Pair shoes with your dress

How to Match your Dress with your Shoes

How to Match your Dress with your Shoes

In the same way, women’s closets require key pieces, so should a shoe closet. For a special occasion dress and shoes, there are a few rules to follow. You might already have these styles in your closet!

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Tips to Match your Dress with your Shoes


In your shoe closet, you should have neutral colors. Pumps in the natural color are a great staple to own because they go with almost everything and elongate your legs. The dresses will look great with a busy print or embellishment.

Conversely, wearing colorful or embellished shoes would detract from the beauty of this dress. Complementary Colors

Complementary colors are those at the opposite end of the color wheel. This color combination is unexpected and fun. Over the past few years, color-blocking has become increasingly popular.

When color blocks your dress and shoes, be aware of the color wheel. It is an unexpected pairing.

Color from Print

A dress with a busy print is one of the most difficult to match. When wearing a printed dress, some women choose neutral-colored shoes. It would be ideal to match your shoes to one of the colors in the print.

If you choose this pairing, your shoes will complement your dress. The color of your shoes should complement the dress. Because the dress already has such a busy pattern and sequins, be sure that the shoe style is simple.


During the 90’s and early 00’s, matching your shoes, shirts, and handbags was a popular trend. There was even a matchy-matchy trend worn by Kim Kardashian on the red carpet! Luckily, this trend has passed.

Nevertheless, many women still wear the same color from head to toe. An all-black outfit is always chic; matching-matchy is only acceptable when you’re wearing black. Is it possible to escape this matchy-matchy trend? It’s always a good idea to wear your dress with neutral shoes. 

Different Shades

Even if you don’t like color-blocking, try matching your dress with shoes in a different shade. When done correctly, the pairing can be beautiful and not matchy-matchy. You can use this option if you used to match your shoes and dress. Keep in mind, however, that your accessories and handbags must be neutral-toned so that the outfit doesn’t seem too busy.

Dressing for a special occasion can be challenging. It’s hard to choose a favorite shoe design or color! You should wear a neutral pump next time you are out shopping. Complete your shoe closet by getting some red and blue shoes as well. You will look great at your next event if you follow the above guidelines!

What Color Shoes Go With Everything?

Not only does style play a big part in how your outfit comes together, but the color is also a big part of the entire aesthetic. We have the tips and tactics to keep you looking beautiful, from knowing what colors complement your clothes and go with everything to looking coordinated and attractive.

Shoes for women

Your shoes make a statement about who you are. They can, however, speak excessively at times. Do you have a hard time deciding what color shoes to wear with what? Don’t worry about it. Continue reading to learn about all of the shirts you’ll need to keep your outfits looking polished and coordinated.

Green Shoes for an Earthy or Trendy Look

Green shoes are ideal for adding a touch of nature to any ensemble. Browns, yellows, varied shades of green, and blues go well with green shoes. You may want to wear more muted tones depending on the intensity of the green you’re wearing.

So, if you’re wearing a brown blazer, go for something more olive-green. Choose a lighter, more brilliant green if you’re wearing a canary yellow dress. Color brightness is everything with this colour to make your outfit look put together.

Furthermore, this year’s colour trend is green. You can’t go wrong with this colour when it comes to shoes, outfits, and accessories.

Purple Shoes for an Extra Punch

Purple shoes are perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any outfit. Pinks, greens, navy, black, and white go well with purple shoes. Purple may be a terrific addition to your wardrobe because of its wide range of alternatives.

Purple shoes give a whimsical accent to your wardrobe and may work throughout seasons and shoe kinds, from gentler lilac tones in the spring to a rich jewel tone in the fall.

The Basics: Black, Beige, and Grey

First, let’s look at the neutrals.

Shoes in black, beige, and grey work with everything. Because they’re all neutrals, you can pair them with a more bright ensemble. Of course, you can mix and match these neutrals or keep them in the same tonal family.

Warm beige and colder beige, for example, are two types of beige. The warmer toned ensembles, such as reds, oranges, and yellows, will look better with brown-based beige. Grey complements blues, greens, and magentas because they are almost always cooler tones.

These essentials are also appropriate for a more understated, business casual style. You don’t have to worry about looking too vivid for a day at the office because they go with everything (but if you want to, go ahead!).

Everything looks good in black. Black is an attractive and tried hue that you cannot go wrong with, regardless of whether your clothing is warm or cool-toned. Black is a wonderful shoe choice for when you just need a basic look, whether it’s black sneakers, flip-flops, or pumps.

Yellow Shoes for a Vibrant Pop

Yellow shoes are a great way to inject some color into your ensemble.

Yellow comes in a variety of shades, some of which are warmer than others.

(with more orange tones) and those that are colder or neon (more green.) What tones you are wearing will determine which yellow shoe will look excellent with your outfit.

Warmer yellows, for example, go well with oranges and reds. Blues, white, and black are often paired with vivid yellows. The vivid yellow can offer a colorful spark to otherwise plain clothing, such as a white or black combo.

Red Shoes For a Feisty Pop 

Red shoes are a great way to improve your style. Red looks wonderful with warmer tones like oranges and pinks, as well as cooler tones like navy blue, to lend a flash of color to an otherwise more neutral outfit.

Additionally, an all-black or white dress with a splash of red is always a winner. The burst of red in your attire gives it an edgy but sophisticated vibe that works all year.

Red shoes are very well-known in society. Red shoes have been hailed as a bold statement to add to any look, from movies to fashion.

Blue Shoes Make a Statement 

Blue shoes offer your outfit a laid-back, carefree vibe. Yellow, green, neutrals, and brown all look great with blue shoes. Because blue and warmer tones are on the opposing sides of the colour wheel, they look wonderful together and can give your outfit a more exciting and energetic look.

Because green is a blend of blue and yellow, matching it with blue shoes brings out the cooler tone and creates a lovely aesthetic.

Orange Shoes For a Vintage Feel

White, blues, earth tones, yellow, and red go well with orange shoes. The more warm tones there are, the better. Because orange was a popular color in the 1970s, it might give your outfit a retro vibe. Warmer earth tones, such as caramel browns or tans, pair well with oranges.

Furthermore, because orange and purple are complementary tones, they look terrific together in the same way that blue and yellow do. Orange shoes are a terrific way to liven up an ensemble, whether you want a vintage feel or a modern burst.

Gold Shoes for a Metallic Flair

Gold shoes are great for making an outfit pop, and they go well with jewel tones like emerald green, bright blues, and burgundy. In addition, a burst of color can be added to black or white clothing. Add gold to a red ensemble to make a sassy statement.

Gold is a great choice for adding elegance to your ensemble, from sandals to pumps.

What Color Shoes Go With Everything?

Hopefully, this age-old question has been answered for you.

Finally, there are some rules to follow when choosing the proper shoe color for an outfit. However, what color shoes go with everything is a personal choice based on your personal style and what makes you feel comfortable.

Can I Wear a Dress with Sneakers?

Is it possible to wear sneakers with a dress? If that’s the case, how can I wear sneakers with a dress has been a hot question in the fashion industry for a long. Yes, wearing shoes with a dress is the current fashion trend that isn’t going away anytime soon. When I initially arrived in Paris, I was taken aback by the number of people dressed in sneakers and a dress. If you’re wearing a dress, I’m always the first to tell you to wear wedges, heels, or flats. The game has changed, ladies, and let me be the first to say that I adore this trend and feel!

Can I Wear Boots with a Dress?

The cold doesn’t mean you can’t wear your favorite skirts and dresses with the season’s best tall boots, ankle booties, rain boots (as long as it’s truly raining), or any boots for that matter. It’s time to break out the tights, leggings, and thigh highs; it’s time to show off this amazing fall look. To get you started, we’ve got some simple pairing guidelines and a tonne of super-stylish examples.

When it comes to wearing boots with skirts or dresses, there aren’t many guidelines. Mixing and matching a variety of dress and skirt lengths with various boot heights is entirely fine. That’s great news because you can’t go too wrong with this outfit.

Is it OK to Wear Running Shoes with Jeans?

If there’s one thing the never-ending athleisure craze has taught us, it’s that jeans and running shoes go together. While we adore our go-to outfit of leggings, a cropped sweatshirt, and shoes, there are occasions when a more polished look is required.

We see no reason not to wear these gym-time favorites on a regular basis, whether it’s because we enjoy wearing functional (and fashionable) footwear or because Balenciaga’s Triple S shoes have reached cult status.

All it takes is a little imagination. So, if you want to be comfortable at all times—especially on days when you’ll be walking a lot—but don’t want to lose your own style (we’re looking at you), you’re in luck.

We’ve compiled a list of our best street style ensembles to provide you with all the sartorial inspiration you’ll need to wear your running shoes with jeans. Check them out now and then go out and get your own denim and sneakers to recreate the style.

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