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32 Stylish Short Dress Styles You Should Know

32 Stylish Short Dress Styles You Should Know

What defines a short dress? You’re likely to get three different answers if you ask three distinct people. Is a midi dress considered short? What about shorter lengths, such as tea-length dresses? A short dress is defined as one that is at or above the knee in fashion terms. There are many various short dress styles to choose from within that category.

Types of Short Dresses

If the hem is taken up, many different sorts of dresses can be made into short dresses. Some dress styles, on the other hand, are always short or are frequently fashioned to be short. Which short dresses have you worn, and which will you try once you’ve learned more about the various types available?

A-Line Short Dress

An A-line dress is distinguished by a fitted bodice and a significantly broader skirt. This exquisite silhouette, which gained popularity in the 1950s, looks great on every figure, regardless of form or size. A-line dresses are a stylish choice for the office, especially when coupled with leather shoes and dangling earrings.

Asymmetrical Short Dress

Asymmetrical gowns are popular among fashionistas all around the world. A high-low dress is one of the most popular asymmetrical trend variations. While this is a traditional option, it is also one of the safest. Try a midi dress with an irregular hem and a deep thigh split if you want to look edgy or provocative.

Baby doll Short dress

In the classic short dress style, baby doll or babydoll dresses fall above the knee. The waist isn’t defined in this dress, and it fits a little loosely. Because this dress style is all about the legs, baby doll dresses usually have long sleeves and high necklines. The silhouette of baby doll dresses is more A-line.

Bandage Short dress

Though long bandage dress styles are available, most bandage dresses are knee-length or shorter. This style, which looks like thick tape wrapped around the body, was invented in the 1990s as a figure-hugging, form-flattering design. This is why the gown is known as a bandage gown.

Bell-Sleeve Short Dress

Bell-sleeve dresses are ideal for those who are inspired by 1970s fashion trends. A short hemline and a vibrant boho pattern, such as a bright floral print or paisley design, are required for this retro look.

Blazer Short dress

The blazer dress has the appearance of a long jacket, yet it is a charming short dress. Blazer dress styles are frequently mini dresses, making them extremely short. This is a really lovely casual outfit. Wear it with sneakers throughout the day or dress it up with heels for the evening.

Bodycon Short Dress

The bodycon dress, also known as a bodycon dress, is extremely form-fitting. In most designs, it hugs the body all over and ends at or just above the knee. Body con dresses are available in a variety of fabrics and with a variety of necklines and sleeve styles.

Cocktail Short Dress

Cocktail dresses come in a wide variety of styles and colors. The classic little black dress is frequently transformed into a cocktail gown. Any short dress that is appropriate as a semi-formal dress is referred to as a cocktail dress, and it is suitable for a variety of situations. The short skirt gives this dress a sexier vibe, making it ideal for a date night.

Denim Short Dress

The denim dress is a relaxed yet structured piece inspired by 1970s boho style. An A-line dress with a patchwork design and a frayed hem is the current denim dress trend. When wandering through a farmers market or enjoying a picnic on a Spring day, this outfit is ideal.

Halter Short Dress

The halter dress had its day in the spotlight in the early 2000s, but like much of the decade’s fashion trends, it’s quietly making a comeback. The sensual silhouette of the dress frequently draws attention to a woman’s shoulders and décolletage. Halter dresses are best worn in more relaxed situations, such as going to the beach or dancing with friends.

Long Sleeve short Dress

The perfect autumn look is a long-sleeved dress with an oversized sweater, sheer tights, and over-the-knee boots. When styled correctly, long sleeve dresses can also be worn in the spring and summer. For example, for warmer weather, a white A-line puff-sleeved mini dress might be perfect.

Mini Dress

A small dress is more than just a short gown. It’s a sleeveless dress. Minidresses usually end a few inches above the knee, revealing a lot of legs. This is not, however, the shortest option available. Micro mini dresses are even shorter, ending about halfway down the back. Here you can learn all about the various types of minidresses.

Off The Shoulder Short Dress

An off-the-shoulder dress is gently seductive and exposes just enough skin. This style has recently become popular and can be worn as a casual outfit. Choose a vegan leather off-the-shoulder little dress with long sleeves if you want to stay up with the fashionistas.

One Shoulder sHORT Dress

The one-shoulder dress, also known as the cold shoulder dress, is a versatile style with a sensual shape. When coupled with a linen blazer and leather loafers, this dress can even be worn to work.

Pencil Short Dress

A pencil dress, like the pencil skirt, is a sophisticated look best suited for those who appreciate sleek fashions. This should be regarded as a wardrobe classic because it goes with everything and can be worn anywhere, from the office to the bar.

Peplum Short Dress

Peplum dresses beautifully highlight curvy proportions with their snug fit and frilled waistlines. This style of dress is quite adaptable, and depending on the cut, it can seem sensual or classy. Choose a plunging black peplum dress with thin straps if you want to impress on a first date. Wear a long-sleeved, belted midi peplum dress in a beautiful jewel tone to a work meeting.

Pinafore Short Dress

Pinafore dresses have a style that is comparable to overalls or dungarees, making them fun and cute for little girls. While the pinafore may appear to be too youthful for ladies of a certain age, there are simple ways to make your pinafore look perfectly age-appropriate and fashionable.

Underneath this dress, a shirt or turtleneck is the customary style. Underneath a simple black pinafore, we recommend a ribbed long-sleeved white t-shirt. Gold hoop earrings, a black pebbled leather purse, and a pair of square toe snake print ankle boots complete the appearance. Instead of looking like a youngster on the playground, you’ll appear to be a Fashionista attending a New York Fashion Week event.

Pouf short Dress

Pouf dresses have a voluminous skirt and are usually composed of tulle or taffeta. For extra volume, this garment is frequently paired with a petticoat. Pouf dresses are generally worn to formal dances and other black-tie events.

Qipao Short Dress

Modern Qipao gowns are based on traditional Chinese gowns from the past. Both fashion magazines and well-known bloggers have recently highlighted the lovely clothing. While a little Qipao dress is gorgeous, opt for a sleeveless short dress with Chinese Jacquard fabric and a mandarin collar if you’re searching for something more formal.

Sheath Short Dress

The sheath dress is a timeless style that many consider a wardrobe essential. Sheath dresses are form-fitting and often end just below the knee. A sheath dress can have any neckline or sleeve length, but the most popular are strapless, strap, and cap sleeve versions. Sheath dress styles frequently feature boat neck and sweetheart necklines.

Shift Short Dress

Shift dresses are lovely and easy. This is a type of attire that can range from casual to semi-formal to formal to professional. To put it another way, it’s extremely adaptable. Shift dresses stop above the knee and have a straight fit down the body that is neither too loose nor too tight. This dress is sleeveless and does not have a defined waist.

Skater Short Dress

The skater dress was inspired by ice skaters’ traditional short, flared dresses. Despite its origins as athletic apparel, this has become a popular standard in women’s fashion. The bodice of the dress is fitted in this style, and the sleeves may be short, long, or none at all. Short and flared with a circular skirt pattern, the skirt is usually mini-length and a few inches above the knee. This dress is frequently made of light, airy fabric.

Slip Short dress

Slip dress styles resemble slips, the light layer worn beneath a dress. Slip dresses are frequently composed of satin, silk, or another thin fabric. Slip dresses are often sleeveless with spaghetti straps and end just above the knee. They’re frequently decorated with lace trim and are designed to be loose-fitting but still close to the body.

Smock Short Dress

While smock dresses are typically linked with Victorian-era children, this style is increasingly popular among ladies of all ages. Petites, on the other hand, maybe afraid to wear voluminous clothing since it can overpower a smaller frame. Choose a smock dress with a shorter hemline to solve this problem. To lengthen your legs, pair the breezy combination with wedge sandals.

Strapless Short Dress

Find a strapless dress with a square neckline and a fitted bodice to correctly pull off the strapless dress style. A satin strapless midi dress with a pleated skirt is ideal for formal occasions. Try a jersey knit bandeau maxi dress with ruched embellishments for an everyday look.

Sweater Short dress

Sweater dress styles are knit designs that hug all of the body’s curves. Sweater dresses are designed to seem like long sweaters, with long sleeves and high necklines. They usually end above the knee. The sweater dress will fit snugly everywhere due to the knit material and the way it is fashioned.

Swing Short dress

The swing dress is one of the most well-known short dress styles, despite the fact that many people have no idea what it’s called. A fitted bodice and short sleeves or a sleeveless design are typical of this kind of dress. The circular skirt flares out from the hips and has a defined waist. The hem falls just above or below the knee. The swing dress is a longer variation of the skater dress, which is a tiny or micro-mini dress.

T-shirt Short dress

The T-shirt dress is designed to resemble a large, long T-shirt, making it a fun and informal mini dress. You can make a T-shirt dress out of any standard long T-shirt, but several fashion designers have capitalized on the trend by charging a lot of money for something that looks precisely the same. Isn’t high fashion entertaining?

Tent Short dress

Tent dresses are big, flowing dresses that wrap around the body. Typically, these dresses are worn as short summer dresses. To get an airy, billowy look, they’re usually composed of lightweight cloth. Sleeveless or short-sleeved tent dresses are common.

Tube Short Dress

The tube dress, like slip dresses, is a late-90s trend that is making a comeback. Many people may be concerned about their appearance, afraid that the dress would appear dated. A solid-color tube dress with a hemline that falls just below the knee, on the other hand, will always appear sophisticated and classic.

Tunic Short dress

Long tunics are the inspiration for tunic dresses. They have long sleeves, a high neckline, and a short length that ends above the knee. Tunic dresses feature a looser fit below the waist and include side slits to display more legs. Because of how it’s designed, this style gives the impression of longer legs.

Wrap Short Dress

In the 1970s, legendary designer Diane von Furstenberg invented the wrap dress, which changed the fashion industry. The frock has been a mainstay in women’s wardrobes for decades, and there’s a reason for that. The dress is figure-flattering, professional-looking, and comfy, and it’s appropriate for both social and formal settings.

The Best Shoes to Wear with Short Dresses

Right now, pleated, A-line, flared, and straight silhouettes are all favored (and will likely continue in popularity through spring and into summer). Even yet, understanding which shoes will make you seem sophisticated and which should be saved for longer frocks can make all the difference when it comes to pulling off these short hemlines, especially as an adult. Here are four footwear options to consider, plus one that is best saved for fashions with less leg showing.

FLAT ANKLE BOOTs for Short Dresses

A flat shoe that hits just above your ankle, whether Chelsea boots, Western designs, or fashionable lace-up, yet enables you to show off a lot of legs without throwing your proportions out of whack.

CHUNKY LOAFERS for Short Dresses

We recommend wearing this preppy shoe with contrasting dresses, such as a ’60s shift or sweater dress, rather than pleated or checkered, which could look like a schoolgirl costume.

POINTY-TOE FLATS for Short Dresses

If you’re all about the flippy hems, pleats, and plaid, a pointy-toe flat will be the perfect counterpoint. When worn with mini, rounded toes can look a little childish, but a sleek pointed toe lengthens your legs and gives your outfit a professional, grown-up vibe. They’ll also look great with straight-cut structured A-lines.

KNEE-HIGH BOOTS for Short Dresses

The goal is to find a boot with a flat sole or a low block heel (no more than two inches) that has enough structure to not sag or cling to your calves. We really appreciate the contrast of strong riding boot types (think equestrian or moto) and a playful design like plaid or florals, though they may also be worn with neutrals.

FAQs – Stylish Short Dress Styles

Are short dresses in style?

Short dresses are not only fashionable at the moment, but they are also having a moment. Indeed, they are at the forefront of a number of current fashion trends. The runways, style websites, and Instagram are all full of short dresses. Women have been toying with leg-baring styles since the flapper style of the 1920s first became fashionable. This century-old love affair isn’t slowing down any time soon. Short dresses are all the rage right now, and they’re now considered a classic look.

Can you wear a short dress to a wedding?

Do you have a lovely short dress that you’re not sure you can wear to a wedding? Yes, you can! It’s OK to wear short dresses to even the most formal occasions…including royal weddings, which are the most opulent of all weddings. Even brides are wearing short wedding gowns these days, and some brides change into short gowns after the ceremony. You can wear a short dress anywhere and look amazing if you style it well and have enough swagger. Even if it’s only a few inches long, a short dress can be stunning.

Can short dresses be formal?

Though long evening gowns and floor-length dresses are more prevalent at formal parties and black-tie celebrations, you can wear a short dress to even the most opulent affair. It’s all about the dress’s opulence and how you wear it.

Also, short is fine, but micro isn’t. When aiming to achieve a formal look, you don’t want to go any shorter than knee-length. Choose a dress that is both elegant and expensive-looking, even if it isn’t. Wear some excellent jewelry, apply full makeup, and arrange your hair, and you’ll have a lovely formal appearance that you can wear any place in no time.

How can you make your short dress look casual?

If you want to make any clothing look more relaxed, all you have to do is wear shoes. A pair of sneakers instantly transforms any outfit into something more informal and versatile. You can go on a hike, have a picnic, shop, or enter a restaurant wearing sneakers. In fact, when worn with a short dress, a pair of basic sneakers can look quite lovely. If you’re headed to a casual backyard celebration, this is a wonderful party dress appearance. No matter what kind of style you wish to have, the shoe is always important.

Any short dress can be made more casual by adding a layer. With whatever you’re wearing, a denim jacket instantly adds casual appeal. You can also wear a button-up sweater, such as a cardigan, to look relaxed and carefree.

How old is too old to wear a short dress?

Short dresses are frequently connected with adolescence. Short dresses are worn by young girls and ladies to show off their legs. However, older ladies have legs as well, and they may prefer to flaunt them. There are no actual norms or boundaries in fashion. In reality, the most fashionable individuals feel that all fashion norms are supposed to be disregarded.

To put it another way, wear what you enjoy and think looks decent. Short dresses are suitable for women of all ages. There’s no excuse not to strut your stuff in a short hemline if you have the legs to pull it off and make it work. After all, having amazing legs is simple for the young. When you’re elderly and have terrific legs, you’ve done a lot of things correctly. Why not show it out to the rest of the world?

How can you wear a short dress in winter?

If you reside in a cooler environment, wearing short dresses in the winter is difficult. When everyone else is more covered up, it can appear a little wrong stylistically, and it can be really uncomfortable due to the heat. In the winter, there are several ways to wear a short dress that can keep you warm while also looking trendy.

First and foremost, do not wear a short dress with bare legs in the winter or at any other time when the temperature is below freezing. Instead, put on some tights. Choose a pair of thick, woolen tights if the weather is very cold. Wear them in a shade that matches your dress exactly, a completely different color to add a pop and bring attention to your legs, a neutral hue to take the focus off the tights, or a shade that enhances your dress.

To give your legs more coverage and warmth, pair the tights with a pair of tall boots. Ankle boots aren’t long enough. At the very least, go for calf-high boots. All of this should be topped off with a long coat that covers your legs.

How short is too short for a dress?

Dresses come in every length imaginable, including those that end even before your bottom does. Some dresses are so short that they come with specific matching underpants that you must wear unless you want to reveal far more than you bargained for.

You can also wear incredibly short dresses if that’s the style you’re feeling that day because we live in a liberated era where fashion has no actual bounds. Wearing a dress that is so short that you can’t sit down in it, on the other hand, might be quite uncomfortable and impractical. When you sit down, a good rule of thumb to follow is that your dress should cover your rear end. If it doesn’t, you should re-evaluate your length. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself in awkward situations, and your clothing will not always appear as nice as it could.

Which types of dresses should short women wear?

It’s not always easy to style your look when you’re short in stature. Even short gowns might conceal a petite figure. Short dresses that aren’t the right fit can make you look even shorter, which you probably don’t want. Some short dress styles are better suited to short people than others. These styles give the impression of height and look great on a small frame.

Wrap dresses are particularly flattering on shorter women because they define the waist and create two distinct portions between the top and bottom. This has a lengthening effect, making you appear taller. Wrap dresses are universally flattering, meaning they look excellent on people of all shapes and sizes. This is always a good outfit decision, regardless of where you’re going or what body type you have.

Shorter frames look great in short mini dress styles like blazer dresses and skater dresses. This is due to the fact that tiny dress lengths reveal a lot of legs, making your body appear longer overall. For a shorter figure, a shorter dress is a wonderful choice.

Rather than prints, opt for solid-colored dresses. This is a simple yet efficient method for making your short physique appear longer. A small frame can be overwhelmed by prints.

When can you wear a short dress?

You can wear a short dress almost everywhere if you style it correctly. At solemn occasions and solemn ceremonies, you can get away with it. Even at work, you can get away with it.

There are a few ways to style a short dress for various situations. Want to go to work in a short dress? By adding a blazer or structured jacket to a short dress, you may make it look more professional. This additional layer on top will help to balance the look. Cover your arms with long sleeves. Because you’re already exposing your legs, exposing your arse will give you a more undressed appearance than you probably desire. Also, use muted and neutral colors. In the office, stay away from pastels and bright apparel.

When you’re in more conservative settings, such as religious ceremonies or solemn gatherings, wear tights to cover your legs. Simply covering your legs to avoid displaying bare flesh makes any seductive short dress look much less sexy but it still allows you to look a little sexual, which is fine.

There are no restrictions for evening events, parties, romantic dates, or casual gatherings. Wear your short dress as you like and have fun experimenting with your style.

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