Outdoor Activities With Your Children

Outdoor Activities to Do With Your Children

Outdoor Activities to Do With Your Children

Staying indoors is becoming increasingly difficult as the weather warms and spring blooms. While there are plenty of things to do at home, getting out on the weekend can be a welcome change, especially for those of us who already work and go to school from home. If you’re on a budget, look into visiting some local attractions; chances are, there are plenty of low-cost or even free activities in your city or state that are both safe and enjoyable. Always check your local and state health regulations first.

According to parents in the know, here are some budget-friendly activities you can do with your family this weekend.

1. Have a Picnic in the Park

A picnic is a wonderful way to spend time outside with your children. Outdoor activities like picnics, according to Trent Hamm, columnist and founder of the personal finance website The Simple Dollar, are great because they allow for social distancing. “Outdoor activities, particularly those that are naturally socially isolated, are always excellent ideas, and many of them are inexpensive. You can plan and prepare the meal together, bring a picnic basket or backpack, and go to a beautiful, socially isolated location “Parents are informed by Hamm.

2. Visit a Yard or an Estate Sale

Look for a yard sale or an estate sale in your area where you can shop. Teresa Britton, owner and editor of MomsWhoSave.com, says her kids used to love garage sales and could spend all day shopping for them when they were younger. “I gave them a small sum of money and told them to buy whatever they wanted. It was a treasure hunt for them because there are usually a lot of toys and games for sale “Britton informs her parents. Is there another option? Have your own garage sale for a mini business lesson and some spring cleaning. “Allow the children to sort through their toys and games to see what they’ve outgrown and are willing to give away. They can assist in the preparation of the sale and keep the profits from the items they sell “Britton proposes.

3. Go to a Farmers’ Market

Britton also recommends going to a farmers’ market in your area. It’s a great way to find out what fruits and vegetables are in season while also supporting local businesses. If your family enjoys cooking, you can shop for specific ingredients for a meal that you can prepare later as a family.

4. Go on a Hike in the Woods

Going on a nature hike is another inexpensive way to see some cool outdoor spots in your area. “Getting out of the city and seeking a rural area where traffic is much lower, and selecting walks and hikes with less traffic,” says Hamm, is a good way to ensure social distancing. The founder of The Budget Mom, Kumiko Love, suggests turning a nature hike into a treasure hunt for a fun twist. “You’ll only need a smartphone and the Geocaching app to get started. People all over the world hide ‘treasure stockpiles’ (geocaches). You only need to use your GPS to locate them “Parents are told by love.

5. Visit a Museum

Visiting a local museum is a fun, educational, and inexpensive way to spend a weekend afternoon if museums are open where you live. Free museums or free admission days are available in many cities. “We’ve discovered some great museums and exhibits, and we’ve learned a lot by going to our local museums. Our local history museum is free and new and interesting exhibits are always being added. We make an afternoon out of it, stopping for a treat on the way home “Britton agrees. 

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