Travel Essentials

Travel Essentials for Women

Travel Essentials for Women

Isn’t it amazing how quickly your boyfriend or husband can pack a suitcase? Yet here you are, months later, still attempting to finish your packing list for a trip you planned months ago! Being a woman and packing light are two things that just don’t go together.

But here’s the truth: you won’t miss it if you don’t have it. We’ve compiled a list of the top travel needs for women below to keep you on track (along with some of our favourite product recommendations).

Women’s top travel essentials

We’ll keep you comfortable and elegant throughout your vacation, as well as cover any potential travel emergencies and manage your luggage. Are you ready to hear our essentials list?

  1. Hardshell Carry-On Suitcase – A robust suitcase with wheels is one of the most crucial items for ladies. You don’t want to be hauling a hefty duffle bag around on your shoulders.

Hardshell baggage is necessary and sturdy for women who travel.

Try this Samsonite or this Amazon Basics suitcase, both of which come in a variety of sizes and colours. We like these solutions because they are inexpensive and will last a few years. Tumi sells higher-quality luggage that keep up well for a greater price if you don’t mind splurging a little.

In her backpack, a woman carries her trip essentials.

If you prefer to carry your belongings in a backpack, we’ve got you covered. The Osprey Fairview is a 40-liter backpack designed specifically for women. Check out our top trekking brands in this blog post!

Never be concerned about loosing your luggage! Attach a tracker device, such as this one, to your bag so you can track it using a GPS-based app. It’s also easy to locate your bag on the conveyor belt.

  1. Classic Leather Tote Bag – Another must-have travel accessory for women! Choose something light, airy, and neutral (can go with any of your outfits). This brown leather tote bag is ideal for sightseeing, with plenty of room for all your belongings!

Organize your tote bag with packing cubes

Traveling to Paris or another pickpocket hotspot? Instead, bring an anti-theft bag! RFID blocking and lockable zippering are both included in this crossbody purse. The Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Backpack, which incorporates RFID blocking and slash-resistant straps, is also a good option.

  1. EzPacking Clear Packing Cubes – These adorable rectangular pouches keep you organised and keep your bag from becoming a disaster! They are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from exceptionally small to huge. Separate tops, bottoms, delicates, toiletries, and more with these packing cubes. The smaller cubes can even be used to keep your tote bag tidy and organised!

Women’s essential travel organisers: lilac packing cubes

Here are the various sizes of cubes and how you can use them to organise your travel items:

Extra Small Cube – The perfect TSA-approved clear toiletry bag is this size cube. It’s the perfect size for packing your travel-size amenities and gliding through airport security like a pro!

The TSA considers a toiletries bag to be essential travel gear for women.

Small Cube – Fill this size cube with your underwear, socks, and bras! This pouch can also be used as a makeup or electronics organiser.

In a little packing cube, keep your underwear organised.

Shirts, tank tops, blouses, skirts, and leggings should be packed in the medium cube.

Inside the medium cube, there are casual tops and dresses.

Large Cube – Ideal size cube for jeans, sweaters, and more formal apparel.

Women’s jeans in a large packing cube

  1. Slip-ons from Dr. Scholl’s are a requirement! – Are you looking for something stylish, charming, and comfortable? If you’re going to be wandering around a new city, you’ll definitely need these. Keep the wedges for formal occasions.

Comfortable slip-ons for women on the go

Dr. Scholls’ charming Slip On Sneakers are ideal for lengthy hikes and sightseeing in the city, and they go with practically any outfit. They’re soft, comfortable, and provide superb arch support. Take a look at all of their neutral colour choices!

Traveling woman’s shoe essentials

Bring an additional pair (or two) of shoes in addition to your “everyday shoes.” Perhaps a pair of fancy booties for supper and going out at night, and a pair of comfortable sandals for trips to warmer climates. To keep your shoes apart from your garments, put them in shoe bags.

  1. Quip Electric Toothbrush – A step up from a standard toothbrush while being portable and compact. It even includes a travel case that can be used as a stand and mirror mount. The Extra Small Cube, EzPacking’s smallest packing cube, fits this handy toothbrush flawlessly.

  1. AINIMOER Compact Travel Wallet – A mini wallet is a must-have for travellers. Remove all of your birthday gift cards and only bring the cards you’ll need for the vacation. This AINIMOER Travel Wallet also features RFID blocking capabilities.

  1. Clear Toiletry Suitcase – Essential when travelling with only a carry-on bag or if you want to freshen up on the plane! To make passing through airport security a breeze, you’ll need a TSA-approved transparent toiletries bag. You can fit all of your essentials in this bag (including the 3 oz liquids) and be on your way.

  1. Cosmetic Essentials Pouch – Keep all of your makeup essentials organised and in one place with this clear makeup bag. Because this pouch is clear, you’ll have no trouble finding what you’re looking for! To keep your luggage light, choose travel-size makeup. Also, instead of liquids, bring powders, multipurpose goods (like tints), and cosmetics in a variety of hues!

Women’s travel essentials in a clear makeup bag

  1. Keychain with a Safety Alarm – Traveling alone? It’s always a good idea to have an alarm on you, whether you’re alone or not. With the push of a button, this personal safety alarm keychain emits a loud sound, instantly scaring away possible assailants. You can keep it in your purse or attach it to your bag or keys.

Personal safety alarm in a woman’s bag

It’s also a good idea to pack pepper spray. Simply pack it in your checked suitcase, as TSA does not allow it in carry-on luggage. Knives and multipurpose tools are also prohibited in carry-on luggage. Check out this website for more information on the TSA’s sharp object guidelines.

During a trip, a woman takes a photo with her smartphone camera.

  1. You’ll need an adapter cable and a portable charger – For a full day of sightseeing, there simply isn’t enough battery juice (and picture taking). To keep all of your electronics running during the day, you’ll need a portable charger. This power bank is adorable and comes in a variety of colours. When you’re going out for the entire day, this is quite useful!

Make sure you bring your small adapter cord if you have a newer version of the iPhone. For those “just in case you lose it” days, here’s a pack of two adaptor cables.

Ladies’ power bank

  1. BOSE Noise Cancelling Headphones – Definitely an investment, but they are the best headphones you’ll ever own. These may be used to block out all undesirable noises and can even be connected via Bluetooth! Get these as soon as possible as a favour to yourself.

During travel, a woman wears Bose headphones.

  1. TRTL Neck Pillow – If you can’t manage to fall asleep on the plane, it’s time to invest in a neck pillow that actually works! This one from TRTL is great since it keeps your neck from becoming stuck in an awkward position. It’s also unobtrusive; no one will suspect you’re wearing a pillow because it looks like a regular scarf!

For ladies, a travel neck cushion is a must-have.

  1. Multi-Functional Pashmina Shawl – Let’s see how many different ways a pashmina can be used: We could go on…as a beach coverup, a picnic blanket, to keep you warm throughout the journey… This useful but lightweight item is a must-have for any lady’s travel pack. Choose a shawl made of high-quality pashmina, such as this one. If you intend on packing largely neutrals, you can even choose a vibrant design to spice up your clothes.

Traveling Pashmina Shawl

  1. Little Black Dress – Do you have a go-to dress that makes you feel amazing? Perhaps we’ll have to look for one! Bring a flattering black dress like this one that you can dress up or down with the right shoes and jewellery. You’ll need a versatile garment that can be worn several times. For a “day out” look, add a jean jacket and slip-on sneakers, or a “night out” look, add a leather jacket, booties, and a long necklace.

The maxi dress is a must-have for women on the go.

  1. Scrunchies, Hair Ties / Headband – Unless you’re wearing your hair in a pixie cut, bring some products to keep your hair out of your face. Do you have a lot of hair? Your best buddies are scrunchies and hair ties. If your hair is short to medium length, bring bobby pins or a creative headband to keep it in place.

When travelling, hair ties are useful for keeping hair out of the way.

  1. Collapsible Water Bottle – This collapsible water bottle is perfect for on-the-go. It holds one litre and may be folded into a little package when not in use. After passing through airport security, fill it with water. Bring it with you for a day of sightseeing, hiking, or simply strolling around town.

Women’s best travel water bottle

  1. Cheap Travel Sunglasses – You might not want to bring your good sunglasses you got for your birthday last year when you’re travelling. That’s why bringing a “cheap, travel version” that you don’t mind losing or scratching is always a good idea. For a terrific price, try these lovely Rose Gold hues.

Women’s travel essentials: low-cost sunglasses

  1. ALBA Facial/Body Wipes – Refresh your skin after a long travel or a day of sightseeing! For all-day use, try these fragrant Pineapple Body Wipes.

Traveling facial wipes

Lumify Redness Reliever Eye Drops by Bausch + Lomb – Long flights, dry airline air, and lack of sleep can leave you with ugly red, inflamed eyes. A few drops of this redness reliever eye drop will help restore the brightness and whiteness of your eyes!

  1. Oil Blotting Paper (Travel Size) – These are a little more expensive than Clean and Clear, but they work just as well.
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