Acne Map

The Acne Face Map Reveals Your Health

The Acne Face Map Reveals Your Health

In ancient times, people mapped their faces. There’s a belief in Chinese medicine that organs have different colors, temperatures, tastes, and are manifested in a certain way. The liver, for example, is manifested in the eyes. Organs are believed to have a variety of colors, temperatures, and tastes, and they manifest themselves differently.

What Your Breakout Locations Say About Your Health?



In this region, outbreaks occur because of poor digestion, which is a result of toxins and lack of water. To remove these toxins from the body, drink water. With its antioxidants that neutralize toxins, green tea may also help here.


The presence of redness or flakiness in this area is often associated with your liver, so acne here could be a sign of liver dysfunction. Maintain a healthy lifestyle to protect your liver: eat leafy greens, avoid drugs, alcohol and smoking, and limit your fat intake.

Around the Eyes

Your kidney health is reflected in the skin in this area. A condition such as dark circles could indicate a malfunctioning kidney or dehydration.


Upper cheeks: An upper cheek’s skin is attached to the lungs. Polluted air can cause breakdowns here.

Lower cheeks: Poor dental hygiene can cause acne here. Improve your oral hygiene and prevent blemishes by brushing and flossing regularly.


It is believed that the nose is connected to the heart in Chinese medicine. You can modify your diet habits to prevent high blood pressure and to boost your heart health and blood pressure by avoiding energy drinks, reducing salt intake, and consuming plenty of fruits and vegetables.


Dehydration may also lead to breakouts in the ears, which mirror the condition of your kidneys. Throughout the day, drink more water and avoid eating too much salt.


As for acne in the small intestine, it can be eliminated through diet modification as well; simply add fruits and vegetables to your diet to ensure a healthy digestive system.

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