inches)
Long (9-11 inches)

Short Cutoff Shorts

Short shorts aren’t suitable for everyone’s body shape or for every situation. We’ve all seen someone wearing a pair of shorts that are too tight. It’s not a nice sight. Don’t be like her.

So, who should put on a pair of short shorts? This style will make your legs appear longer if you are small or have shorter legs. They also work if you have long, shapely legs and want to make your pals envious of your stunning thighs. This style isn’t for you if you’re self-conscious about your height or leg length.

Find a pair that isn’t too tight when looking for the perfect pair. It’s alright to go for a slim or classic fit as long as you’re not wearing a pair that’s two sizes too small. A mid or high rise is the way to go if you want to add some balance.

Finally, there are some situations in which these shorts are inappropriate. They should only be worn in the most informal situations. Shorts with a longer length can be dressed up or down. If you’re hitting the club, a short pair of shorts with a heel can look terrific but don’t try to wear them to work. Unless you’re a lifeguard, of course.

There are a few different types of Short Cutoff Shorts

Booty Shorts – Cutoff

Shorts with booty are exactly what they sound like. Booty shorts expose the area where the buttocks meet the thigh in some styles, and some styles even show the area where the buttocks touch the thigh. They’re normally made of cotton or spandex, and the waistband is usually elastic.

Daisy Dukes are just as short as cutoff booty shorts. Apart from the material, the biggest distinction is that booty shorts are made to highlight the buttocks. The cut of the shorts can either accentuate or draw attention to the butt.

Boy Shorts – Cutoff

Boy shorts are a form of short as well as a type of underwear that resembles boxers. The term’s dual meaning can be a little perplexing. Boy shorts are a type of shorts that are similar to booty shorts but are a little longer.

They’re usually composed of cotton or jogging pant material and have an elastic or drawstring waist. They don’t have the traditional fray of denim shorts when they’re cutoffs.

Daisy Dukes – Cutoff

Daisy Duke was a key character on the television show Dukes of Hazzard. In the 1980s, she was the pin-up girl. It’s impossible to overestimate her sex appeal as the girl next door. While she did not originate the Daisy Duke shorts style, she did turn it into a household name that is still worn today, 30 years later. There aren’t many things more iconic than that.

Daisy dukes are a type of jean short with an extremely short cutoff. In fact, the actress had to wear pantyhose on the original program to avoid wardrobe mishaps on air. Daisy dukes are now a term for any short denim cutoffs.

Mid-length Cutoff Shorts

Moderation is now again a fashion norm. Anybody can wear mid-length shorts. A pair of them should be in everyone’s wardrobe. They let you stay cool and comfortable while also allowing you to show off your legs without being too exposed.

They can be dressed up or down and are perfect for any informal occasion.

Although cutoffs are a more informal style, they look great with an oxford shirt. This ensemble transitions well from day to nighttime.

Walking shorts, Jamaican shorts, or just shorts are all terms used to describe mid-length shorts. A popular variation on this trend is boyfriend shorts. They are normally mid-thigh length and have a casual fit. They resemble your boyfriend’s shorts in appearance, but they are more flattering.

Long Cuttoff Shorts

Most body types will look great in long shorts. Long shorts will make you appear shorter if you are short because they cut the body off at the knee. Long shorts will look excellent on you if you are ordinary or tall.

These shorts provide coverage while yet revealing some skin if you’re self-conscious about your thighs. Long shorts draw attention away from your legs, so pants aren’t your only option if you don’t think your legs are your best feature.

Knee-length shorts fall just below the knee. Cut-off knee-length shorts, depending on how they’re fashioned, can draw attention to your calves. When you want to be more modest, denim knee-length or chino shorts are a perfect choice.

Cargo shorts and Bermuda shorts are both long shorts, however, cutoff shorts are uncommon. These fashions will fall just above or below the knee.

Fit of your Cutoff Shorts

The fit of your shorts, like the fit of your favorite pair of pants, has a significant impact on how they appear and feel when you wear them. The rise relates to where the top of the shorts hits your waist, while the fit refers to how the shorts fit.

Classic Fit Cutoff Shorts

Instead of hugging your body, this look should skim over it. This fit is flattering on everyone, and it’s a fantastic option if you’re undecided about what looks best on you. It also looks great with any cutoff short.

Relaxed or Loose Fit Cutoff Shorts

A relaxed fit is also known as a loose (cargo) or boyfriend fit. This is a roomy but not baggy fit. A relaxed fit is ideal if you desire to feel unrestricted or if you have broader hips or buttocks. If you have narrow hips and large shoulders, a relaxed fit can add a little bulk.

Slim Fit Cutoff Shorts

Shorts with a slim fit aren’t exclusively for people with slender physiques. They have the ability to make larger hips, buttocks, and thighs appear smaller. Slim-fit stretch denim shorts look terrific. If you choose this style, a mid-length short will help to balance it out.

Rise of your Cutoff Short

It’s important to focus on the rise that’s best for your body rather than what’s trending on the runway. Rather than following the latest trends, you’ll appear much more stylish in a pair of shorts that fit you.

High Rise Cutoff Shorts

One of the most flattering styles is high-rise cutoff shorts. They should be just below or at the same level as your belly button. This style gives your waist definition, which might help you trim it down. They also give the impression that your legs are longer.

Mid Rise Cutoff Shorts

The first rule of fashion is to choose the middle option when in doubt. The quintessential example of this rule is the mid-rise. Everybody and shorts style will look great in it. These shorts fall approximately an inch below your belly button and cover your hips completely.

Low-Rise Cuttoff Shorts

Low-rise shorts make your waist appear longer, which is ideal for women with shorter torsos. This style may be unsightly if you have a few extra pounds in your midsection. It may cause your tummy to protrude past the waistband of your shorts.

Low rise also exposes the top of your buttocks, which is a fashion faux pas. If you’re thinking about buying a pair of low-rise shorts, make sure to look at the back view as you bend over. Low-rise shorts are attractive, but they are not suitable for everyone.

Types of Fabric used with Cutoff Shorts

When it comes to appearance and comfort, the fabric is a major concern.

Cotton Cutoff Shorts

Cotton cutoff shorts with a ragged or clean edge are available. When you just want to relax at home or be comfy, this is the pair to grab for. The soft fabric has a loose fit around the hips and buttocks, and a loose fit around the thighs in general.

These shorts are available with a drawstring or elastic waist. Because of the loose fit around the legs, this design can be overly revealing when you sit down, so wearer beware when wearing this style in public.

Denim Cutoff Shorts

The classic cutoff is a pair of jean shorts. With a pair of denim shorts, you can’t go wrong. Wear them to the beach with a tank top or for a rock and roll look with a graphic tee. There are so many different fits and styles to choose from that you’re bound to find a pair (or two) that you like.

Khaki Cutoff Shorts

Khakis are popular because of their timeless casual appearance. With a polo, khaki shorts look terrific and allow you to be comfortable while also appearing stylish. Chino shorts are a terrific way to boost the formality of your outfit. Chino shorts with a pleated or flat front are ideal for everything from coffee to a workplace picnic. Frayed cutoffs give the shorts a bit of personality while keeping them respectable.

How to Make Cutoff Short – DIY

Instead of spending lots of money on a trendy store-bought pair, why not make your own? It’s easy to make them, and you’ll enjoy the satisfaction of wearing something you made yourself.

To make your own pair, follow these steps:

  • Look for an old pair of jeans that you’re willing to rip up. If you’re going to use a fresh pair of jeans, make sure you wash them in hot water first and then air dry them fully. This will prevent further shrinkage and give the greatest possible fit.
  • Try on your jeans and make a note of the length you want on each leg. One leg at a time, complete this step.
  • Iron your jeans flat after removing them to ensure that the legs are even.
  • Then, on each leg, draw a straight line. For optimal results, use a ruler.
  • Cut both jean legs off with a sharp pair of scissors.

Simply wash and dry the jeans if you want them to have a tattered look. Using a sharp knife down the edges is another way to tear the bottoms.

Perfect Cutoff Denim Shorts

If DIY isn’t your thing, try a pair of denim cutoff shorts here.

AG Adriano Cut-off Short

BlankNYC Cutoff Short

HUDSON Cutoff Short

Levis Cutoff Short

SIWY Cutoff Short

What to Wear with Cutoff Short

Cutoffs can appear elegant or sloppy depending on what you choose to wear them with. You look attractive and fashionable, make sure to carefully select the perfect mix of apparel.

Fashion Advice

  • Check that your cutoffs are as comfortable as any other pair of shorts. If you wear them excessively baggy, you’ll appear sloppy.
  • Any male will look good in knee-length or just above-the-knee pants. If you’re wearing a shorter pair, be sure you don’t expose too much thigh. Wearing them too long can make you appear shorter, so choose a length that is appropriate for your body type.
  • Any pair of shorts looks terrific with a great pair of sandals and a pristine white tee.

How to Match your Style with your Cutoff Short

Cutoffs can appear elegant or sloppy depending on the outfit you choose to wear them with. To appear attractive and fashionable, be sure to carefully select the perfect mix of apparel. Wearing hints include:

  • As with any pair of shorts, make sure your cutoffs fit properly. If they’re excessively baggy, you’ll come across as sloppy.
  • Any woman will look good in knee-length or just above-the-knee trousers. Don’t reveal too much thigh if you’re wearing a shorter pair. If you wear them too long, they will make you appear shorter, so choose a length that is appropriate for your body shape.
  • The perfect match to any pair of shorts is a beautiful pair of sandals and a pristine white tee.

What should you wear with a pair of denim cutoff shorts?

It all depends on the look you want to achieve. With a flowing sleeveless or short sleeve blouse, you can emphasize the feminine side. A fitting tank top is a great way to beat the heat. Pair them with a light sweater for a fun contrast that’s wonderful for summer evenings.

Cutoff shorts work well with Sneakers

It all depends on the look you want to achieve. Sandals are quite attractive. Choose a strappy flat sandal for comfort or a heel to elongate your legs. Ballet flats are wonderful for a unique look, while sneakers are always appropriate for a casual look. Wear your favorite pair with combat boots if you’re going for a grunge appearance.

FAQs – Cutoff Shorts

What is a Cutoff Short?

The cutoff is a phrase for a pair of trousers with the legs cut off in the middle. During the 1960s and 1970s, the idea of cutting off the legs of jeans and letting the raw edge fray, as well as various ways of customizing them, became popular among Western youth. While cut-offs can be made at home from old jeans, they are also sold commercially. Cutoffs shorts are traditionally made of denim, but they can be made of any fabric that can be used to make long pants.

I tried it out on a pair of people, and I think the results were fantastic if I do so so myself. To make your own, follow the techniques below, and you’ll be a pro in no time, changing all of your denim pants into attractive shorts just in time for summer.

How do you make a cutoff short?

The underlying notion is simple, but putting it into reality can be challenging. To begin, select a pair of pants or longer shorts that are not too tight in the leg. You should put them on. Make a mark on the outer seam of the shorts where you want them to hit your leg. Keep in mind that the fraying process can reduce the length slightly. With short shorts, an extra half-inch is a lot of space.

First, cut about two inches below the mark. Re-try them on and make any necessary changes to the cut line. Make sure the lines on both sides are the same. Then plant them so that the inseam is 1 to 12 inches longer than the outer seam.

How to get frayed edges in your cutoff short?

The simplest method is to wash them. It may take a couple of cycles for them to fray properly. You can also remove the white threads using scissors or tweezers. The jeans are essentially unraveled as a result of this.

What length of shorts is best for ladies over 40?

Wear a loose shirt with a shorter pair of pants to keep the look balanced. Wear a tight shirt with a longer mid-length or long shorts. Without seeming frumpy, either of these designs will offer you a stylish and age-appropriate look.

Should women wear cargo shorts?

Cargo shorts are something that everyone seems to either adore or despise. Bulkier cargo shorts (I’m looking at you, the 1990s) have a tendency to slide down or even off your hips. They also make you appear to be taller.

Today’s version features a thinner fit than previous generations, making it more flattering. The material is soft and breathable, and it may help you stay cool. You might be able to leave your purse at home because they have so many pockets.

You can definitely wear these if you’re looking for comfort or usefulness. You can wear them if you want a casual, I just woke up looking at this amazing style.

What are shorts that look like a skirt called?

Skorts are shorts that resemble a skirt. They have the legs of shorts with material around the shorts to give them the appearance of a skirt. Because wrap-around skirts are so trendy, many skorts resemble them.

What type of shorts should I wear?

This is determined by your personal style, body type, and event. Cutoff chinos are a great way to add a little edge to a casual look. Daisy Dukes are the way to go if you’re looking for southern girl chic. Booty or jogging shorts are a great way to follow the streetwear trend.

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