Hourglass Dress Styles

9 Gorgenous Hourglass Dress Styles You Need to Know

9 Gorgenous Hourglass Dress Styles You Need to Know

The hourglass figure is praised for its sexiness by those who don’t have to dress it! It’s not easy to locate the correct hourglass dress styles. Having an hourglass figure becomes enjoyable and fashionable if you know where to start looking and which shapes would best display your shape. You have the curves. It’s time to start learning how to use them.

Quintessential Long Dress Styles
Quintessential Long Dress Styles

Types of Dresses for the Hourglass Shape Dresses

It’s difficult to find clothes that fit an hourglass figure. Do you have a hard time finding items that fit properly? Is it too tight across the chest, too loose across the waist, and too tight across the hips? Knowing which dresses to wear for different events and occasions will help you look your best at all times.

 Ball gown Dress

Ball gowns are ideal for those with an hourglass form. The fitting bodice fits the waist and bustline, while the wide, flared skirt accentuates the hips’ flair. The hourglass body is slender as a result of this.

Mermaid Dress

The mermaid silhouette embracing the chest, waist, and hips skims the body’s curves. The mermaid dress widens out at the knees to give it a distinct form. The mermaid silhouette clings all of your curves, emphasizing your hourglass figure and small waist. The flare at the end adds a playful element of beauty.

A-line Dress

An hourglass figure is well-suited to the traditional A-line style. It fits snugly around the waist before flaring out wide to give an A shape. This style still accentuates the hourglass figure, but it isn’t tight or form-fitting. With this A-line skirt dress silhouette, a sweetheart neckline looks especially good on the hourglass figure.

Peplum Dress

On an hourglass figure, the extra fabric flare of a peplum dress is nicely exhibited. Peplum dresses have a sheath-like fit all over. The extra ruffle helps to slim the waist, which is a terrific way to highlight those hourglass curves.

Hourglass Wrap Dress

The wrap dress appears to be tailored to the hourglass figure. This dress shape emphasises the waist while also offering definition in the bustline area, allowing you to make the most of your curves. Wrap dresses also hug your hips a little to highlight the curvature. In other words, if you have a voluptuous hourglass figure, this dress should be your go-to. The wrap dress is the perfect way to show it off, and luckily, wrap dresses are a timeless style that never goes out of style. You can’t go wrong with this dress, which is suitable for a variety of occasions and special occasions. This is one of the nicest dresses for your body type, especially if you have an hourglass figure.

Hourglass Shirt dress

The shirt dress is a loose-fitting dress with a straight style that skims past your curves and is designed to look like a long shirt. When you add a belt, though, the dress takes on a completely another look. Your sculpted waist is now highlighted, and you’re able to show off your amazing shape. The shirt dress’s loose fit is comfy, and it offers a lovely, casual style. Shirt dresses are typically made of soft, well-fitting fabric. This dress is ideal for an hourglass form when worn with a belt.

Fit and flare Hourglass dress

The hourglass figure is accentuated by the fit and flare dress. It has a waistband that fits snugly around your waist and widens out from the hips to accentuate your natural contours. The focus is on the fitting waist, which is precisely the portion of your body you want to draw attention to in order to highlight your figure. This dress’s flaring skirt also hides your upper thighs and backside. On an hourglass figure, rounded necklines are appealing.

Sheath Hourglass Dress

The hourglass body offers the clinging sheath dress style, which was designed to hug curves. When you’re ready to flaunt your curves, slip into a sheath. A sheath dress in a longer length with a jacket is a terrific professional outfit. This is a beautiful dress for date night or a night out with girlfriends because it shows off the bustline and your fuller hips in a shorter length with shoes. A bodycon dress is a form-fitting sheath that works well as a cocktail dress or a party dress.

Tube Hourglass Dress

Because it’s structured like a tube, the form-fitting, strapless tube dress fits your body like a glove. This dress hugs your curves all over to show them off to their full potential. This is a fantastic casual dress that looks fantastic on hourglass figures. It’s a flattering dress for voluptuous ladies, and the tight cut gives you a little extra support, which is always a plus.

The Hourglass Body Shape

So you’ve taken the effort to figure out your body type and learned that you have the much-desired hourglass figure. So, what’s next?

Understanding your body type is a crucial step in developing your personal style. It can help you figure out what silhouettes to wear, which styles to avoid or adjust, and how to put together a wardrobe full of items you enjoy wearing on a regular basis.

This will be your all-in-one guide to clothing your hourglass figure and showcasing those lovely curves.

Hourglass Body Shape

What is an Hourglass Body Shape?

The hourglass body shape is defined by a nearly equal bust and hip measurement, as well as a small waistline with your body’s thinnest point at the natural waistline. These measures might work in your favor or against you, so let’s look at how to assemble a wardrobe, which styles are most flattering, and styling ideas to help you feel more confident in your form.

Characteristics of an Hourglass Body Shape

The hourglass body form is attractive and curvaceous, with certain distinct features. Your full-frame may have curvier thighs and more rounded borders than the other body types.

For the most flattering and balanced outfits, your garments should be fitting in the chest, hips, and waist. For added comfort and shape definition, you may need to wear clothing with stretch.

And your thin waist is one of the most prominent features of the hourglass feminine body. Wear pieces that draw attention to your small waistline and provide definition from the breast to the waist and the waist to the hips.

General Guidelines on What to wear? What not to wear?

Wearing garments with clean lines and/or a defined silhouette to balance your shape is the finest thing you can do for the female hourglass. Consider the following example:

What to Wear?

  • Wear a pencil skirt with a blazer that is just fitting enough in the breast and hips, or leave it free to show off your waist.
  • For a proportioned look, choose dresses that are snug at the waist yet flow gently out through the chest and hips. For easy wins, choose gowns that are fitting or slightly tapered.
  • Wear a pencil skirt with a tucked-in fitting blouse or top.
  • On this body type, a fitted or tight wrap dress is always flattering.

What Not to Wear?

  • Crop shirts with a lot of room can make you look bigger.
  • Pleats and gathers accentuate your hips and give you a bottom-heavy look.
  • Clothing with no shape: Dresses with no shape, such as tent dresses or boxy shift dresses, can disguise your curves and make you appear stocky.

Embracing Your Natural Shape

The most attractive clothing for this body type is determined by the contour of your natural silhouette.

And we want to work with, not against, your hourglass figure. This means that when we get dressed, we play to our body’s strengths and take into account our proportions.

The most common stumbling block I see hourglass forms face is not accepting their curves. Under layers, untucked tops, and boxy styles, they try to hide them. This will make you appear broader and, as a result, less confident in your personal style choices.

Hourglass Body Shape Style “Rules”

  • Invest in good shapewear, bras, or wardrobe support in general. It’s crucial to have support and feel comfortable in your clothes when you have a large bust and wide hips. Without a decent bra, your natural waist can become less defined, adding width to your entire appearance.
  • Avoid loose-fitting garments with no defined waist. If you don’t draw attention to your waist, your bust and hips will take centre stage, making you appear much wider than you are.
  • Don’t be afraid to flaunt your curves. Accepting your body shape is an important part of dressing your best self. For distinctive styling and clothing inspiration, look to style icons with similar body shapes.
  • Make your waistline more defined. The thin waistline is one of the most stunning features of the hourglass body type. In all of your clothes, this should be underlined and defined. To attract emphasis to your waist, use belts or fitting clothes, or darker colour accents around your waist.
  • For a lengthening effect, use strategic lines. The hourglass body shape has all the proper curves, but due to the width of your hips and shoulders, you may wish to prolong your silhouette with strategically placed visual lines.
  • Make sure vertical stripes aren’t too big or bold if you’re wearing something with them. For an hourglass body form, they should be thin and slender.
Hourglass Dress

The Hourglass Body Shape: Building a Wardrobe 

Necklines for the Hourglass Body Shape

The following is a list of necklines that flatter the hourglass figure. We must consider dimensions, emphasis, and outfit goals while dealing with a larger bust and smaller waist. Do you want to appear voluptuous and playful, or should you go for a more business casual look? Your lifestyle and clothing objectives are critical considerations that should not be disregarded.

It’s also crucial not to obstruct your natural silhouette by wearing necklines that offer you a wider visual appearance. V necks are a wonderful option since they provide a visual vertical indication. When people look at your attire, they look at it from top to bottom, and the V-neck draws their eye vertically rather than horizontally.

Low necklines are appealing if they don’t reveal too much cleavage, and you can balance them out with high-waisted trousers or a shirt tucked in for added coverage. It’s all about striking the right balance.

The boatneck style can be flattering on this body shape if you require more coverage and want to hide your breast. But it’s preferable if it’s made of a stretchy fabric that can embrace your bust and waist. Otherwise, it may enlarge your shoulders too much. Remember, it’s all about balance; even a fully covered bust requires definition, which is where fabric selection comes in.

The turtleneck or high neck silhouette is another choice for coverage. Just make sure it’s well-fitting (stretch fabric). If it’s sleeveless, make sure the armholes don’t scoop towards the center of your body, as this can inadvertently widen your shoulders.

Best Necklines for the Hourglass Body Shape

  • V-neck
  • Scoop
  • Sweetheart
  • Sweetheart
  • Turtleneck/high neck (watch the fit with this one)
  • Various necklines are available, depending on the fit.

To ensure that these necklines achieve your aesthetic goals, pay attention to the material and your particular proportions.

  • Queen Anne
  • Off-the-shoulder
  • Halter Strap
  • Crewneck
  • Boatneck

Sleeves for the Hourglass Body Shape

One of our goals when talking about the hourglass body shape is to balance out the visible lines and stretch the body. There are many curves and horizontal lines, and sleeves might help to add a vertical aspect to your ensemble. Fitted sleeves, usually in a full sleeve or 3/4 length, are the easiest to pull off.

Shorter sleeves and sleeveless tops can also work, but we want something that is closer to the body and doesn’t emphasize your shoulders’ width.

Best sleeves for the Hourglass Body Shape

  • Full-length and 3/4-length sleeves are both flattering, but they should be fitted.
  • Cap sleeves are extremely flattering, especially if the armhole and hem are rounded.
  • Sleeveless tops are fantastic if the armholes don’t scoop in too far towards your body’s centre.
  • Sleeves that are fitted or “set-in” are particularly flattering.
  • Because of the fitting cuffs that provide the sleeve an apparent finishing point, bishop sleeves are ideal for the hourglass figure.
  • Wide sleeves, such as bell sleeves and flutter sleeves, as well as anything with a lot of cascading volume, should be avoided. This gives the hourglass shape a top-heavy appearance.

Also, dolman sleeves should be avoided since they can create too much volume near your breast line. Furthermore, their supply line can make you appear shapeless.

When it comes to dressing for an hourglass shape (or anybody type), there is no “one size fits all,” so analyze your figure’s strengths and limitations and work with what you’ve got!

Shirt Styles and Tops for the Hourglass Body Shape

Fitted shirts will be your go-to style because the hourglass body shape has visual width in the bust and hip area.

Larger embellishments, such as shoulder epaulets, ruffles, or other bulky structural aspects that draw attention to your bust, shoulders, or hips, should be avoided. Strong diagonal lines or patterns that hide or distract from your waist should also be avoided.

Tops with belts, wrap tops, and peplum shirts are all excellent choices. If you choose the peplum, make sure the flare meets your natural waist rather than above or below it.

Fitted button-down shirts look great on this body type because they provide structure to an otherwise soft, curving appearance. They’re also perfect if you’re looking for a more classic business casual look. 

Boxy or cropped t-shirts should be avoided (in general) because they tend to leave your waistline undefined.

The following are the most straightforward shirt silhouettes for the Hourglass body type:

  • Fitted Blouse
  • Fitted (stretch) tee or loosely fitted (still grazes all parts of body) t-shirt
  • Wrap top (avoid any with a lot of bulk)
  • Belted tops 
  • Peplum shirt
  • Fine knit sweaters : Avoid chunky knits or any knitwear that doesn’t nip in at waist
  • V-neck sweater (wears close to body) 
  • Fitted keyhole blouse 

Dress Silhouettes for the Hourglass Body Shape

Dresses are a simple style staple to have in your closet and a terrific way to show off your hourglass figure. You must be careful of your style goals for the clothing because of your curves. If you want to look business-casual, avoid wearing a flexible or excessively tight dress to the office.

Avoid any dress that does not define or highlight your waist in some way, as it will make you appear wider.

You should also consider where the volume falls on your body. Trumpet skirt dresses might make you look unbalanced by adding too much volume to your bottom half.

Dresses that suit your bust well while also elongating your waist will showcase your curves while also balancing your vertical line.

Best Dress Styles for Hourglass Body Shape

  • Bias cut: bias cut is how the fabric is cut (at a 45 degree angle instead of parallel to the selvage edge of the fabric). This creates fabric that hangs on curves very well.
  • Wrap dress
  • Vintage style dresses tend to be very easy for your to pull off (think 50’s era, not 60’s)
  • Fitted sheath dress
  • Fit and flare dress (watch the bottom volume with this one)
  • Corset or paneled waist 
  • Stretchy dresses (for a sexier look) 

Jumpsuits are also an excellent choice for the hourglass figure if they have a defined waist or can be easily belted.

Essential Accessories for the Hourglass Body Shape

Choosing the proper details and adding accessories to your dress may make or break your style.

Here are some hourglass-shaped accessory options:

  • Thin belts: Belts that are thin to medium in height will be your best friend. They’ll help define and enhance your small waist.
  • Pointed stilettos: To assist prolong your vertical line, pointed stilettos are a terrific choice. Nude pumps are extremely effective in lengthening the legs. Check out all of my visual style examples on how to look taller and slimmer, as well as all of the outfits that made me appear shorter, here.
  • Statement earrings: Because they attract the focus upwards to your face, statement earrings are a perfect choice for the hourglass form. This gives you a good vertical starting place.
  • Classic sneakers: Ankle strap shoes can be quite flattering, however they should be avoided if you have shorter legs. If you’re taller, classic sneakers (think keds) are ideal for an hourglass figure. If your legs are very svelte, a more open sandal or wedge may be preferable.
  • Heels and wedges: Any shoe that aids in the lengthening of your vertical line will aid in the balancing of your curves (especially when wearing something extremely form-fitting).

Things to Avoid Wearing with an Hourglass Body Shape

As I previously stated, these are not hard and fast rules, and they should be applied with caution. If you’re just starting to design your wardrobe for your body type, you might want to stay away from these goods for the time being.

  • Crossbody bags: When you wear a crossbody purse over your chest, it creates a distracting vertical line.
  • Thick belts: Avoid wearing thick belts (anything 1.75 inches or above) since they will make you look sliced up and will take away the curve from your bust to waist and waist to hip.
  • Too many layers: Layers add thickness to your outfit and disguise your waistline definition.
  • Overly embellished pieces: Pieces that are very decorated or have a lot of busy designs don’t naturally fit your shape. These goods will once again detract from your curves while also shortening your verticality.
  • Anything too boxy or straight: Anything boxy and straight, with the exception of a few pant types, will look like oil and vinegar on your curves.
  • Baggy styles: To master baggy garments with an hourglass form, you’ll need a lot of style and proportion understanding. So, in general, stay away from them.

FAQs – Hourglass Dress Styles

What is an hourglass figure?

What are the signs that you have an hourglass figure? The answer is most likely yes if you’re frequently labeled as curvaceous. You’ll need a tape measure to be sure. Take a measurement of the width of your shoulders and make a note of it. Do the same thing with your hips. You have an hourglass shape if the two measures are very near or equal, and you have a noticeable small waist with some definition. You may also have a larger upper body with a prominent bustline, wider hips, and a huge rear end area, all of which are frequent features of the hourglass shape.

What type of dress should an hourglass wear?

Dresses for the hourglass body shape should direct the focus to the waist without adding extra volume to the breast. Image result for Hourglass Dress Styles You Need to Know About Dresses with a nipped waist and a belt looks great. Wrap dresses are also fantastic because they produce a lovely silhouette, emphasize the waist, and contour the belly without being boxy.

Who are the Celebrities with an Hourglass Body Shape?

  • Marilyn Monroe
  • Cristina Hendricks
  • Salma Hayek
  • Raquel Welch
  • Beyonce 
  • Sofia Loren 

How should an hourglass dress look teen?

Short, tight skirts with busy patterns that bring emphasis to the hips should be avoided. Choose from a wide selection of gowns that flatter an hourglass figure. A dress with an empire waist skims over the hips while emphasizing the waist. A-line and wrap dresses are two other styles to consider.

Is the hourglass figure rare?

While an hourglass body shape is not impossible to achieve, it is uncommon. To get the hourglass body form, celebrities use the greatest personal trainers, pricey cosmetic surgeries, and shapewear.

Can you get fat with an hourglass figure?

‘You may be ultra-thin and still be unhealthy, or you can have an hourglass figure and still be fit and healthy.’ It’s all about our lifestyles and what we put into our bodies, as well as how we treat them.’ Many women are naturally able to handle additional weight around their hips, and many of them are content with the shape.

Do guys like hourglass figure?

Many straight men prefer women with an hourglass body, in which the woman’s waist is around 70% as wide as her hips, according to studies. It confirms that 0.7 is the average preferred waist-to-hip ratio, but it also demonstrates that personal preferences vary significantly.

Which body shape is best for females?

The male ideal is essentially an inverted pyramid with broad shoulders and a small waist, whereas the female ideal is an hourglass with a small waist-to-hip ratio.

What should hourglass shapes wear under dresses?

No matter what sort of clothing you’re wearing, you’ll need a supportive bra. Invest in nice bras that offer you lift and support where you need it, especially one strapless bra. Instead of relying on sports bras, look for bras with separate cups. While sports bras are supportive and comfy, they can smooth your bustline together and lack shape. Dresses won’t show up as well on your physique if your bustline isn’t defined.

Which support garments and shapewear work best for hourglass figures?

Shapewear can help you look better in dresses by smoothing out your silhouette. Choose something that cinches your waist and supports your bustline while fitting around your torso. It doesn’t matter if it’s a short one-piece or one with some back and thigh covering, as long as it’s a close, supportive fit all over. Put your shapewear to the test. Before you are stuck wearing it all night in a dress and heels, be sure you can wear it comfortably.

What is a bottom hourglass figure?

You have the general hourglass shape as a bottom hourglass however, your hip measures are somewhat larger than your bust. Form-fitting knits and dresses are likely to be recommended by stylists.

What neckline does not work for the hourglass?

Many necklines, particularly the plunging neckline, look wonderful on an hourglass figure. Some necklines, however, are unsuitable. This is a no-no since high, narrow necklines tend to make the hourglass body look top-heavy. High necklines are especially difficult to wear on hourglass figures. Wider necklines, such as the scoop and boat neck, have a similar impact. However, square, oval, and even scoop and V neck styles will look great.

How do you dress conservatively with an hourglass figure?

Even if you’re voluptuous, it’s possible to dress conservatively. Hemlines should be knee-length or longer. Choose a long-sleeved dress or layer with a jacket. A fitting blazer or a cropped jacket will look fantastic. You may also go for something with vertical stripes in a darker color, which would help to hide your curves.

Is it true that loose or flowy clothing flatters an hourglass figure?
Although loose, flowing clothing is more comfortable, it is not the best method to show off an hourglass figure. This will simply serve to conceal your waist and make you appear broader overall. You’ll want to wear clothes that draw attention to your waist.

Can someone with an hourglass figure wear shift dresses?

Shift dresses are a form of straight dress with no waist definition that hangs down the body. It’ll glide past the curves and entirely conceal the waist, which isn’t ideal for hourglass figures. Hiding your waist will just make you appear heavier rather than showcasing your shapely, voluptuous figure.

On an hourglass body, what clothes offer a relaxed look?
A printed wrap dress is a lovely casual outfit for any occasion. You can wear it with strappy sandals or flats and travel anyplace. Another nice casual option is sheath dresses.

What other clothing styles can hourglass body types wear?

Your hourglass form will always appear beautiful if you master a few style tip tactics. High necklines should be avoided. V-neck tops are constantly in style. In fact, any clothing that add volume to the neck or shoulder area should be avoided. Wide or ruffled sleeves should be avoided. On an hourglass body, fitted sleeves will look ideal. Both sleeveless and strapless outfits are acceptable.

When shopping for blouses and shirts, choose fitting tops. Belt your shirt if it’s a touch too big. Your secret weapon is a dark belt. This will help to define your waist and bring out your curves. Instead of boxy or straight coats, choose fitted ones that will squeeze the waist. Cropped jackets are very flattering on hourglass figures.

Look for high-rise pant styles that fit around the waist when buying trousers or jeans. Low-rise styles are unlikely to fit you properly and place the attention incorrectly. Pants come in a variety of styles, including skinny jeans types and slim fits. Straight leg, wide leg, and bootcut styles are all flattering on the hourglass figure.

Look for slimming skirt styles, such as pencil skirts, that hug the body. Flaring skirts are also a good choice. Straight styles, on the other hand, do not flatter the hourglass figure.

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