Shirt Styles for Women

34 Fashionable Shirt Styles for Women

34 Fashionable Shirt Styles for Women

Women’s fashion isn’t as easy as a label, whether you call it a shirt, top, or blouse. Each piece is unique and expressive. We’ve put together a list of 34 different sorts of women’s shirts. When deciding how to put together the perfect ensemble, understanding the differences between each type of garment is beneficial.

Shirt Styles

I’m a fashionista. They have the ability to reflect or even modify your mood, which I find fascinating. They have the ability to alter how you are perceived by others. Without uttering a word, you can tell the world something about yourself.

The options in today’s click-and-buy society are virtually endless. The ordinary individual doesn’t give much thought to the many types of shirts, but it might help you narrow down your options. Take a look at what you have in your closet. How many different sorts of shirts do you own? Which ones are missing from your wardrobe?

Types of Shirts for Women

Women have an overwhelming number of options when it comes to shirts. We’ll take a look at the most popular women’s shirts, including formal shirts and casual shirts.

The following is a list of the various sorts of shirts for women that we attempted to categorize.

Asymmetrical Blouse

An asymmetrical collar or hem will be found on asymmetrical blouses. It slims you down and gives you a sense of continuity that keeps you from seeming boxy. An asymmetrical neckline is shown in the illustration above. An asymmetrical blouse comes in a variety of styles, ranging from formal to casual.

Blouse/ Shirt

The terms “shirt” and “blouse” are frequently interchanged. But they only have one thing in common: they’re both tops. A blouse can be described simply as a loose-fitting top. That isn’t to suggest it’s a simple piece of clothing.

Blouses rarely have collars and rarely have buttons. Blouses are made out of delicate, flowing fabrics. Blouses come in a wide range of silhouettes, making them suitable for women of all shapes and sizes. There are no standards for sleeves and hems, and there are many different styles to choose from in this area of apparel.

Blouses for women are elegant and feminine. For a more casual look, pair them with a skirt, dress pants, or jeans. Ruffle front, Peter Pan, asymmetrical, and lace styles are all popular among women’s blouses. In fact, we wrote an in-depth essay about the many sorts of blouses here.

Camisole Top

Spaghetti straps are found on a cami. It is distinguished from spaghetti strap tank tops by the fact that it is typically worn as an undershirt. Tank tops are often composed of cotton, whereas camis are frequently made of satin, silk, or nylon. Compared to tank tops, they are lighter and thinner.

Casual Preppy

The best part about this look is how adaptable it is. It’s casual enough for a lazy Saturday but formal enough for a laid-back affair. This is the style to use if you want to appear good without looking like you care.

Polo shirts, tunics, and sweaters are examples of casual preppy clothing.

Casual Shirt

A “shirt” is a term that is often used to refer to any type of top. A “shirt,” on the other hand, is a collared button-down top. The cloth employed in a shirt’s design isn’t flimsy. In comparison to a flowing fabric used in blouses, it is more rigid and fitted. Shirts are ideal for a professional appearance. However, they also look great with jeans.

For women who are less curvaceous, have narrow shoulders, or have smaller busts, traditional shirts perform nicely. Keep in mind that these tops require buttons to close. Even if the fabric stretches slightly, you want it to lay flat and not gape.

Women’s casual shirts are the kind you’d wear to the mall, out for coffee, or just sitting about at home. The best part is that comfort does not have to come at the expense of style. T-shirts, sleeveless shirts, and casual preppy shirts are all examples of casual women’s shirts. Various sorts of tops are also referred to as these.

In fact, women’s casual shirts are likely to come in a wider range of styles. Blouses, while shown here with dress shirts, can also be worn casually.

Collar Shirt

The differences between men’s and women’s dress shirts are more evident, however ladies can also get wide collar and Oxford style dress shirts (plus many others that are unique to women).

Crewneck T-Shirt

It’ll almost certainly be a crew neck if you want a printed t-shirt. The round collar of a crew neck shirt totally protects your chest and collarbone.

Dress Shirt

Women’s dress shirts are button-up shirts that are comparable to men’s dress shirts in terms of construction. We’ll call any style of formal shirt a dress shirt for our purposes. It’s a catch-all name for a variety of shirts. Button-up dress shirts and blouses are two types of women’s dress shirts (blouses are next in the list).

Button-up shirts for women are ideal for a day at the workplace. Some are also suitable for when you want to appear well-dressed without being overly formal. Tuxedo, spread-collar, and oxford shirts are examples of women’s button-up dress shirts (also set out below).

Gypsy Shirt

A gypsy is a person who belongs to a nomadic tribe. A gypsy’s lifestyle is carefree, and her dress is as well. A gypsy top is a brightly coloured loose-fitting blouse with puffy sleeves.

Halter Top

A halter top also has no sleeves. Instead of having straps on each side, it features a single strap that wraps around the neck from each side. They can be made with a high or low scoop collar. Because the shoulders are entirely exposed, and this is an area that isn’t generally exhibited, halters look attractive without exposing cleavage.

Henley Shirt

The Henley shirt has a circular neckline with buttons below it and no collar. With its pullover construction, the Henley is similar to a polo shirt, except it lacks a collar.

Lace Blouse

One of the most attractive forms of shirt fabric is lace. Lace shirts come in a wide range of colors, designs, and patterns. A built-in underlayer is usually present.

Some are made to be worn over a different item of clothing. Some include solid parts with lace panels or sleeves, letting you show a little skin without being too exposed.

Military Shirt

Soldiers in the Armed Forces wear true “military” shirts. In designed shirts, the fashion world borrows a “military” style. Button-down closures, chest pockets, buttoned cuffs, and a patch or emblem are all examples of style influences on these tops. Solid coloured shirts and camouflage are among the patterns available.

Oxford Shirt

The most casual button-up shirt is the oxford shirt. It’s frequently worn with khakis or jeans for a more casual look. Wear it unbuttoned over an undershirt for an even more relaxed look.

Peplum Shirt

Fabric is gathered at the waist and extends out at the hip level in blouses with a peplum finish. Material that falls over your hips might be flouncy and airy. Alternatively, the flare could be subtle. Because it cinches your waist, a peplum top is figure-flattering. Wearing this style gives you a nice silhouette.

Peter Pan Blouse

A flat collar blouse with rounded leaves instead of points is known as the Peter Pan style. It takes its name from Wendy’s dress in the film Peter Pan. It is now regarded as feminine and whimsical. This sort of blouse is available in a variety of colors and designs. The sample above is extremely vivid, but if you wish, you can make it more subdued.

Pintuck Shirt

A pintuck is a straightforward fold. Pintucks are a pattern of thin pleats or folds that usually run up and down or side to side on a blouse or shirt. Alternatively, the pleats can be pressed or sewn into place. In either case, the tuck is a fashion statement that can improve your appearance.

Tops with pintucks might have a small number of folds or a large number of folds. There’s also a large selection of cuts and fabrics to choose from. These tops are ideal for every woman’s figure.

Polo Shirt

A polo is a short-sleeved shirt with a collar and multiple buttons at the neckline, often known as a golf or tennis shirt. The design has breast pockets as an option.

Polo shirts aren’t just for guys. It also looks amazing on women. It’s not only perfect for golf or tennis, but it’s also comfy and appropriate for any casual occasion.

If you prefer a long-sleeved shirt, the henley is a near cousin of the polo. The henley is a long-sleeved shirt without a collar, similar to a polo.

Ruffled-Front Blouse

A shirt or blouse with a ruffled front where the cloth is gathered and connected is known as a ruffled front top. A ruffle-front shirt is sometimes called a “poet blouse” or a “pirate shirt.” There will be flouncy frills affixed to the front, no matter what you call it. These tops are available in a variety of luxury fabrics and styles.

A ruffle front blouse, as the name suggests, has a ruffle on the front. It might be bold or subtle, but it is always feminine. It’s a terrific technique to make an outfit more interesting or feminine. If you have a thinner physique, ruffles might give you the illusion of curves. A ruffle front might help balance lower curves if you have a full body.

Sailor Shirt

These blouses can have a large collar with a tapered V-neck, drawing influence from authentic sailor’s clothing. To generate a unique style, some blouses merely steal components from the uniform.

Scoop Neck T-Shirt

The neckline of a scoop neckline is rounded. The top few inches of the chest are frequently exposed. It flatters all body types and highlights your collarbone without being too low-cut.

Sleeveless Shirt

In the summer, a sleeveless shirt can be your best buddy. They can also be worn under a shirt to create interest or give coverage. Tank tops, spaghetti straps, cami, and halter top shirts are examples of sleeveless shirts. They can be befitting (tighter), relaxed, or anywhere in between, just like t-shirts.

A sleeveless shirt is one that does not have sleeves. Many people confuse the terms “sleeveless shirt” and “tank top.” Despite the fact that they may appear to be the same, they are not the same clothing.

A sleeveless garment should cover your inner shoulder to the edge. A tank top has smaller straps that support the top and provide less shoulder coverage. Collared or high-necked sleeveless shirts are common. Tank tops are usually sleeveless and have no collars.

In the summer, sleeveless shirts are perfect for casual use. They’re also ideal for layering under a blazer. On Amazon, you can find a sleeveless, patterned shirt that is suitable for everyday wear.

Smock Shirt

A smock top is a loose-fitting shirt that is worn as a proactive layer over other garments. Traditionally, rural labourers wore smocks. A painter or a medical industry expert, such as a nurse, might wear a smock nowadays.

Smocks are made of fabrics that are both sturdy and lightweight and flexible.

Spaghetti Strap

A tank top with spaghetti straps is a style of the tank top. It has very thin straps. To be form-fitting, they’re usually composed of a cotton/nylon combination, but they can also have a loose flowing pattern.

Spread Collar Shirt

Because of its versatility, the wide collar shirt is an excellent choice. The spread, or space between the collar points, gives it its name. When you want to appear your best, it’s never a terrible idea to go for it. It’s less formal than a tuxedo shirt, yet it can still be worn with a business suit or on its own for a more casual look.


A sweater has a certain quality to it. It gives off a feeling of coziness as well as warmth. The proper sweater is like a warm hug from a buddy; it instantly lifts your spirits.

A turtleneck (see the following item) is a sweater variation. It has a high neckline that reaches halfway between the chin and the top of the neck. It’s a nice alternative to a scarf, and it looks great on women with longer necks.

Tank Top

A tank top is a sleeveless shirt that originated in the 1920s as a one-piece swimsuit known as a tank suit. Tank tops don’t have sleeves, but they do have adjustable shoulder straps that provide the shirt support. These tops are generally typically collarless and form-fitting to your physique.

Tank shirts are perfect for the warmer months and are frequently worn when exercising. They can also be worn under a jacket or sweater as a base layer. A tank top is a sleeveless shirt with no sleeves. The straps on a tank top are usually one to two inches broad. They’re usually composed of cotton and are slim-fitting. Tank tops come in a startling array of styles and colors.


T-shirts are one of the most popular types of clothing. There’s a good chance you have at least a dozen in your closet. When put out, the T-shirt resembles the letter “T.” A short-sleeved shirt with a round or crew neckline is the most basic.

T-shirts are available in a variety of colours and fabrics. These tees are completely customised, allowing you to express yourself or send a message. T-shirts are versatile enough to be worn casually or dressed up for any occasion.

T-shirts for women range in style from somewhat preppy to enormous comfort. The appropriate fit and mood for the style you’re going for are important to sporting a t-shirt. T-shirts for women come in a variety of styles, including scoop, crew neck, and V-neck.

T-shirts that are both loose and fitting can look amazing. The above example is fictitious.

Tube Top

According to legend, The tube top, a sleeveless blouse that fully exposes the shoulders, was an unintended consequence. Consider a cloth band with no sleeves or straps. These tops first appeared in the early 1970s and quickly became fashionable throughout the disco period. The material of the tube top is elastic and made to wrap around your torso firmly. Tube tops are made of clingy fabrics such as spandex, which assist keep your shirt in place. These tops might be short, only covering the bustline, or they can cover the entire tummy.

Tube tops are a staple of the traditional look. They can be worn on their own or layered beneath a sweater or blazer for a flash of colour.

Tunic Shirt

Tunics are loose-fitting tops that are fashionable. They fall gracefully to just below the hips or below the knees. Long or short sleeves may be used on these tops. Almost any type of fabric can be used to make them. Tunics can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. They are flattering for all figures.

A tunic is a simple and timeless garment. It usually has a solid or feminine pattern and is quite simple in style. It might be sleeveless or sleeved.

Between the hips and the knees will be the length. The garment’s loose fit, paired with its length, creates a figure-flattering silhouette for women of all shapes and sizes.

Tunics are a type of shirt that is popular among ladies but not so much among males.


I love turtlenecks, whether they’re on a sweater or a non-knit shirt. If you have a longer neck, this style (typically a sweater for ladies) is ideal.

It can be worn on its own or beneath other clothes that expose the high neck section. Overall, it’s another shirt that can be dressed up (with a blazer) or down (with a t-shirt) (worn with jeans).

Tuxedo Shirt

A tuxedo shirt is traditionally a subtype of a white dress shirt. It usually features a pleated front and a point collar. The women’s tuxedo shirt is a slimmer variant of the men’s tuxedo shirt.

A tuxedo shirt is worn at a formal event. There are aspects in this top that make it appear to be a regular shirt. It’s a button-down collared shirt, for example. But take a closer look at the specifics. The distance between the collar points varies on these tops, which have spread collars. The tips or points of the collar may fold out to resemble wings. There’s also the pleated bib, which has vertical pleats running up and down both sides of the buttons.

Buttons and cuffs are also available in a variety of styles. Buttons can be hidden or visible. Tuxedo shirts also have a placket with four buttons that can be removed or covered with tuxedo studs. Cuffs could be rolled back and secured by cuff links, as in the French manner. Cuffs can also be barrel-style and buttoned. The possibilities for tuxedo shirt design are nearly limitless.

The hospitality business is a typical cause for purchasing a tuxedo shirt; it’s not uncommon to see a white tuxedo shirt worn while bartending or serving. You can, of course, purchase one for posh occasions. Apart from those two reasons, you’re unlikely to buy a tux shirt unless you simply like the way they look.

V-Neck T-Shirt

Since the 1960s, the V-neck shirt has been popular. The collar is formed like a “V” and is the shirt’s main design feature. In comparison, a standard t-shirt has a round collar. T-shirt design isn’t the only place where the “V” shape may be found. This collar can be found on a variety of shirt types, including long and short sleeve blouses.

V-necks provide the appearance of a woman’s neck being longer. A V-neck top is a flattering fashion choice if you have a large breast, a short neck, broad shoulders, or are short.

The neckline of a v neck t-shirt is v-shaped. These can be anything from a little v to a deep v, revealing your cleavage. A deep v can be worn with a crew neck undershirt to provide interest without being too exposed.

Western Shirt

Western shirts are button-down tops with a characteristic yoke, or pattern, that runs across the neck and shoulders. Western clothing is a fashion trend. Denim is often used in the production of modern Western shirts. These shirts are long-sleeved and contain snap pockets on occasion.

FAQs – Shirt Styles

Should You Pop the Collar or Not?

This is a significant topic of discussion. Do you like it when the collar is popped? If so, when do you think it will happen? What item of apparel is it? In general, a popped collar looks well on coats. It adds a little extra attitude to a leather or denim jacket. Polo shirts, on the other hand, are more divisive. Casual button-up shirts can work with a popped collar, but they look best with the collar half popped. Women can also participate in the trend by popping their collars. If you do decide to pop the collar, you’ll need a lot of self-assurance and swagger to pull it off. It’s not going to work for you unless you own it.

What are the Different Sleeve Lengths Called?

Sleeveless shirts are shirts with no sleeves. Half-sleeve shirts are shirts with short sleeves. These are around midway down the length of your upper arm. 3/4-sleeve shirts cover your elbow and wrist halfway. Shirts with full sleeves or long sleeves reach to the wrist.

What are Long Shirts Called?

Longline shirts are a type of long shirt. Tunics are one form of the longline shirt for women. There are, however, other varieties. Long shirts are those that fall below the usual hemline, which is around the hips. Long shirts include T-shirts, button-up shirts, sweaters, and hoodies.

What is a female shirt called?

A blouse (/blaz, blas, bluz/) is a loose-fitting upper garment worn by workers, peasants, artists, women, and children in the past. It’s usually gathered at the waist or hips (with a tight hem, pleats, a partner, or a belt) and drapes freely (“blouses”) over the wearer’s torso.

What is crew neck tshirt?

Crewnecks, often known as classic T-shirts, are the most popular T-shirt style. T-shirts featuring a round circular neckline. They are extremely flexible and comfortable to wear, giving you a toned and masculine image.

What do Shirts Prices Depend On?

The cost of a shirt is determined by a number of things. The fabric is the first consideration. For the company producing them, silk, cashmere, and leather are more expensive than cotton, so expect to spend extra for them. When the price rises, the quality usually rises with it. Better stitching, larger thread counts, and attention to detail are all examples of this. Branding is also important. Because high-end brands frequently adhere to higher quality requirements, the brand is often more than a marketing gimmick.

What Makes a Great Shirt?

A fantastic shirt is one that makes you look and feel good while also being appropriate for the situation. Even if you have a fantastic dress shirt, it won’t cut it for Tuesday night poker. When looking for the perfect shirt, you must first establish the type of shirt you require. Then look for clothing that looks good on you. Finally, consider how it makes you feel.

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