Big Forehead Look Smaller

Effective Tricks to Make Your Big Forehead Look Smaller

Effective Tricks to Make Your Big Forehead Look Smaller

Don’t let the fact that you have more forehead space than the rest of the population get you down. Always keep in mind that people with narrow foreheads can’t make them wider, but you may do the exact opposite with yours.

How to Use Hair and Makeup to Hide a Large Forehead
It’s all about creating an optical illusion to make a large forehead appear narrower. You can either use your hair and accessories to draw attention away from the region, or you can use cosmetics to discreetly trim the space above your brows. From Chloe’s video, we learned the following hair and cosmetics tips:

1. Avoid Applying Foundation to Your Hairline

This will create a natural shadow on your hairline, giving the impression that your forehead is considerably lower.

2. Keep Your Hairline As Low as Possible

If baby hairs make the top of your head look broader, apply a root powder (or an eyeshadow that matches your hair colour!) to fill in the gaps. to conceal some area on your forehead and decrease your hairline

3. Sculpture

Contouring is a godsend for slimming down any portion of your face with ease. Sweep a contour shade or bronzer down the outer edge of that fivehead to produce a natural shadow that will push it lower.

4. Make Your Brows Furrow

Do you like your brows to be thick and bushy? A higher arch or thicker brows will instantly raise your face and give the appearance of less forehead space.

5. Use a Vivid Lip Colour

This suggestion has two advantages. To begin with, the lipstick will draw attention away from your fivehead and towards your lips. Second, it will provide volume to the bottom half of your face, balancing your features.

6. Add a Bandana or Large Earrings as a Finishing Touch

Accessorizing is yet another strategy to divert attention. Chloe claims that she like wearing large earrings because, like a bold lip, they help to balance her looks. Wearing a bandana to literally disguise the additional space up there is also an option.

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