Size of Eyelash Extensions

How Do you Know What Size Eyelash Extensions to Get?

How Do you Know What Size Eyelash Extensions to Get?

Although you might want Kardashian-level lashes, your eyes may not be able to handle them. In the long run, too long or too thick lashes can actually damage your lashes, so make sure your extensions aren’t too much longer or thicker than your natural lashes.

You shouldn’t worry-a licensed lash specialist will help you make the right decision for your lashes, including what type of material you should get, like synthetic mink or silk. Mink is usually more expensive, feels softer, and looks more natural; however, synthetics, which are highly customizable, can also look and feel natural, and can cost as much or more than mink.

The process of applying lash extensions is simple but important. It is essential to isolate each natural lash before applying the extension. Once a natural lash has been isolated the extension is selected from what we call a lash tray. It is dipped in the adhesive, not to little or it won’t adhere but not to much or you will likely glue lashes together.

Then the extension is placed on top (or sometimes to the bottom) of the natural lash. Position is also important, you don’t want the lash to cure laying at an angle. When it comes to density, curl, and length of your extensions, you will want to work with your beautician to determine which is the best option for you. 

Can I wear Makeup to my Eyelash Extension Appointment?

Not at all. You should arrive at your appointment with a clean face and no makeup on your eyes. This means no eyeshadow, eyeliner, or mascara. Make sure to wash your face before applying your extensions if you have anything on your lids or lashes.

Can I shower with my Eyelash Extensions?

The answer is yes, but not until 24 hours have passed since your appointment. After getting lashes, you can shower as long as you don’t get the lashes wet or stay in the steam for too long.

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