Eye Brow Slit for Women

How to Get the Perfect Eyebrow Slit

How to Get the Perfect Eyebrow Slit

What are Eyebrow Slits?

The eyebrow slit is a fashion trend in which a razor or electric trimmer is used to shave a thin, vertical line into the brow. The shaved gap in the brow, often known as an eyebrow cut, is trendy and attractive. 

Although brow slits have lately become fashionable on Instagram, they have long been prominent in hip-hop culture. Did you know they’re referred known as cuts in hip-hop?

By adopting the daring and edgy eyebrow slit trend, you may change up your everyday style. The origins of this brow style may be traced back to the hip hop era of the 1980s and 1990s, but it was making a comeback in 2022. This look is suitable for both men and women, as all that is required is confidence and a positive mindset. 

People from all walks of life experiment with it as a form of self-expression. But here’s the thing: it’s critical to recognize that this isn’t just a “trend.” In fact, it bears the imprint of a whole culture.

The term “eyebrow slit” refers to the removal of hairs from one or both of your brows in a trendy manner. Straight or diagonal brow slits are the most popular brow slit designs. A brow slit does not imply that all of the hairs in your brows are removed. Don’t even try it; it’ll only remove a small amount of hair from your brows.

From Where does Eyebrow Slit Trend Emerge?

Eyebrow slits are shaved holes in the brows used as a fashion statement or a form of self-expression. The style has a long history in hip-hop culture, with MC Big Daddy Kane being one of the first to sport it in the 1980s. Over the years, the appearance has been connected with gang connections or membership. However, it no longer has any particular meaning.

In 2001, situations outside the hip-bounce culture likewise wore eyebrow cut like David Beckham. The evolution for eyebrow cut pattern began increased again in 2005 when not many influencers who wearing eyebrow cuts with an alternate look, more female, and more white than the hip-bounce one.

There are a ton of eyebrow cut variants. A few people use concealer, eyebrow grease, or pencil to improve the appearance of eyebrow slits to be cleaner and crisper. Since eyebrow cuts make an alternate look in each individual.

What is the Meaning of Eyebrow Slit?

An eyebrow slit is simply a sort of self-articulation, like a piercing or a tattoo! Numerous folks get them these days to change their look or experience something fresh. Eyebrow slits are quite well known through adolescence.

Because the shaved line is essentially a fashion choice, the meaning of the brow slit varies from person to person. While the style has previously been associated with gang affiliation, today’s shaved lines do not have the same negative implications. A brow cut, in general, can mean anything and can be used to represent oneself.

You can choose from a variety of significant designs or try out new and trendy ideas.

Eyebrow Slits for Women

Single Eyebrow Slit

This one is likely the most basic yet stylish, being neat and clean. The single brow slit is a great trend to follow, and it’s slightly less aggressive than its edgier counterparts. It draws attention to the eyes, and you may enhance the aura even more by experimenting with eye makeup. Our recommendation is to go all out with the colors.

Double Eyebrow Slit

With double the excitement, much like the single brow slit trend. It means you’re now ready to take the game of edge to the next level. This is also a fun method to emphasize the arch of your brows, giving the entire face a lifting, wholesome, and crisp appearance. Take a chance!

Four Eyebrow Slits

The four-way brow slit is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a bold, adventurous look. To properly show off the contrast, this looks best with darker brows, and you’ll need to make an effort to make sure your brows are filled in and have sharp edges. This is a terrific method to make a statement and bring attention to your gorgeous face for girls who are brave enough.

Front Eyebrow Slit

Wear your slit at the front of your brow by flipping it around. While most brow cuts are done in the rear, if you have a strong and consistent growth pattern in the front, there’s no reason you can’t wear it there. It’s a wonderful method to add a distinctive twist to your look while also drawing attention to the center of your face.

Fishtail Eyebrow Slit

Why not try a fishtail eyebrow slit if your brow game is already great and you’re a master of the brow pencil? This look is edgy and sassy, elevating it to new heights. To achieve this look, start with a single brow cut and play around with the angles to produce an upward flip at the front section’s finish.

Fishtail Eyebrow Slit

Bejeweled Eyebrow Slit

Are you ready to get down in the funk? Then piercing is the most delicate approach to personalize the brow slit trend. It looks incredibly cool and trendy, and it takes very little time or effort. You’re done after slitting and piercing. Choose your favorite micro-studs, or go all out with mini dangles or loops if you want to go all out.

Multiple Eyebrow Slits

So if you want to take this trend to another level, then you’ll want to shave two or three slits in one and one slit in the other eyebrow. However, you may also adopt this striped style by shaving two in each eyebrow, which decreases the esthetic effect. DarkFor optimal results, darks are advised for optimal results, but you may always shape, color, and accentuate light brows to maximize the effect. In addition, you will need to have full eyebrows, as esthetics necessitate that you shave off a large amount of hair.

How to do an Eyebrow Slit?

Begin by brushing out your brows with a spoolie. Then select where you want the cut to go and mark it with two tape pieces across your brow. Slowly, using a steady hand, cut the slit with a facial razor or electric trimmer in little motions.

How to fo an Eyebrow Slit by using Electric Clipper or Razor?

  • With white eyeliner, draw vertical lines on your brow to form a brow slit. Make vertical lines with a white eyeliner pencil to mark the location on an electric clipper 
  • Choose whether you require brow trims in both eyebrows or only one.
  • Look in the mirror and figure out how many cuts you’ll need and where they’ll go.
  • In most cases, one to three cuts are made in each brow. More cuts will, on the whole, look better on thicker eyebrows, so keep that in mind when choosing your number.
  • Take some scotch tape and place it near the line you just drew. Use the straight edge of the tape to line up with the white eyeliner’s edge.
  • Make sure there’s a space in the center. This is where you’ll split your brows.
  • Keep the clipper parallel to your skin. Do this slowly and gently; if you use too much power, the tape may pull away from your brow.
  • Only go up and down. The side-to-side motion should be avoided at all costs.
  • If you want multiple cuts or slits, start at the outside corner and work your way inward.
  • Remove the tape gradually so that no brow hair is pulled out. With your finger and some water, remove the white eyeliner. You should have a cut on your brow at this point.
  • Stand in front of a mirror and look for any hair that hasn’t been shaved. Using a tweezer, complete the hairs and physically pluck them out to achieve a flawless and clean brow cut.
  • If you only need one brow cut, this is the way to go. Rehash the process of applying tape on each side of the line and chopping it down the middle if you want to draw extra lines.
  • Look in the mirror every now and then to see if the hair on your brow cuts is growing back. If it rehashes, how to make the cuts by taping and shaving your brows.

How to do an Eyebrow Slit by using Concealer?

  • This is how to make a slit in your artificial brows. Typically, an eyebrow slit is made on the outside of your brows.
  • To begin, use a brush to consistently shape your brows and create a more defined line and pleasing riotous hairs.
  • After that, fill in your brows with an eyebrow powder and a professional makeup brush to make them appear thicker.
  • The color of your eyebrow powder should match the color of your brow hair. The more prominent the eyebrow cuts are, the bolder and thicker your brows are.
  • Apply concealer over the corners of your brows in a color that matches your skin tone.
  • Rub the concealer into your skin until there are no visible borders of makeup-free skin around your brows.
  • Concealer will make the color of your brow cuts match the color of the skin around your brows.
  • To apply the concealer, you can use an applicator brush or your fingertips.
  • Pick up a small, level brush from your cosmetics bag and dip it into the same shade concealer that you used on your brows. Cover the concealer tip of the enumerating brush.
  • Choose where you want to make the cuts with the enumerating brush against your brows so that you may apply concealer to your skin. Move the catch up and down to obscure the line while attempting to preserve the edges as clean as possible.
  • To speed up the drying process, fan down the wet concealer. Remember to wait until the concealer has dried before moving on to the next step.
  • Make your face up and mix your cosmetics, so the concealer around your brow doesn’t have any hard lines or unusual shade shifts in your composition. When you’re finished with your appearance, you’ll have fake eyebrow cuts that you may get rid of by removing your cosmetics.

Fishtail Brows Are A New Beauty Trend

Although it appears that brow trends will continue in 2018, I’ll gladly inform you of the newest sensation on the block: fishtail brows. We’re rather excited by this daring new look, which could take us one step closer to being true mermaids, after the barely-there negative-space brows, the ever-so-festive Christmas tree brows, and the wild ponytail brows.

The fishtail brow was designed by Skyzeditz and first seen by Marie Claire, but it was when beauty queen Huda Kattan uploaded an edited image of herself wearing it that we realized the trend had truly begun.


What do eyebrow slits symbolize?

The appearance has been connected with gang connection or membership over the years, although it no longer has any particular meaning.

Do eyebrow slits grow back?

Yes, shaved brow slits will grow back, thus maintaining the look will be necessary. If you’re plucking hairs, keep in mind that pulling them out at the root can result in thinning.

Whether or whether you opt to get your eyebrow slit or not depends very lot on how well you know your eyebrows. On average, eyebrow hair might take from two weeks to over a month to grow back. Personally, I would never dare to damage my eyebrows in this way; they are simply too beautiful. So if you want to do it permanently, be careful!

If you follow our shaving approach to make eyebrow slits, then sure, the hair will definitely grow back! Eyebrow hair development is quite diverse from person to person, but you can expect new hair to start growing a few days after shaving and the eyebrow slit will be entirely covered with new hair within a few weeks or months at the most.

In fact, there is no particularly sacrosanct connotation to what do eyebrow slits represent. It’s not a signal of a specific religion, a sign of unique rank, etc. It’s not an indication of any particular religion. Quite simply, young people are attempting to distinguish themselves from their friends and highlight their individual style in every available manner.

How long do eyebrow slits take to grow back?

Eyebrow slits will grow back in two to six weeks.

How to make fake eyebrow slits?

Using a makeup brush, apply translucent powder to your brows. Apply a translucent makeup powder with a larger foundation brush. Apply a light layer of foundation to your brow slits and around your brows with the foundation brush. This will help to blend everything together and make the slits look more natural.

Which eyebrow should I slit?

In most cases, 1-3 slits are made in each brow. More slits will generally look better with thicker eyebrows, so keep that in mind while deciding on your quantity. Traditional brow slits are typically formed on the outside of the brows.

Are eyebrow slits attractive?

Yes, the brow slit trend can definitely be rocked if done correctly.

How do you hide eyebrow slit?

Wet your hair and subsequently utilize a fine tooth brush to part your hair exactly over the most elevated area of your eyebrow.

Does Vaseline help eyebrows grow?

Unfortunately, there’s no particular evidence that any of the chemicals included in Vaseline can improve eyebrows’ growth rate. However, may really help eyebrows look thick, even if they’re actually growing at the same rate.

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