Black Dress Styles

17 Stylish Black Dress Styles You Need to Know

17 Stylish Black Dress Styles You Need to Know

The little black dress is one of the most well-known fashion items in history. It is a known element of any full wardrobe and is regarded as essential for every woman. Which types of black dresses should you have in your wardrobe?

There’s an ongoing difference between the two groups when it comes to our wardrobes: those who live for the hottest color trends of the time and those who exclusively wear black dress styles. Of course, some of us enjoy wearing a bright color as much as we enjoy wearing a little black dress (ahem, me). But I’d be lying if I said that some black dress outfit ideas don’t have the same zing as shifting into a bright one. So, how do you make the LBD a little more interesting?

There are countless different styles of dresses, and practically any of them can be a little black dress, from a figure-hugging tube dress to a conventional tea-length dress. However, some dresses are more frequently used to produce the traditional black dress style than others. Learn more about the most frequent dress styles you’ll come across when shopping for a new black gown.

Types of Black Dress Outfit Ideas

There are countless different styles of dresses, and practically any of them can be a little black dress, from a form-fitting tube dress to a conventional tea-length dress. However, some dresses are utilized more frequently than others to achieve the classic black dress style. If you’re looking for a new black dress, learn more about the most frequent styles.

We’ve compiled a list of 15 black dress outfit ideas to help you inject some color into this monochrome essential. There’s a combination for every occasion, from casual to cocktail.

A-line Black Dress

A-line dresses come in a variety of lengths, from knee-length to floor-length. They have a tight fit in the bodice and a variety of necklines and sleeve styles. The skirt is the most essential component of this gown since it spreads out from the body and widens as it approaches the hem.

Ballgown Black Dress

One of the most well-known dress shapes is the ball gown. A tight-fitting bodice, usually sleeveless or with spaghetti straps, is featured in this dress. The dress’s skirt spreads out over the hips. Ball dresses are usually created with extra layers underneath the skirt to make it billow out even more.

Bandage Black Dress

Short dresses, ranging in length from the knee to the mid-thigh, are known as bandage dresses. This dress is named for the fact that it resembles bandages wrapped around the body. This is an extremely form-fitting dress that provides no room for anything to be hidden. A bandage dress will highlight all of your contours. The neckline of this dress can be any style, from halter to off the shoulder, but the most popular is strapless.

Fit and Flare Black Dress

Fit and flare dresses are named for how they seem. They are form-fitting in the bodice, hugging the waist and bust, then flaring out from the waist. This dress is well-known for complementing all body types. Get a fit and flare style if you require a little black dress and want to be sure it looks fantastic on you. It will undoubtedly look excellent and be suited for a variety of occasions. This dress may be used as a party dress, a mourning dress, a wedding guest dress, a date night dress, a professional job dress, and just about anything else.

Long Black Dress

Popular long black dress styles are frequently created in black. However, because this popular fashion style is normally linked with shorter designs, these lengthy black gowns may not exactly qualify as a “little black dress.” A long black gown, on the other hand, is the ideal approach to create an exquisite look for any occasion.

Maxi Black Dress

Maxi dresses are incredibly trendy, and they’re always really fashionable in plain black. The dress’s name relates to its length. Maxi dresses are typically floor-length or just a few inches shorter than that. These are loose-fitting, flowing gowns that are frequently composed of light fabric. Any type of bodice and sleeves can be used. Maxi dresses have a more laid-back look. These dresses are recognized for having a more bohemian vibe to them.

Mermaid Black Dress

Mermaid black dresses are quite noticeable. From the bust to the knees, this dress is form-fitting and figure-hugging. It highlights all of the body’s curves before flaring out at the knees to produce a distinctive shape.

Mid-Length Black Dress

Black dresses in mid-length shapes are very popular. Dresses that terminate anywhere between the ankle and the knee are known as midi dresses. They can be produced with any type of sleeve or neckline, from long sleeves to spaghetti straps and strapless.

Midi Black Dress

Dresses that are midi-length can be anywhere from two inches below the knee to above the ankle. Because it falls near the middle of the calves, it’s called a “midi” length. In midi-length fashions, sheath dresses, sweater dresses, fit and flare dresses, and pencil dresses are common.

Sheath Black Dress

Sheath dresses are one of the most well-known and timeless dress styles. This is a bodycon dress, which implies it is form-fitting and body-conforming. In a classic sheath design, this means it fits tightly and embraces your curves all the way from the bust to around the knee. This dress is appropriate for both work and after-work cocktails. Simple sheath dresses are attractive and simple to accessorize, making them one of the best little black dresses to have.

Shift Black Dress

The simple shift black dress is a wonderfully adorable, easy-to-accessorize, and fun-to-wear dress design. This is a straight dress that skims over curves and doesn’t cling to the body in any way. It’s not a large, tent-like dress, but it’s also not too tight. It’s a nice middle ground that works well in casual, professional, and cocktail settings, especially in sleek black. Make a statement with bright, vivid accessories to really make this dress stand out.

Shirt Black Dress

Shirt dresses are a casual dress design that is highly comfy. These dresses can be dressed to look like a regular T-shirt but with enough length to be considered a dress, or they can be styled to look like a long dress with a buttoned-up collar. When you want a casual little black dress that’s ready to go shopping or out to lunch with friends or a fantastic dress for a day of shopping, this is a great go-to.

Short Black Dress

Short black dress styles are the varieties of dresses that make up the classic “little black dress” look. There are a variety of popular short dress styles, but some are more commonly seen in black than others.

Skater Black Dress

The skater dress is a form of short mini dress that is typically mini length. It has a fitted waistband that extends outwards. Because of the short length, flared style, and the fact that this dress is frequently made of lightweight fabric, there is a chance that you will expose your legs if you move in a certain way or if a gust of wind hits the correct area.

Slip Black Dress

Slip dresses are made to resemble the garment worn below the dress. This style isn’t quite loose, but it’s also not quite tight. Rather than hugging the body’s curves, it follows them. Silky or satiny slip dresses are popular. Slip dresses become even more sensual and slinky in basic black, and they lend even more sex appeal to the traditional short black dress. These dresses frequently have spaghetti straps that expose the shoulders.

Tea Length Black Dress

A tea-length dress is three to four inches below the knee. This was a popular style of dress in the 1920s, and it has since become a style classic, especially in black. A tea-length dress’s skirt is gently flared rather than fitted to the hips and legs. Because the tea-length skirt can be worn with any kind of bodice, it comes in a wide range of sleeve and neckline options.

Wrap Black Dress

The wrap dress is known for complementing all body types, and it looks especially good in black. Wrap dresses are available in a variety of lengths, ranging from short to long. The way these dresses wrap around the body creates a V shape across the chest, emphasizing the bustline and making the waist appear smaller. Wrap dress skirts have a slight flare to them, allowing them to fit loosely around the hips and thighs. This is a fashionable, comfortable dress that may be worn as workplace wear, casual wear, or semi-formal wear depending on the situation.

Jewelry Ideas to Wear with a Black Dress

In many circumstances, you may change the style and formality degree of a black dress with accessories, which is why it’s critical to give your jewelry choices the attention it deserves. When choosing jewelry to go with your LBD, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Type of Occation

Dress your LBD down with a shell necklace or bohemian dangling earrings for relaxed occasions like lunch with friends or a family daytime birthday party.

  • For a little additional jingly flair, stack costume rings and layer on the bangles.
  • Elegant pendant necklaces, versatile chain bracelets, and minimalistic metal rings are ideal for smart informal gatherings like a retirement party or dinner date.
  • Simply add sparkle to a more formal occasion, such as a wedding or black tie function. To up the formality of your look, consider wearing fine jewelry or sophisticated costume jewelry. A glittery pin or a modest bracelet are two options.

Colors with a Black Dress

Jewelry may also be a lot of fun and a touch edgy. A simple black dress and matching cap complement a diversity of forms and colors here. By adding a distinctive and colorful necklace to a black dress, it can be transformed into something new and fascinating.

Black works with almost anything, which is one of the reasons why LBDs are so popular.

  • Red, white, and brown are other traditional colors that go beautifully with your LBD. Fuchsia, sunshine yellow, and cobalt blue are all excellent choices.
  • Silver and gold, both in terms of metals, produce a sleek and refined look.
  • Certain hues, on the other hand, simply do not work. When wearing black apparel, it’s best to avoid wearing jewelry that incorporates navy blue or brown as a guideline. Black seems too harsh against washed-out colors, so they don’t work with an LBD.

Neckline with a Black Dress

A bold necklace, like this one, may transform a black dress into something stunning. The prominent chain links and lengthy style provide intrigue to an otherwise blank canvas, making it the show-stopper. Against the backdrop of a modest dress, a dramatic long necklace creates an eye-catching design.

Your jewelry options will be limited by the neckline of your dress. To determine the optimum necklace length for your dress’s neckline, follow these guidelines:

  • A square or scoop neckline complements a wide range of styles. To highlight your assets, make sure your necklace is either longer or shorter than the dress’s neckline.
  • Short necklaces, such as chokers, work well with sleeveless dresses.
  • Because pendants tend to echo the v-neck, they look especially good with V-shaped necklines.


It’s advisable to keep your jewelry simple if your black dress has beading, sequins, or other decoration.

  • If you want to go for full-on dazzle, stick to a single color of the material. The dress’s embellishments should be the focal point of your appearance.
  • A simple bracelet, hoop earrings, or an inconspicuous ring are also options. However, if you have more than two jewelry adornments, it will appear too much with your already flashy LBD.

Body Type

When deciding what jewelry to wear with a black dress, it’s also crucial to consider your body type.

  • Choose jewelry that enhances rather than detracts from your body type. If you have a curved figure, you can get away with wearing larger, more prominent pieces. If you’re busty, statement necklaces, in particular, will attract attention away from your chest.
  • When you have a narrow neck, avoid wearing huge, obtrusive necklaces. On a small body frame, jewelry pieces might be overwhelming, so go for delicate, petite options that are more simple.
  • Long necklaces are also the most flattering for taller ladies since they can shorten the length away from the body.

FAQs – Black Dress Outfits

There’s a lot to learn about black dresses, and you’re likely to have a lot of questions. We’ve got the answers to all of your burning questions about black dress styles, the various varieties of black dresses when to wear them, and how to wear them successfully.

Is it bad luck to wear a black wedding dress?

Although it may appear unusual at first, there is nothing wrong with wearing a black wedding dress. Sensuality, power, elegance, and fashion sense are all associated with the color black. Wearing black lace dress styles with a black lace veil is actually more frequent in Spain. Several celebrities, including Ellen Pompeo and Avril Lavigne, have made a big statement by wearing black wedding gowns. A black wedding dress may be the ideal style for you if you’re feeling adventurous and bold.

Black wedding gowns will undoubtedly stand out and be incredibly memorable, which is exactly what every bride hopes for from her dress. This can result in some absolutely breathtaking wedding images.

Can you wear a Black Dress to a wedding?

Wearing black to a wedding was almost unthinkable just a few decades ago. This means you were delivering a clear message that was more akin to sadness than joy. In other words, it was a visible statement of opposition to the wedding. However, the rules have become a little more lenient in this area.

But only to a degree. If you’re attending a day wedding or one that takes place outside, wearing black will make you stand out. Choose a black dress with a design or pinstriping if you want to wear one. You can also wear the dress with brightly colored accessories and a top layer in a corresponding bright hue, such as a cropped jacket. You don’t want to wear all black to a day wedding or an outdoor wedding. Black dresses are very fine for late afternoon, nighttime, and extremely formal weddings.

Always double-check the wedding invitation’s dress requirements. If formal or black-tie attire is required, you can rest assured that a black dress would suffice. A black outfit is attractive and sophisticated for formal wear or a black-tie wedding.

Which black dress styles are appropriate for the office?

There are many different sorts of black dresses that can be worn for work. In reality, the appropriate little black dress may be really professional. For the office, a sheath dress, a pencil dress, or a shift dress are ideal. Sweater dresses are ideal for the office in the fall and winter.

To make a black dress more conservative, layer it with a blazer or a sweater. You can easily transition from day to night by simply removing a layer in this manner. With the addition of a belt, a loose-fitting dress, such as a sheath, can become a touch more figure-flattering. It’s sometimes all in the way you style a dress that determines whether it’s appropriate for the office or not.

What type of shoes can you wear with a black dress?

A black dress has the advantage of being versatile enough to be worn with any sort of footwear. Simple sandals or flip flops are ideal for a relaxed look while wearing a maxi dress or a shirt dress, for example. Pair a shift dress with flats like ballerina slippers or loafers for an office look. Wear a sheath dress with stiletto heels or a skater dress with strappy sandals. A slip dress looks wonderful with any sort of heel.

You can also experiment with colors. There’s nothing wrong with wearing black shoes to go with your black dress, but you can also add a burst of color with your shoes. When paired with a black dress, a vibrant jewel tone or a delicate pastel looks stunning. Because it’s difficult to go wrong with a black dress, experiment with different shoes. That’s what makes this fashion staple so versatile and easy to style and wear.

And don’t worry if you’re unsure what color heels to wear with a black dress. You can mix and match black with any other color you like, from gray to white to any crayon shade. Deep brown is the one hue that can be hard, but milder brown shades like nude and beige work just fine.

Can you wear a black prom dress?

Black gowns are appropriate for every formal occasion, including prom. Dresses in black aren’t just for New Year’s Eve! They are appropriate for any formal or nighttime function, as well as some daytime activities. Because so many girls choose bright and pastel hues for prom, a black dress can be magnificent and make you stand out. Because it may be worn to so many different types of occasions, a black dress is always a fantastic formal dress.

When and where do you wear a little black dress?

The little black dress is famous for being a go-to, all-occasion dress that you can wear anywhere to anything. But how true is that? 

Many types of black dress styles that are short or mid-length can qualify as a little black dress. And for the most part, these dresses can be worn as a party dress or a cocktail dress, even in very short and very tight-fitting styles. Bandage dresses, skater dresses, and slip dress all fit the bill for party and cocktail looks.

In looser and longer styles that are a little more conservative and show a little less skin, a little black dress can be worn to work, to a lunch date with friends or associates, to a professional event, or to a special occasion, such as a wedding, baptism or ceremonial event. Sheath and shift dresses and fit and flare dresses work well for all of these style occasions. 

When you need casual wear to run errands or to enjoy a day out with friends, a T-shirt dress is a perfect option. 

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