Soffe Shorts

Fashionable Soffe Short Styles for Women to Try

Fashionable Soffe Short Styles for Women to Try

Soffe shorts are a great throwback to many of us’s younger days. The good news is that they’re making a comeback and are now widely available. To learn more about Soffe shorts and where to find them, read this article.

There are numerous things that remind me of my adolescent years. Some objects evoke more pleasant recollections than others. One of those happy recollections is of Soffe shorts. They remind me of going to the gym and walking on the beach.

The Soffe shorts were incredible. We don’t think we’re exaggerating at all. They were the It Thing, whether you saw them as camp counselor shorts, cheerleader shorts, gym class shorts, sleep shorts, or even party presents at a friend’s Bat Mitzvah. And you can bet that waistline was rolled.

Those of you who did not grow up during this period may be perplexed as to what I am talking about. Don’t worry, this article will explain what Soffe shorts are.

What are Soffe Shorts?

For those who are interested, Soffe shorts are iconic and trademarked. Cheerleader shorts are popular, but they’re also worn by gymnasts, dancers, and anyone who wants to be comfortable. They’ve been dubbed the “go-to” cheer short since they’re great for anything from tumbling to lounging and everything in between.

We were all about Soffes when we were young. The brand has always been above the hallways of our high school as well. Top celebrities like Jessica Alba, Vanessa Hudgens, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Lily-Rose Depp have all been seen wearing Soffe, making it a favorite brand for celebrities as well!

Shorts like this were very fashionable in the late 1990s and early 2000s, and they are still worn today. The Soffe short is even making a comeback, with increasing popularity and market share. They’ve always been a convenient and cost-effective solution.

Shorts made of a cotton-blend jersey that’s soft like your favorite T-shirt are a must-have for any wardrobe. V notches are cut into the sides of the hem, and they have a stretchy waistband that you can fold over to show off the white inside. This is a true, unmistakable style statement, like wearing your studded belt to the side or cutting and retying the sides of your tee!

How does Soffe Shorts look like?

The appearance of Soffe shorts is instantly recognizable. These shorts are easily distinguishable from other types of shorts. The Soffe short has a white exposed elastic waistband.

The waistline measures around 1.25 inches thick. The waistline may be rolled down effortlessly. To tell you the truth, it’s usually rolled at least once.

With a 3-inch inseam, these are quite short, but rolling them makes them considerably shorter, making them much more enticing to the wearer. A notch in the shape of a V is cut into the side of the authentic Soffe short at the bottom.

Soffe shorts are frequently seen worn over compression pants or shorts. They have a cinching fit to them. The wearer may wish to size bigger if they want them to fit looser. The Soffe shorts come in almost every hue imaginable, and in a variety of tints within each color.

The variety of colors available for these shorts is endless. If we didn’t mention the words spelled across the rear, we’d be remiss. Yes, there is something inscribed across the buttocks of some of these Soffe shorts.

Words scrawled over one of the front legs, which is also a common form, is a more modest approach. Because of their short length, several schools or teams have prohibited Soffes.

Many of them are no longer permitted to participate in gym classes or games. People will undoubtedly be seen wearing them after school and throughout practice. These were a simple and ordinary pair of shorts that were slightly cooler, but not significantly so. They gave the wearer the impression that they were unconcerned about what they hurled at them.

How to Wear Soffe Shorts?

The shorts from Soffe are smooth and comfortable. They’re a cotton jersey blend that goes with almost any casual outfit. You can wear them with a t-shirt of your choice.

In the winter, you can wear them over your favorite sweatpants. Yes, that is a thing, and people do wear them in that manner. You can pair them with layered camis. Soffe shorts go with anything.

In addition to their legendary originals, the Soffe brand has evolved with the times and now offers a variety of short versions. Soffe also sells other items, such as soft t-shirts that may be worn for any sport. Their original shorts are currently available in a total of 44 distinct color combinations.

Types of Soffe Shorts

Athletic Soffe Shorts

Dri Soffe Shorts

Mesh Insert Soffe Shorts

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FAQs – Soffe Shorts

Where can I Find Soffe Shorts?

Soffe shorts are still widely available and they are reasonably priced. You can get these in pretty about any color you desire from Amazon. Soffe shorts can be found on the Soffe website or through a variety of online shops such as Kohls’s and Dicks Sporting Goods. Amazon has the Soffe MJ Athletic Short starting at $5.

What are Soffe Shorts Good For?

The Soffe product is an excellent choice for cheer shorts. There’s a wide range of junior-size shorts for every occasion, from lazing at home to simply going out with friends.

Shorts like this were very fashionable in the late 1990s and early 2000s, and they are still worn today. The Soffe short is even making a comeback, with increasing popularity and market share.

Should I size up in Soffe shorts?

To discover your ideal fit, use the chart below. If you’re on the fence about which size to get, go with the smaller size for a tighter fit and the larger size for a looser fit. If your chest and waist measurements yield two distinct suggested sizes, order the one that corresponds to your chest measurement.

What kind of shorts are Soffe shorts?

The traditional cheer short, also known as the Authentic Soffe Short, is the go-to choice for everything from tumble to loungewear. The exposed white elastic band, v-notch cutout on the side, and just-right length are all hallmarks of this classic style. It can be worn alone or layered with our compression shorts.

Are There Other Names for Short Shorts for Cheerleaders?

The cheerleading team’s shorts are known by a variety of distinct names. They’re also known as spankies, bloomers, shorties, or briefs. This practice equipment is designed to cover certain areas for a child or a lady.

Are Soffe Shorts Good to Wear?

Shorts by Soffe are quite comfy to wear. They are inexpensive to purchase and are made of a low-cost material. They’re made of a thin cloth that seems flimsy when worn.

They’re ideal for hanging out with friends or at home. Soffe shorts are ideal for hot summer days when you don’t want to wear them much. These shorts are great for practice, especially when a lot of leg movement is required. You might not want to wear them somewhere where a thick pair of shorts is required.

Are There Shorts Similar to Soffe Shorts?

While there is nothing like the original and finding a pair of Soffe-style shorts is difficult, there are several that are similar. Short, comfy shorts with an elastic waistband are available at Old Navy and other retailers.

You won’t be able to replace your tried-and-true Soffe favorites with shorts, but you might be able to locate something close. All you have to do at cheerleading practice is check around for the favorite cheerleading short.

What are Soffe shorts made of?

The legendary Soffe short, designed in the early 1980s, is just as important today as it was then. A basic 50/50 cotton/polyester jersey that is durable enough to endure through high school and college while still being soft enough to sleep in.

Who makes Soffe shorts?

Delta is a well-known brand. Soffe’s history dates back to 1946 when it began as a distributor for military exchanges and student bookstores. We broadened our focus throughout the years to include sportswear for all types of athletes and exercise. Delta Apparel Inc. purchased Soffe in 2003.

Can Men Wear Soffe Shorts?

There’s no rule that says males can’t wear Soffe shorts. These shorts are mostly targeted towards female adolescent girls and ladies. They aren’t often designed for men to wear.

No one, however, will stop a man from wearing these comfortable shorts. There have been instances of young teenage males running about in the sand while wearing these shorts on the beach. Soffe is content for anyone to wear their shorts and feel at ease in them.

Are Soffe Shorts Only Available in Junior Sizes?

While junior sizes are accessible for teen girls, they are not the only size range offered. The shorts come in sizes ranging from extra small to double extra big. It’s crucial to remember, though, that while the shorts come in double extra big, they’re still junior sizes.

These shorts are designed to be snug-fitting. You should size up if you don’t want them to be too tight. If you’re not used to wearing juniors, keep in mind that a small in juniors isn’t the same as a small in women’s sizes. It’s vital to remember that they fit differently.

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