How to Dress when you

How to Dress when you are Petite?

How to Dress when you are Petite?

For those who are short in height, or for those who want to appear longer and slimmer, these guidelines, updated for the spring and summer seasons, will work in principle. Additionally, these ideas are effective for people whose upper bodies are almost equal in length to their lower bodies. In that case, you’re aiming to make the lower body appear longer so that you appear to have longer legs.

Dressing for short or petite women is the ultimate guide. 

Dressing for Spring And Summer If You are Petite

Dressing for spring and summer can be more challenging when you are petite. Here’s why.

Winter and fall are the best times to wear elongating layers, but for spring and summer, you won’t want such a heavy layer.

With a one-color dress, you can lengthen your figure and create a longer look. A sleeveless vest is also a lightweight layer.

What to Think about when Dressing Petite

You don’t have to be skinny and small to be petite. This simply means that you are 5’4″ or shorter. As a result, keeping your outfits in proportion becomes even more important when you are any size.

A short person usually has the following dressing objectives:

  1. Become taller, leaner, and longer
  2. Shape your body in a way that flatters your figure (using the rule of thirds to avoid splitting it in half)
  3. Don’t look boxy as that will make you look wider than tall

In general, women who are short will aim for a leaner and taller appearance.

The following guidelines will make this relatively easy:

1. Do Not Wear More than One Color with the Same Outfit

Dresses with simple shifts and little color accents would look great on you.

Monochromatic looks will create an illusion of height and a vertical image.

A dark color is a good choice to create this illusion since it makes the wearer appear thinner and therefore taller. However, this tip works for any color.

2. Petite Dresses: Wear A Dress!

Many short women will look great in dresses since they automatically create the much desired 2/3 – 1/3 look.

Choosing a form-fitting slim silhouette will make you look even taller.

As the tailored silhouette avoids unwanted bulk, a knee-length sheath dress is a great option for a petite frame.

Ultimately, this gives the wearer an appearance of being taller with a lean appearance. Slingback kitten heels complete the look, adding a little height.

3. Petite Clothing: Get The Right Fit

Clothing that fits and is the right size is even more important for short women. Wearing clothes that are too large will make you look bulky.

Don’t wear oversized clothes (even if they are trendy).

You should check your silhouette to determine how much fitted and how much oversized to wear.

Neither the top nor the bottom should be wide. An all-in-one dress with a belt is perfect for petites.

4. Wear Heels with Your Petite Outfits

Wearing heels is an obvious way to gain height. Don’t go overboard with these, however. Your proportions will be thrown out if you wear heels that are too high.

For examples of how I wear heels and a complete list of recommended comfortable shoes, check out my article on the best arch support shoes.

5. Wear Accessories in Proportion

Don’t overwhelm yourself with oversized accessories.

Make sure your accessories are proportionate to your face and the rest of your body.

Accessories can be bigger the bigger you are.

Fit your handbag to your body type. Often, oversized handbags make you look smaller, so you should avoid them.

6. Be Smart with Belts

Legs are relatively short for many petites.

This will make your legs appear longer if you wear a belt in the same color as your pants or skirt.

7. Vertical Patterns Are Your Friend

Your pants or skirt will always look longer and leaner with vertical patterns.

It is best to avoid horizontal stripes.

8. Find Your Ideal Skirt Length

Even though short people can look great in short dresses when they are young, I don’t recommend a very short hemline after age 35.

Rather, choose styles that fall just below or just above the knee. Your legs will appear longer if you wear a high-waisted skirt or pants.

9. Wear Shoes That Keep Your Ankles Free

Your legs may appear shorter if you wear ankle straps. Choose footwear that elongates instead. It is a great choice for Petites to wear mules.

Pointed toes can also be used as an alternative to heels if you prefer to wear flats.

10. Create A Vertical Line With A Buttoned Shirt Dress

It is also possible to create a nice vertical line with buttoned shirt dresses that stop just above the knee.

Even petite women can wear most wrap dresses.

You can wear this shirt dress unbuttoned as a sleeveless vest, as a tunic over skinny pants or leggings, or even on its own.

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