Pencil Dress Styles

15 Beautiful Pencil Dress Styles for an Elegant Look

15 Beautiful Pencil Dress Styles for an Elegant Look

The pencil dress has a straight shape and is fitted to the body. It is entirely fitted to the body, revealing the true figure and requiring you to be slender. It has a wide range of patterns and designs to meet the needs of everyone. Pencil dresses have a seductive and enticing appearance. The pencil dress is ideal for women who have kept their bodies in good shape. They’re free to leave the stage at any time.

Pencil Dress

There are a variety of necklines and sleeve styles available. This is a fairly prevalent office clothing style for women, and it is considered one of the most formal business outfits for women. It’s a fitted shape that looks well on hourglass and curvaceous women. Because of the fitting form of the skirt, it frequently has a vent in the back or side to make walking easier. This is a traditional dress style that finishes at the knee.

It forms a lengthy line that runs from your hips to your knees, caressing each curve along the way. The slimming impact of the pencil dress may be styled to go anywhere and do anything. The appropriate pencil dress can take you from the office to an early dinner date and then to a night out for cocktails later. Which pencil dress types should you wear, and how can you style these dresses so that you always appear stylish and amazing?

History of Pencil Dresses

In 1960s fashion, the pencil dress was a popular choice. In any film from the time period, a stunning woman will appear in a scene wearing one. The pencil skirt silhouette, on the other hand, dates back to 1908. Edith Hart O. Berg was the first woman in the United States to fly as a passenger on an airplane. She reportedly tied a length of rope around her legs around the bottom of her dress to keep the skirt from billowing up and exposing her legs throughout the flight, according to fashion folklore. Airplanes were much more open in 1908 than they are now.

According to legend, this simple innovation sparked the development of hobble skirts, a true anomaly in the history of women’s fashion that, thankfully, proved to be only a passing craze. On the third level, walking around with a piece of cloth tied around the legs begins to feel and appear absurd. True classic pencil skirt silhouettes did not appear in high fashion until 1954, while similar narrow skirt styles had begun to appear in women’s clothing as early as the 1940s.

Pencil Dress in Present Days

The pencil dress is still a timeless classic today. It’s a wardrobe essential for powerful, working women, but it’s also being reinvented by forward-thinking fashionistas. You’ve definitely seen women experimenting with the pencil cut for day and night wear if you’re a fashionista. It can still be spotted on the runways, as well as in high-street shops.

Pencil dresses may be styled casually with oversized sweaters and comfortable sneakers for a daytime look. A thick, colorful necklace or a few eye-catching bangles, inspired by the statement jewelry trend of the 1980s, would look great here. This look may also be dressed up for work with a simple jacket and a pair of neutral heels.

The pencil dress can also be worn at night, especially for formal occasions. Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn and go for a sleek, all-black gown to really shine up your look. You’re ready to go with basic silver jewelry, a gorgeous shawl, and heels. Try a pencil skirt instead if you want to go somewhere more informal at night. For an edgy, alternative attitude, pair your outfit with a graphic t-shirt, leather jacket, and platform heels.

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not to try this look, consider its history and how many beautiful ladies have worn it. Everyone can find a pencil dress that suits them. Simply select a high-quality material and a color that complements your skin tone. Then you’ll have a knockout look for sure.

Pencil Dress Styles

The skirt is the focal point of the form-fitting pencil dress silhouette. It’s a pencil skirt if the skirt hugs your curves and falls at or below knee length. It doesn’t matter if it’s a longer length, such as a midi skirt or a maxi dress in a pencil design. It’s all about how well you fit. The rest of the garment is made up of a bodice that can be constructed in any design. Some pencil dress styles, however, are more popular than others.

Vintage Style Pencil Dress

It’s a vintage-style longsleeved pencil dress. Like a shirt, it has collars and a button line. Two large buttons are fastened to the belt, as well as buttons on both sides of each pocket. The full-sleeved dress is stunning.

Button Up Pencil Dress

Black and White L MakeMeChic Women’s Long Sleeve Button Front High Waist Stretch Pencil Bodycon Dress

Some pencil dresses are made to resemble shirtwaist dresses, with collared button-up looks. This is a terrific style for a formal workplace outfit or a casual pencil dress.

Cap Sleeve Pencil Dress

Because they establish a balance, short cap sleeve styles look wonderful with pencil dresses. The length of the skirt keeps the legs mostly covered, thus this adds a little skin to the whole look. Pencil dress styles come in a variety of necklines, including V necks, scoop necklines, and boat necklines.

Crew Neck Pencil Dress

Dokuritu Women’s Short Sleeve Crew Neck Sheath Pencil Dress, Solid Color Twist Front Stretchy Bodycon Dress Black Dokuritu Women’s Short Sleeve Crew Neck Sheath Pencil Dress, Solid Color Twist Front Stretchy Bodycon Dress

A more conservative pencil dress can feature a crew neck and short sleeves. Depending on the color and fabric, this can be worn during the day or at night.

Crochet Pencil Dress

It’s a white floral crochet lace pencil dress. On the front and rear sides, it has a high neck with an open neck. The inner dress is petite, while the lace fabric on the outside is voluminous. This seductive outfit is both intriguing and appealing.

Crepe Pencil Dress

It’s a pink pencil dress with sleeveless sleeves. The V-necked top has a gathered sleeve panel. This intriguing gown can also be worn to a party. The outfit has attributes that pique everyone’s interest. Those who enjoy buying gifts for their girlfriends or wives can give this outfit as a present.

High Neck Pencil Dress

For a more professional context, pencil dresses with high necklines are ideal. The high neckline keeps the style perfect for even the most conservative professional atmosphere, whether the dress is sleeveless or has short or long sleeves. Keep in mind that conservative offices choose muted colors and neutrals.

Strapless Pencil Dress

Pencil dress designs with sultry strapless and spaghetti strap bodices are ideal for an evening out. This is an excellent cocktail or semi-formal dress. A pencil dress can be dressed up or down depending on the styling.

Multi Colour Pencil Dress

The base color of this floral pencil dress is yellow, and it is embellished with multicolored flower designs. There are large blue, white, and pink floral motifs. It has a sleeveless design and a tight neck. This floral design fills the air with a pleasant scent.

Two-piece Pencil Dress

By pairing a shirt with your pencil skirt, you may make an ensemble that looks like a dress. Some pencil dresses come in two sections, allowing you to show off your midriff or mix and match your ensembles with separate tops and pencil skirts. Make your own DIY pencil dress, at least in appearance, by mixing and matching the colors and patterns. You can also try a contrasting look, such as a white shirt with a black skirt, to add some interest. When you’re seeking outfit inspiration, experiment with separates.

Cross Neck Pencil Dress

This red pencil dress features a stunning criss-cross neckline. On the neck, a frill border with a heart shape is fastened. The dress has no back, and a lady is also wearing a high heel red sandal. The outfit creates a fancy posture.

Wrap Pencil Dress

Wrap dresses are extremely fashionable, even in pencil dress designs. The wrap bodice has a very flattering effect on the bustline. A form-fitting wrap pencil dress can help you make the most of your shape by highlighting those contours and lines.

Dottie Pencil Dress

It’s a black pencil dress with delicate lace fabric and a body-tight fit. This black lace is translucent and has large dark black specks. There’s a strapless black dress with a curved neckline on the inside. It has a zip in the back and is short sleeved.

Decorative Pencil Dress

With a beautiful neck style, this white pencil dress is simply trendy. The dress is edgy and off-shoulder. It comprises of a knee-length dress with one pocket on each side. It is a completely white, gleaming, and design-free gown.

Tie-Waist Pencil Dress

This long pencil dress with full sleeve looks fantastic. The dress has a wide V neckline and is knotted around the waist with elastic inside. Two white threads hang from the front side of the waist and are tied into a bow.

Fabric Used for Pencil Dresses

Pencil dresses are available in almost any fabric. For a more casual or office-friendly style, wool, tweed, linen, and cotton are employed. When you want to put together a casual but trendy pencil skirt look, a denim pencil skirt is ideal. In more cocktail-ready styles, silk, leather, and synthetic textiles are commonly used. Lace, satin, and knits are frequently utilized in semi-formal and formal outfits.

Because of the famous silhouette of this dress and the fact that it can be constructed with any bodice type, the pencil dress is simple to manufacture and find anyplace. It’s always attractive. When in doubt about your style, reach for a fantastic pencil dress, a clutch, and a pair of heels that match. Unless you’re going trekking, you’ll be perfectly attired for any event. Hiking in heels and a tight-fitting skirt is not a good idea. You’ll be a total fashion plate if you don’t.

FAQs of Pencil Dress

Still, have doubts about how to wear a pencil dress and how to style it properly? All of the most frequently asked questions concerning pencil dresses are answered here. Get the answers, and you’ll be able to wear your pencil dress style with confidence and style everywhere you go.

Which pencil dress suits your skin tone?

The color of your clothing has a significant impact on your overall appearance. If you’re going to wear a pencil dress, make sure it complements your natural color. If your skin tone is warm, wear warm colors, according to fashion. Wear cool colors if your skin tone is cool. The color of your skin and the color of your hair have no bearing on whether you’re hot or cold. It’s all about your skin’s undertones.

It’s easy to figure out whether you’re a warm or a cold person. Examine the inside of your wrist while standing in natural light. Is the hue of the veins blue or purple? If that’s the case, you have a cool skin tone. You have a warm skin tone if your veins are more green in color. If you’re unsure, you most likely have a neutral skin tone. You are free to experiment with any colors you choose.

Warm colors complement warm skin tones. Brown and red earth tones, pink, orange, gold, copper, yellow, and any color with a warm tone will look fantastic on you. On darker skin tones, black pencil skirts and white dresses look great. Warm tones work well with gray, tan, and beige tones.

Green, blue, and purple colors compliment cool skin tones well. Cool jewel tones like sapphire blue and emerald green, as well as icy hue tones and pastels, are ideal. Tones like rich yellow, orange, and red will not work as well.

More neutral or muted colors work best with neutral complexion tones. Dark colors, such as navy and maroon, go well together. Gray, black, off-white, and black are all good choices.

Can you wear a pencil dress casually?

Pencil dresses are ideal for everyday use. They’re ideal for a day out on the town or running errands. If you want to go for a more casual style, search for dresses made of cotton, linen, or wool. A slim belt or a button-up cardigan sweater are fantastic ways to dress down a pencil dress. To complete a lovely casual outfit that’s ready to go anyplace, pair it with wedges, flats, or sandals.

How do you wear a pencil dress in Winter?

Wearing a dress in the cold can be difficult, but some situations and events necessitate it. Get creative with how you’re going to design a pencil dress when you need to look stylish but don’t want to freeze. This dress’s longer length makes it ideal for fall and winter. A pencil dress can work great in the winter if you know how to style it.

Wear a slip underneath the pencil dress for added warmth, since every bit of insulation helps. Add stockings to the mix. In the winter, thick woolen stockings will keep your legs toasty warm. Wear tall knee socks and high boots instead of stockings if you don’t want to wear them. Your legs will be protected by the boots and stockings. Finish it off with a beautiful thick long overcoat.

Do pencil skirts and pencil dresses look good on everyone?

Pencil dresses don’t necessarily flatter all body types due to the form-fitting shape and length of the dress. Pencil dresses flatter some body shapes more than others. Pencil skirts look fantastic on bodies that aren’t very curvaceous and have more straight lines, such as those with a rectangular or athletic figure, but they’re also great on the incredibly curvy hourglass shape.

Dresses with a more flared skirt are better for pear and apple forms. Try a more flared dress, such as a swing dress, for this body type. In a pencil dress or any other close-fitting skirt style, a body shape that is rounded at the top or bottom is difficult to dress. Even a pencil skirt with a high waist will be difficult to style. An a-line skirt with extra flair, on the other hand, will look fantastic on these figures.

What should you wear with a pencil skirt or pencil dress?

Pencil dresses can be dressed in a variety of ways, including casual, professional, semi-formal, seductive, and formal. It’s all up to you and your accessories. A pencil dress appears sophisticated when paired with a structured blazer. It’s wonderfully casual when paired with a button-up shirt knotted at the waist. This is a timeless design that can be achieved with any unique or traditional pencil skirt, ranging from a plain polyester blend to a sultry black leather skirt.

To look truly glam, pair it with stiletto boots and a faux fur coat. Put on a pair of stilettos and a pair of stylish statement earrings to amp up the sexiness of your cocktail dress. To add a touch of informal flair, add a cropped jacket and sneakers. A sleek leather or satin jacket may transform a pencil dress into an evening appearance and prepare you for the red carpet.

The dress is dressed up with a denim jacket for a more casual look. When you want to seamlessly transition from a day to an evening look, a jacket or an extra layer is the perfect accent for a pencil dress. That’s why the pencil dress is such a terrific option for creating stylish, classic looks. High heels, sandals, wedges, or any other sort of footwear will look great with your pencil dress.

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