Choose best handbag to match with outfit

How to Pair your Outfits with Handbags

How to Pair your Outfits with Handbags

When you go out, you don’t have to carry a hundred handbags to look stylish. The key is to have a few standout handbags that you can wear with a variety of outfits, from casual to elegant. You can’t be stopped when your handbag and outfit match.

Pair your Outfits with Handbags

Tips to Pair your Outfits with Handbags

Fit the Occasion 

Let’s break down a few outfits by the event.

Shopping: When we’re at the mall dressed in casual sneakers, shorts/jeans, and t-shirts, we love to use an oversized duffle or hobo bag. It’s practical and cute.

Summer: Tote bag is the perfect companion to your favorite summer dress and sandal combo. The clean lines of this bag will let you focus on the flowing beauty of your dress.

Office: Practicality and power are the watchwords in the office. If you wear a tailored pantsuit, you’ll want a structured bag. The bag also looks great with a high-waisted skirt and cardigan combo.

Night Out: Whether you’re wearing a cocktail dress or a long gown, you want to carry a formal and dressy clutch or a miniature bag. It’s definitely not the time for an over-the-shoulder bag. 

Outfits with Handbags


Next, take into account your body type when pairing outfits and handbags. Just as you wear different clothes depending on your body type, you should buy different purses. You can use some bags to counterbalance your curves or add curves depending on what you need. This article discusses the different types of handbags for different body types.

Pear-Shaped: You should avoid hip-length bags if you carry most of your weight on your hips. You don’t want your handbag to draw the eye to the part of your body you don’t want it to go, your hips. Make your slim middle the focal point of all your attention instead by choosing a bag that reaches your waist.

Busty: You should avoid saddlebags if you have a large bust. Your cleavage will only be further enhanced by these handbags. 

Curvaceous: Consider a long, slim bag if you have all the right curves in all the right places. A long bag will make you appear slim and taller, especially if you are short and curvy. Consider a bag with a low-hanging strap if you’re tall and curvy.

Petite: If you have a petite figure, you don’t want a bag that will swallow you whole. Bags with long straps or fringes could overpower an outfit. 

Tall & Slim: You want a bag that is the opposite of tall and slim if you are tall and slim. To counterbalance your physique, choose rounded and oversized bags. No matter what, you should avoid long, slim bags.

Pair your Outfits with Handbags

Fabric and Color

Coordinating your clothes with your handbags is the final step. What is a reasonable amount of matching? If your bag, shoes, and dress all look like they were made from the same fabric, then you will look like a grandma. Matching without clashing is the key. What’s the best way to do it? 

Vary the Color: Choose colors that are just a little bit different when matching your shoes and bag to your outfit. When wearing a gorgeous fire-engine red dress, pick shoes and a handbag that is either slightly darker or lighter so your reds don’t clash.

Change the Material: Don’t wear the same material as your dress. Choose a synthetic leather purse if your dress has a silky fabric.

Mix Patterns: Making a big statement by mixing patterns is okay. Don’t pair one type of leopard print with a different, but a similar one.

Pair your Outfits with Handbags

How to Pair Your Outfits with Handbags?

Everyone wants to be on the cutting edge of fashion. A handbag could be the ideal complement. The majority of women have many handbags that they use for various events and color schemes. However, some women may not match their bags to their outfits. So I did some research to see how important it is for your purse to match your outfit.

Pair your Outfits with Handbags

Is it necessary for your purse to match your outfit? Your handbag choice is determined by your lifestyle, but it should reflect your particular style and personality rather than simply match the clothes you’re wearing.

Color matching is a difficult skill to learn for anyone. Choosing a purse that goes with your shoes, for example, can be challenging. Fortunately, there are many economical and attractive handbag manufacturers (such as Michael Kors Handbags) to choose from! Knowing which handbag is right for you can help you step up your fashion game.

Does Your Handbag Have to Match Your Outfit?

Clothes and bags work together to create that ‘it’ appearance, which is a no-brainer style secret. A good bag, no matter how nice your clothing or other accessories are, is the perfect finishing touch. So, if you want to take your style to the next level, you’ll need to pick your bag carefully to match your clothing.

Pair your Outfits with Handbags

Consider the following factors while choosing a handbag:

  • The setting of your outfit
  • The patterns in your outfit
  • If you outfit is casual or formal

What you wear and which bag you carry with it depends first and foremost on the occasion: office, shopping, casual, dressy, formal, semi-formal, informal, gala, red carpet.

Large bags, on the whole, exude a soothing vibe, whilst compact bags exude refinement. As a result, large bags are appropriate for informal wear whereas compact purses are appropriate for formal wear.

Too much matching between your outfits and your luggage is bad for your style! The actual challenge is to get it perfect without looking like a monochrome mannequin.

With their unique style quotient, bags say a lot. Allow your bag to bring its own subtle elegant message of resonance to your outfit if you want to make a style statement. This is how it goes.

Clutches made of leather are timeless. The glitz and glam of crystal-studded handbags are undeniable. Hobos are amusing. Bags with studs are edgy. Satchels and totes are useful items. Cross-body purses are a fun way to carry your belongings. Make a decision about the look you wish to achieve. Carry the bag that echoes it as well.

One important basic rule to follow is to always wear one neutral color. The majority of the time, consumers match their purses to their shoes.

If you’re wearing grey shoes, go for a bag with bright colors or patterns. An outfit with a lot of solid colors can be quickly lightened up with a textured or brightly colored bag.

Another rule is to select your luggage in accordance with the event. For corporate attire, a stiff purse is appropriate. This design is appropriate for the workplace and gives you more options for dressier bags.

Additionally, you should usually avoid wearing a rigid purse with a more casual look. If you choose to dress in informal or flowing clothing, your purse should complement your outfit. For this sports ensemble, this purse is excessively boxy and inflexible.

How to Match Your Handbag with Your Outfit?

You must first select the occasion for which you are clothing. Office, shopping, red carpet, formal, and other events are among them.

Pair your Outfits with Handbags

How to coordinate your purse with any ensemble:

  • Choose bags that bring out your natural beauty and the positives in your wardrobe decision by choosing colours that complement each other.

You’ll notice that large bags exude a calm vibe, whilst compact purses typically exude sophistication. This is why, while attending a formal event, you should bring a tiny handbag.

Black handbags match well with dark and/or dramatic hues. ‘Improvisation’ may be the most important rule of today’s fashion. It could be tacky depending on the tone and form of the shoes, but it could also look fine. You can wear the brown belt with a different colored shoe if the purse is black.

If it’s a formal affair, wear black; if it’s a less formal event, wear something bright, like a white blazer. But, most importantly, it depends on how you feel. Also, if it makes you uncomfortable, don’t use it.

You can wear a printed bag with black and white outfits if the bag and the garments have a similar color palette. If you’re wearing a black dress, for example, you can carry a leopard-print bag with white, black, or even cream tones.

A basic solid-colored handbag is also an option. If you choose this option, you’ll be able to experiment with different colors to add an unexpected splash of color.

The guidelines appear to be different for brown, cream, and navy-colored clothes. Various colors of brown and blue are excellent ebony alternatives on weekdays when you need a neutral color but don’t want to wear black. Match these colors with yellow, green, and purple-colored handbags for work.

For a maritime look in the spring, match your graphic navy and blue striped blouses and skirts with a turquoise or kelly green straw handbag and brown slacks, or with a red leather bag and jeans.

If you’re aiming to look fresh for spring with pastel-colored clothing, you can follow a different set of criteria. Light blue, lavender, soft pink, and lime green are examples of pastel colors. Handbags in taupe, white, camel, and charcoal grey go well with these colors.

Carry a little eggshell or metallic silver purse with a pink pair of pants and a green blouse for an evening out with friends to balance the pastel combo beautifully.

Your purse, like your attire, should aid to highlight your assets while drawing attention away from any flaws. In other words, the shape and length of your purse should balance out your curves.

For those who adore leather bags, there is good news. Leather for handbags is versatile and goes with a wide range of clothing fabrics. Summer styles benefit from soft leather bags, while winter trends benefit from heavy structured leather bags. So now you know how the divas manage to get their bags and costumes so spot-on.

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