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8 Tips for Choosing the RIGHT Boots this Winter

8 Tips for Choosing the RIGHT Boots this Winter

1. Trends

What’s trending right now is a look that combines fashion with the great outdoors: a boot that’s not too heavy, but warm. This is an excellent compromise. Alternatively, you might prefer a boot suited to outdoor activities such as snowshoeing.”

Here’s a little secret! There are several styles that look like hiking boots for winter sports.

2. Height

When it comes to height, knee-high boots have been very popular in recent years, but now short, mid-calf boots are in. However, there is still a mix of both.”

We seem to be showing a bit more leg now that tights are very fashionable. Booties are popular for urban wear but are not well suited for outdoor activities since they do not have insulation.

3. Colour

Black remains a mainstay, but this year wheat is the color to have. Teenagers love the Timberland-inspired look, especially.

As much as we love funky colors in athletic fashion, when it comes to winter boots, we are more conservative. Often we only have one or two pairs, so it’s best to choose a neutral colour that goes with everything.

That’s why most people try to find a style that allows them to go from shoveling snow and playing in the sun to working and running errands. It’s all about ‘versatility. That’s probably why the famous Sorel boot has become so popular over the years.

4. Materials

Synthetics breathe more than leather, but leather is relatively waterproof. You must also treat nylon more often over time because it loses its resistance to water over time.

However, leather needs to be properly cared for to prevent calcium buildup.

As a result, an all-purpose spray protector is a must to have around the house since it is suitable for a variety of materials. A few applications over the winter will prevent calcium from attacking the boots and waterproof them at the same time. To keep your boots from soaking into the fabric, wipe off snow from them before you put them on.

5. Insulation

Different types of insulation are required for different activities. Snowshoeing and other activities that are more static require more insulation. If you move around a lot, you should not choose boots that are too warm, as you will sweat a lot and then become colder. If you are just getting into and out of the car, there is no need for much insulation. As long as you avoid sweating, you are fine.

Boots made of higher-tech materials have protective layers such as GoreTex and are usually made of synthetic materials. It is more practical especially for children to wear liners that are removable, such as Sorel, as they dry much faster.

Fashion boots, on the other hand, often come with a sheepskin lining that is light-weight. Therefore, they are recommended for urban wear.

6. Soles

The soles of winter boots are usually rubber, and the depth of the lugs varies.

Snow traction is better with deeper lugs on the treads for outdoor activities. Merrell also offers Arctic Grip soles that grip ice well and are suitable for icy sidewalks thanks to small blue dots.

However, removable crampons (very popular with the elderly) remain very popular.

7. High Heels

Those who wear high heels every day appreciate this fashion trend.

There is, however, a risk of reducing winter stability if the heel is too high. It’s recommended that heels and platforms are no higher than 2.

8. Lifetime

How a winter boot is used directly affects its lifespan.

If you wear the boots every day, the insulation will flatten and the interior will become less efficient. It may also be time for a new pair if the odour persists. It’s time for a change when the exterior deteriorates and the water resistance decreases.

Winter boots, however, can last a very long time if cared for properly.

There you have it! You are now free to choose.

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