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8 Tips in Choosing the Best Handbag

8 Tips in Choosing the Best Handbag

Because most women are constantly looking at the latest handbag designs, they have become increasingly focused on following the latest trends without considering whether or not they are appropriate for their lifestyle and figure.


This is, without a doubt, one of the most common errors they make. Rather than purchasing the appropriate purse for their body type and daily attire, they pursue new models and patterns solely to keep up with the latest fashion trend.

Tips in Choosing the Best Handbag

Especially if they are designer handbags, which are extremely appealing to purchase. This attitude, on the other hand, isn’t the ideal method to make your clothes stand out. Keeping up with the current fashion trends isn’t enough to make you stand out.

Always keep in mind that anything you wear must be balanced and coordinated with your body. Choosing and matching handbags is a straightforward chore for many fashionistas, but not everyone is born with a sense of style.

Choosing the Best Handbag

Rule #1: Try It On!

Making practical and wise decisions is not governed by first feelings and emotional tendencies such as: “Oh my God, that’s so cute.” You must try how the bag looks on you before you buy it. Each individual is unique, and their parameters differ in height, weight, shape, hair, skin color, etc. Try it on in the shop and look in the mirror after you’ve tried it on.

As you hold the bag in your hands, consider the structure, the texture, the details – pockets, zippers, silver, gold, metallic, color, shape, belts, and so on. Consider how you will look, what you will wear, and how you will feel in it. You can determine whether it is your model by looking at yourself. At this point, you usually find your bag or continue your search.

Rule #2. Right Size

Choosing the right bag material depends on your taste and preferences. Some people prefer leather, while others need textiles and synthetics (especially in the summer). You must, however, choose the RIGHT SIZE bag. It is just as important as the size of the dress or trousers. If the size is not chosen correctly, it can ruin parts of your body, like wrongly chosen jeans. Your silhouette will be enhanced and your style will be enhanced with the right bag.

Rule #3. Right Model

Choosing a bag model that suits your figure and personality is just as important as selecting the right size. In my opinion, I tend to follow an easy rule: I choose a bag with a form that is opposite my body’s lines and shape. You will be best served by round or square/wide forms if you are tall and thin. Choose more extended and rectangle forms when you are small and/or full-figured (size medium to large). Visual contrast is the key here.

Rule #4. Comfort

You need to try on a bag before purchasing it, as I have already mentioned. It’s highly recommended not just to glance at it, but to estimate how comfortable it is. I am referring to the habits of using the pockets inside and outside. Whenever I buy a bag, I always make sure it has an internal pocket, since I like to keep everything organized.

The bag should also be tested for its weight, lightness, and comfort when touched, as well as its approximate duration. Don’t buy the bag if something about it is not appealing to you or if you feel uncomfortable wearing it.

Rule #5. Center of attention

It is important to know that those parts of the body closest to the bag are highlighted by the bag. Belt with shoulder bags emphasizes the waist. For those with a large waistline, I do not recommend it.

They will be attracted to you if you hold the bag in your hands. Therefore, ensure that your manicure is well-designed. The clutch is especially useful when you are wearing an evening gown and holding it in your hands. You should not choose clutch-type bags if you have large wrists, unattractive fingers, broken nails, etc. If this is the case, I would choose the shoulder bag.

A diagonal belt between the breasts emphasizes the “cross-body” bag. This type is not suitable for women with small or large breasts.

Rule #6. Security

Bags are used primarily to hold staff. Therefore, the bag should not only be stylish and fashionable but also reliable. My usual question is: what will I carry in this bag? Choosing a bag with an open top is appropriate if the answer is PC, books, and magazines. The situation will change, however, if you also intend to carry a purse. Unwanted situations may arise when a bag is left open.

Rule #7. Honesty

With time, if it does not work for you, the love will most likely disappear if you fall in love with the bag at first sight. I have made what I call “false investments” several times and I have learned how to avoid them. Take everything from your old bag, such as your purse, keys, mobile phone, IPAD, snacks, make-up, perfume, etc., and see how it fits in the new bag before buying it. Think about what is important to you.

Could the bag have an internal pocket for documents, make-up, a phone, etc.? How often and how will you remove the staff? Where will they be kept? Where will they be taken?

Rule #8. Color & Style

My articles about colors explain how color projects an important message to the outside world. Choose a bag whose color will match the majority of your clothing. Furthermore, determine how often you can use the bag and with what type of cloth. If you want to stick to neutral colors, I recommend black, grey, red, blue, and beige. Additionally, it should contribute to and harmonize your style.

In order to make an informed decision, you should take into consideration your wardrobe composition, personality type, and lifestyle. It is important to keep in mind that the main purpose of any handbag is to organize all the important items you need to carry with you. You shouldn’t show off about it in front of your friends or be jealous of it.

Is it Worth it to Buy a Designer Bag?

I frequently promote investment goods on my blog, such as a designer bag, because I believe that a well-priced item can completely transform your wardrobe. Although a bag’s high price tag (especially when used) can be scary, it often saves you money in the long run.

Designer Bag

While I do carry budget-friendly options on occasion, I like to invest in styles that I know will be used for many years to come. Designer purses, of course, are more durable, make an outfit look more polished and expensive, and keep their worth better.

As a result, they’re completely worth the money. If you’re on the fence about making your first purchase, I’ll answer a common question that will perhaps help you make your decision: why do I buy designer handbags.

Which is Better Celine or Chanel?

Chanel is a timeless classic. A Chanel bag is instantly recognizable and exudes an aura of timeless beauty and elegance wherever it goes. Chanel bags are not only extremely popular but they are also regarded as a wardrobe staple among collectors of luxury handbags.

Despite standing the test of time, Chanel’s style has remained relatively unchanged over the years. While some feel Chanel caters to an older demographic, it also enjoys a following among the fashion-conscious millennials. Classic Chanel bags indicate that a unique blend of simplicity and charm is a design lover’s must-have, from their trademark quilted exterior to their stunning and distinguishing “C” hardware.

Celine is a re-imagined classic that is contemporary, fashionable, and edgy. While Celine appears to be oriented towards a younger demographic than Chanel, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t appeal to older women as well—all of the classic handbag basics are available. Celine has a way of fusing timeless designer staples with fresh punches of originality and creative details that perfectly spice up any wardrobe.

Minimalistic silhouettes, versatile in design and function, and always on-trend, Celine has a way of fusing timeless designer staples with fresh punches of originality and creative details that perfectly spice up any wardrobe.

We were perplexed when asked to compare the styles of the two handbag designers at first. (“Who could possibly compete with Chanel?”) But what if you could have the best of all worlds by combining classic must-haves with modern details? Celine, without a doubt, comes out on top.

Is MK Out of Style?

On his blog, industry expert Robin Lewis writes that widespread popularity is the “kiss of death for trendy fashion brands, particularly those positioned in the up-market younger consumer sectors,”  Michael Kors, according to Lewis, is comparable to Tommy Hilfiger, who peaked in the late 1990s.

Michael Kors is an aspirational brand, with customers willing to pay a premium for the label. It is no longer regarded as cool once everyone has the product.

Juicy Couture, Jordache, and Coach are among the brands that have experienced this phenomenon.

Michael Kors also has numerous brands at various price points, which Lewis believes is a risky tactic. Kors has three distinct brands: a high-end department store brand, a middle-market brand, and a bargain outlet shop brand.

He writes, “Some would argue all of those segments will simply end up competing with each other, thus cannibalizing the top end of the spectrum,”

To put it another way, customers will not pay $300 for a Michael Kors bag in a department shop when they can purchase one for half the price at an outlet mall.

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